India has no problem in giving visa to Pakistani artist: Government of India official

The government of India has issued a clarification saying the country has no problem in issuing visas to Pakistani artistes, as long as they fulfil visa conditions.

“Government of India has no problem in giving visa to any Pakistani artist.. We have no problem in granting visas. If a person applies for visa and he fulfils the conditions, he gets it. It’s not that we don’t have to issue visa to Pakistani nationals” a Home Ministry official said.

The clarification comes hours after the ‘Cinema Owners and Exhibitors Association of India’ issued a statement that have requested its members to refrain from screening films featuring Pakistani artists.

Earlier, the Indian Motion Picture Producer Association (IMPPA) said it has passed a resolution urging Indian filmmakers to avoid working with Pakistani artistes until bilateral tensions between the two countries subside.



  • All fandoms lets unite to stand against this Ban stupidity. Never seen so much negativity around Bollywood. Gangdi faila rakhi inn politicians ne.

  • Then these so called ‘patriots’ should stop their jingoism right away.
    Government of India is there to decide what is best and in interest of our nation and we should leave this matter to them.

    If ADHM gets a release, I will definitely give it a watch because my patriotism can not and should be judged by the fact that whether I boycott a movie or not.

    Huge chunk of money is on stake and that money is Indian money, it’s not like Pakistan has invested in these movies.
    Besides, a number of junior artists, camera man, spot boys etc have put their efforts and sweat, so it’s totally childish to ignore their hard work and boycott a movie just because it stars an individual (who belongs to Pakistan).

  • @Joker from Nepal 10:29 pm : Abe chirkut, first of all if you are from Nepal, just stay out of it because we don’t buy the advice of Nepalese on our internal matters.
    As far as Hrithik is concerned, have supported him from the very beginning and continued even when he lost the Independence Day clash and his MJD failed miserably on ‘Indian’ box-office.
    So just don’t compel me to bash him because that will really be a tough choice for me.

  • It’s high time, government of India should seize their border with Nepal and revoke the free trade agreement right away.
    Because these Nepalese have become quite annoying since past few months. They earn their livelihood in India but show their allegiance to China and Pakistan.
    Once India stops it’s monetary as well as humanitarian support to Nepal, half of Nepal (including the “Joker from Nepal at 10:29 pm”) will come on roads .

  • @Hrithikan From Nepal What a pathetic loser you’re.Making the same ridiculous in every single article.According to your username you aren’t even an Indian and making comments as if you care about your country.First look at your house before mocking film stars.The clash between both Raees and Kaabil is extremely unfortunate but still there are better ways to handle it.

  • Release the movies that have been completed.

    Temporarily utilize only indigenous artists.

    Senate on diaspora of both countries should come together and find a permanent solution in enlightening all cinema exhibitors,players,distributors and stakeholders to allow cultural interaction to still take place.

    Compensate teams of raees adhm (if not yet agreed) with finance due to loss…

    May the 2 nations unite and find a lasting solution for peace.

    *Release Adhm and Raees* my personal opinion.

  • Now the entire union government should be sent to Pakistan. Khate India ke hai but gaate Pakistan ke hain. What do you say pseudo Nationalists???

  • Ever since the heartbreaking Uri Attacks, the political climate in India is raging with anger. While there have been Surgical Strikes, there’s also been a huge debate on the ban on Pakistani actors in the Hindi film industry. Some people have come out in support of this ban, urging everyone to show solidarity towards the Indian Army while others have condemned it.
    At the centre of this controversy though is Karan Johar’s upcoming Diwali release Ae Dil Hai Mushkil that features Pakistani actor Fawad Khan in a supporting role.
    It all started with the Maharashtra-based MNS publicly announcing how it would not allow the release of the film. Then, Karan Johar was seen with folded hands, asking, almost begging for his creative liberty to not be taken away from him, all this on national television.
    A few days later, Indian Motion Pictures Producers’ Association officially banned Pakistani talent from working in the Indian film industry.
    And now, in another major blow, Cinema Owners’ & Exhibitors Association of India has banned Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. As a result of this ban, the film shall not be screened in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa and parts of Karnataka.
    Honestly, is all this fair?
    This isn’t about patriotic sentiments (we’re all standing in solidarity for the honour of our nation) and neither is this a debate about art. Amidst all this hostility between India and Pakistan, can art really stay unaffected? It’s a question without an immediate answer.
    It’s about one of India’s biggest filmmakers who’s unfortunately caught between all the crossfire.

    Source: DNA
    Karan Johar has given Hindi cinema some of its biggest hits – from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to My Name Is Khan, his directorial repertoire is top notch. As a producer, Dharma Productions has not just made movies across genres, it has also launched the careers of many other directors including Nikhil Advani, Ayan Mukherji and Shakun Batra.
    Karan also gave Bollywood three of the most talked-about stars in this generation namely Siddharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Varun Dhawan. As a talk-show host, we all want to have Koffee with him. We also love watching him judge contestants on India’s Got Talent and Jhalak Dikhlaa Ja.

