My Name Is Khan Release date confirmed!

The release date of Shahrukh Khan and Kajol’s My Name is Khan has been announced by Fox Star Studios and confirmed by Dharma Productions on SRK’s birthday (2nd November).

The movie directed by Karan Johar will release on 12th February 2010 (the valentine’s date weekend) and will release simultaneously in over 35 countries which include Unites States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UAE and many more.

So there you go, 12th February is the much awaited day – for Shahrukh and Kajol fans around the world. The movie is expected to break some serious box-office records including the overseas record by Karan Johar’s very own Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna.

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  • well……a srk lover…ther cant b any good news than this………..wel.. my name is khan….is goin to be the biggest blockbuster of all timeeeeee….srk ………..u r the undisputed baadshaah……..nd hppy brthday…njoyyyyyyy……..

  • This is the biggest news 4 me in this year….not expecting 2 break records but very much looking 4wrd to watch this movie….let the days pass quicly so that feb 12 will b as near as possible….hoping 4 a grt time..

  • It may break box office record but HOUSEFULL will break this movie record for sure!!!!Sajid khan already say his Housefull is so clevarly written tht it will surely be biggest hit of the year!!!And Ritesh also said it is a mad movie …I m hopefull for housefull to break record….Because movie has akshay kumar,ritesh deshmukh,arjun rampal,deepika,jiya khan ……..

    But hope Karan johar movie doesnot dissapoint me because his last two movie Wake up sid and dostana was nice…and looking forward ……But HOUSEFULL is my biggest awaited movie!!!Can’t wait for it to go on cinema hall and me laughing altimately buhahahahaha

  • I am the biggest fan of King Khan. I think its a big new. But I have to wait for two months more. This is surely going to be the greatest blockbuster movie ever in the bollywood history.

  • sudeep and indicine:
    do u hv any idea that when Housefull gonna release i think shooting didnt start yet can we expect this in 2010 ???
    and can u guys tell me which Akki’s movies are sure to release next yr ????
    i think action reply , herapheri 4 , houseful and may be patiala house
    wht do u think ???
    abt My name is khan i already posted this news from bollywoodhungama yesterday.
    if movie is good and karan johar worked hard like dostana , wakeup sid , KANK and KHNH then diffinateley it will rockssss otherwise history is witness that hype and pre release reports dont make a movie hit , movie should be good and well entertain.




  • i luv shahrukh! gd luck for the movie my name is khan….. i am waiting eagerly for the movie to release and i will run to the theatres on that day…lol

    shahrukh 4 ever!!!!!!!bollywood is incomplete without shahrukh

  • do not talk about any other film here, talk

    all about MNIK.

    it has the potential to emerge as the biggest blockbuster.

  • that’s great new for us and i am sure it will break all record of the bollywood…

    MNIK is roxxxxxxx
    shahrukh khan roxxxxxxxx
    kajol roxxxxxxxxxxxx
    karan roxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    biggest blockbuster movie of the bollywood for ever…………………

  • dear all fren…..let me inform you that this habib is out of mind……

    it is becoz…..he doesnot know who is the kimg of bollywood…

    one more thing……your akki baba is going down…….to lead salman khan…to be the flopest king
    this year,,,,,he has given 5 flop….contionously….one after another….so sad……

    ya i accept that every one likes his comedy…it is bcoz he is a jocker… he has declared……..

  • this is the most awaited movie of the year………anyway there are just 4 month to go….in order to blast the box office…….this is the another mega blockbuster…….

    srk……………… the best actor
    kajol……………the best actress
    karan…………..the best dir.
    and my name is khan………the best film……forever

    anyway its mega blockbuster……take my words…no one can stop it

  • Hey sudeep fan of flopmasters(salman and akshye) … akshye gave u 2 flop and 2 average movie that’s sad news for u… much expected movie blue was just average??????

