My Name Is Khan to be produced by both SRK and Karan

My Name Is Khan directed by Karan Johar will now be co-produced by both Shahrukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment and Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions.

The reason for the decision to jointly produce the film is the budget of My Name Is Khan, which is expected to be huge. The other reason could be SRK’s high market value and his remuneration for the film would increase the budget substancially. But now with SRK being the co-producer the profit’s (or losses, if any) would be shared.

Previously, the two celebrities known for the warm friendship they share, produced Kaal (Ajay Devgan, Vivek Oberoi film) which disappointed at the box-office.

With My Name Is Khan, Karan has managed to sign the hit jodi of SRK and Kajol together, for the first time since Karan’s very own K3G.

The film will release later this year.



  • I loved the movie “Kaal”, at least it’s better than some hollywood stupid horror movies which they do nowadays. I think the best 3 bollywood horror movies which I saw were :Bhoot, Kaal & 1920 (Phoonk wasn’t bad as well as Vastu Shastra for Sushmita Sin)

  • It should be titled as ‘My Name is Bandarukh Khan’…but I respect to Kajol, if unexpectedly the film gets gud reviews then it would be for one n only Kajol – the queen of 90 decades.
    U all know SRK was before nicknamed as bandar Khan, n still its valid if u notice carefully in his roles.

  • i m still waiting ……….. my name is khann is the best ever movi in the history of bollywood …….. i now srk n kj will be rooksss

  • i reli cant wait for this film to release! karan is my fav. director he is reli nice!! srk i love u n u hv always been my fav. actor since i was 1!!!! i love u sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much n can do anythin to meet u!!!

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