The better film will get all the benefits of Diwali holiday: Ajay Devgn

Actor Ajay Devgn has said the better film will get all the benefits of the big holiday for Diwali, as the two films – Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Shivaay – are both scheduled to release 4 days before the biggest day for film business in the year.

The release is similar to ‘Krrish 3’ which opened well, but business in the North was dull in the first three days prior to Diwali. But the Hrithik Roshan starrer peaked on Monday, recording the single highest day of all-time.

A solo release would’ve made a huge difference to a film like ‘Shivaay’, but with ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ also releasing on the same day, the audience will prefer to watch the better film on the big Monday holiday.

“The audience gets divided. Eventually, what will happen is, we are not talking about the first day. It is a pre-Diwali day and we don’t expect a very big number because people are busy” Ajay said.

“By the time you come to Monday, which is like the first day, audience will know which is a better film and that will take away all the benefits” he added.

Produced and Directed by Ajay Devgn, Shivaay releases in theatres on October 28.



  • There is no comparison.. Ranbir Kapoor’s highest grosser is 185 crore, Anushka’s highest grosser is 340 crore.

    Ajay multiplex audience do not even like.. even with Rohit Shetty and Singham brand his peaks at 140 crore.

    Shivaay is going to be a huge flop

  • very well said…………even baahubali collected 100 cr and bajrangi bhaijaan collected 300 cr……..

    Not interested in ADHM but surely gonna watch shivaay in theater

  • It seems that Ajay Devgn is super confident about SHIVAAY.
    He yesterday even said that SHIVAAY will be as entertaining as Bajrangi bhaijaan.
    Hope SHIVAAY is a good entertainer.
    Trailer was very good.
    Songs are just about decent.
    I think this movie will be slightly slow.
    But I am looking forward to SHIVAAY.
    On the other hand ADHM , trailer was below average.
    Songs are very good.
    But the controversy surrounding it is not good for the movie.
    I want ADHM to have a full release without any trouble.
    Current scenario says that SHIVAAY will overtake ADHM comfortably.
    My predictions for first day :-
    SHIVAAY – 14 crs
    ADHM – 8 crs ( due to ban).

  • Ajay knows he is going to win this battle with a Healthy margin… And no hope from ‘Hit hona hai mushkil’, Just songs don’t make films a Hit !!!!

  • The release period & circumstances are such that both movies have to be at least ‘good’ to make a mark at BO.

  • Even though of being ranbir fan….i want shivaay to be bigger hit..
    Adhm…will manage to get hit status at some how… thats enough for me
    N don’t say i m fake….

  • I think screen sharing may be in Favour of #Shivaay, #Shivaay will easily get 3000+ screens, Hit Hona Hai Mushkil will get 2200+ screens & protest from MNS/ShivSena 😂 !!!!

  • Now some Ajay Devgan Fans & Bhaitards Will Comments Here And Try to Explain that why they don’t want This ADHM Romcom And Why they Watch Shivaay as it has world class visual effects etc etc.
    Just 1 word for these idiots Bhaitards And For ADIANS that No 1 Can Putilise Down ADHM as it’s a Karan Johar Movie who is Brand in Himself

  • BTW I’m gonna watch Both Movies Even WOM will Bad.
    I’ll watch Both.
    Ajay has invested a lot of Money in it And I’ll watch ADHM for its SuperHit Music And Cameos of SRK & Alia Bhatt.
    Thumbs up for Both 👍👍👍

  • And other fanbases say AD is insecure of clashing his film with that of KJo’s. Shivaay will crush that film. Just wait and watch.
    Some are saying Shivaay buzz is decreasing, but where?? On twitter or in their mind. Shivaay will do huge. Whether there is clash or not, but Shivaay has generated different type of excitement for everyone. Will watch Shivaay FDFS. Not gonna watch any other films this diwali because trailer of Shivaay has enthralled me not any other films till now.
    As AD said better films will get benefit, similarly I will also put my hard earned money on better film, Shivaay. Trailer is the deciding factor for the audience like me.

  • super confident ajay
    good luck
    ajay devgn only famous actor in shivay = ranbir aishwariya anushka fawad alia srk karan johar have more famous celeb and also chartbuster song
    who will win

  • Hope both of them make a good movie.
    Every1 is fighting without any reason , Fan wars r getting uglier n it’s gonna hurt evry 1 by certain extent. We r fighting with our own brothers n thats not because we love our country , that’s because we r immature n can’t understand d consequences.
    We want 2 ruin our own industry .pls stop
    Bandh karo Ab , enjoy films .
    Ye hatred ekdin sabko leke doobega.
    I will watch both d movies.
    N hope evry1 does d same.

  • Both the movies can take advantage because Diwali is a lucrative release date . Shivaay is looking a big event film because of the trailer, action sequences, visual effects and cinematography . Ajay is looking extremely confident and this time he has extra burden on his shoulders because of acting, production and direction . I am sure Shivaay will be a massive success . Cheers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sir with utmost respect, karan johar is a better director , and adhm is not expected to be a classic , if its even a decent entertainer then also it will work , it has gr8 songs definitely best album of the year , i don’t see adhm falling , i will definitely watch it , on the other hand shivaay needs to be a classic , one of the best movie of last 2-3 year and certainly best of your career

    Also , adhm is relatively a smaller film even 120 cr b.o collection will work but shivaay needs to collect around 140 cr , son if shivaay has to recover its cost than it has to win this

    Also its certain that both movies will collectively collect more than 250 cr , so this diwali is certain to be the best diwali for bollywood as recent movies which have released during diwali including hny and prdp have disappointed us

    With that said , i believe shivaay deserves one shot and atleast regular moviegoers like me shoild watch it , i will definitely watch it , if we want to watch gr8 stuffs then movies like shivaay should work
    otherwise no one will dare to take risk and will go on and make movies which have stupid lines like those who dare to love

  • Keep commenting…the truth is adhm is not even getting a fare chance to after seeing good collections of shivay, fans should not feel winners.

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