    Source: YouTube
    So for someone who’s entertained us with his many talents for close to two decades, is this how we pay him back?
    When Karan Johar signed Fawad Khan for a pivotal role in his film, the political situation between the two countries was far from what it is today. There were talks about PM Narendra Modi visiting Pakistan, and both the governments were actively working towards solving conflicts and aiming for civil peace. Even the Indian audience had accepted Fawad, Ali Zafar and a host of other Pakistani actors with open arms.
    No one raised any question when the announcement of the movie was made. When the film’s first promo came out, we all went gaga over it on social media. So why are we now crucifying a filmmaker on the verge of his film’s release even though he has nothing to do with the current political scenario between the two countries?
    He shot the entire film when things were perfectly fine between India & Pakistan. Now, when his film is up for release in two weeks, what is Karan’s fault here?

    Source: India Today
    A Karan Johar film isn’t one of those everyday releases that come and go without a whisper. His films are loved by the average middle-class families of India and since Ae Dil Hai Mushkil is releasing on Diwali, entire families would’ve thronged theatres to watch the film. Why deny all of them this joy? Fawad Khan isn’t even the main lead in the movie!
    Also, this isn’t just about Karan Johar. It’s about Ranbir Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Anushka Sharma. They’re all respected artists in the country who’ve worked really hard to make sure the common man has a fantastic time at the movies. Do they deserve to be treated like this?

    Source: DNA
    It’s also about every single technician who’s worked on this film. Aren’t they Indians? Haven’t they put in their blood and sweat to make this film? Are we being fair to them by not allowing all their hard work to bear fruit?
    As per a report in India Today, the film’s production costs go up to ₹50 crore. And if the film is banned, no one but Karan suffers the losses.
    It’s a good sign to see the entire country fuelled with patriotism right now but in all this rage, let’s not go blind. Fawad Khan’s life and career doesn’t depend on the release of Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. The person suffering here is Karan Johar. He’s invested money, time, energy and a whole lot of passion to make this film.
    Denying his film the release it deserves is nothing but gross injustice!

  • While our Nationalist government has no problem to allow visas and work permits for Pakistani artists then WTH those ‘pseudo Nationalists’ are to ban movies starring Pakistani artists?

  • Indian government can’t openly discriminate on the basis of nationality so that’s rightly done.
    But it’s our duty as Indians to keep paki agents at bay. But our so called superstars instead of giving chance to new talent in india,let these pakis dwell here who deep within are paki mullahs but come here shamelessly for money.
    Chutiyo ki kami nhi.

  • ADHM will get good Pan india release without any doubt controversy will not affect only giving free publisity

  • Finally a smart move. Like seriously what good will come out of banning already shot movies? INDIANS wipp lose money. Not PAKISTAN ARTISTS. And everybody knows that majority of the people wanting to call a ban on these 2 movies are publicity hungry and attention deprived people.

  • I am quite sure that Adhm will see a pan India release.
    in worst case scenario it’s opening will be around 7-8 cr.


    every big and small star has worked with Pakistani artist after They occupied our kashmir, and killed our brave soldiers.

    let the movie release and let the COMMON INDIAN PEOPLE decide whether to ban a movie or not.

    As the first day will tell you the mood of INDIANS.


  • Apart from honest guys like @Xzone when it comes about serious nation issues I observed he is very objective and saw times he critized Shah Rukh regarding national issues so I am counting him out despite Being Shah Rukh fan and hardly have I seen him critizing the lead character of Shivaay instead he is the very few Shah rukh fans who appreciate him. Same thing goes for Hrithik, never for once I saw him saying anything about Hrithik bad. He bashes Salman but showed maturity in congratulating him if I can remember on Baajrangi B.
    The rest who are so worried about Adhm and Raees are all Hrithik and Ajay haters eg the writer that wrote a big essay on this page about Adhm not long ago.who publicly admits his dislike for Mr Ajay. What I want to say is Those complaining about Adhm and Raees can’t bear seeing Shivaay and Kaabil shooting so high. Straight to the point Akshay and Srk fans and believe me if it was the opposite superstars movie being victim they would have so much bashed Pakistan. No 2 thoughts about that.

  • Har Har Mahadev this Diwali only Shivaay.
    Jai Hind. I don’t give a damn about Porkistan. India 1st kjomojo last. Sorry Challah sarcastic

  • Funny thing is that all 3 movies have been completed and the Pakistani actors in question have all been paid their salaries..the only person who is in trouble here is the producer who paid lost money in both salary of actors as well as production of movie itself

  • @indicine ask #kamBHAKTs to throw the whole Indian Govt away to Pakistan! Deshrohi Indian Govt! Indians supported and made it a Gov’t but they support Pak Artists. Shame!

  • @indicine #kamBHAKTs @MNSRajThackeray & Gosahuwami of @TimesNow wont u debate on Traitors Indian Govt now? Oh no, this time, ur multiple daddies in the Gov’t speaking!!!

  • Lo kallu baat !!!!! Then why are these MNS monkeys jumping to ban movies if Government can allow visas and permits? Why Salman was blamed ? what different he said from this action of Government ? Our Government should either understand the sentiments of Indian public and put a ban or stop pulling down those who supported the Pakistani artists and stop MNS from creating ruckus. You cant have the cake and eat too Mr. Modi.

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