  • khan:
    just shut ur mouth if salman can give a hit ( wanted ) after 13 flops then Akki gave only 2 and next two ( KI n Blue) got more then 50 cr even KI got 60 cr net world wide and Blue will settled 50 cr net gross world wide.
    just remember one thing AKki;s flops are getting batter business then other poeples’ hit movies . if Blue and KI had a budget abt 30 cr then u can think wht would be status just one problem is that heavy budgets are making movies flop. but now Akki got this point so DDD has only 30 cr budget and i m hopefull for mext movies he will remain this limit of budget and another thing if akki’s movies budget will be abt 30 – 35 cr then no one can stopp him coz he has a worth to get 50 cr net gross back in 1st week.
    the last thing if any movie has a budget 200 cr and movie got 150 cr net wht will u thing ??? flop or hit aur all time blockbuster ????

  • To SUDEEP: As I always said Akshay Kumar was always a fake superstar and it was confirmed. Now he is the flopactor and the situation will be worst you know why because some of you give him more than capacity.
    In the past, he most of time gave flops but nobody cares bcz he wasn’t in the list competitor but now you tried to give him more than what he can do so every flop now is a scandal

  • I have no issue with anyone..i know u have right to say anything abt any actor/actress but When akshay times come again in next year with Housefull and Action reply…ur mouth will be shut……

  • Sabhi Akki fans ki fatti padi hai kyoki unke king ki band baj gai hai.

    SRK 1 movie will ever & ever bigger than akkis 10 movies, bcoz of useless stuff shown in the movie.

    Nauman Apne king ki pant sambhal agar ek aur flop ho gai to teri tarha wo bhi aise sites pe fake review deta bethega.

    Still nauman you need to growup.

  • Hey Chirag,
    Haklu khan terko roj ghasta hai kya,,ur name is Chirag na . lol..i
    tna haklu khan ki wah wah kar raha hai ??

  • Hey u allien tera bap akshye ko bolna haklu sala kutte…… sala dekhna my name is khan ne sabse badhi paisa kamayega..

    my name is khan roxxxxxxxxxxxx the movie of the king of bollywood shahrukh khan……..

    shahrukh khan roxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • allien u idiot shahrukh is not haklu u understand??? he is the king of the bollywood……
    no. 1 superstar of the bollywood: shahrukh khan
    no.1 khan of the khan : shahrukh khan
    king of the bollywood: shahrukha khan

    My name is khan will the biggest movie of the bollywood. this movie is most waited movie of the world… i am sure it’s gonna break record………..

    best of luck shahrukh, kajol and karan
    my name is khan roxxxxxxxxxx

  • dear all akki fan…….flops are the flops….the signal of failure…
    if that just flops…..or 4 flops or that of 13 flops… shameless… i felt that akki fan are comparing with salman n also waitin for another flops…..6th one……to lead salman

    whatever akki is just 3 years old superstar…..his history is just about average……..just look over that…even hera pheri is an average movie…….

    my name is khan will roxxxxxxx

  • My name is khan will roxxx at the box office ….. it will make new history in the bollywood……
    My name is kha: shahrukh khan the king of bollywood
    My name is khan: kajol the queen of bollywood
    My name is khan: karan johar most talented director and producer of the bollywood

    srk roxxxxxxxx u r the king………..

  • @saju: u r wrong after salman fighting with srk then salman’s career is over,not shahrukh’s career… after fighting he got 13 flop movie….that’s about last year

    this year….he had given disasters……my fren

    the king of bollywood can never b harmed by any flopers…….king of flop…sallu

  • himmmmmmmmmmmm….so rubbish…..

    its salman who got bad time after his panga with srk…

    the king of bollywood……rules forever
    the king of bollywood……rules forever
    the king of bollywood……rules forever
    the king of bollywood……rules forever……….my name is khan is the best ,ovie ever..

  • SAZZUTA, KATRINA KAIF ki birthday mein kutta khan sabi ke bare mein rubbish bate bol raha tha yus waqt
    SALMAN ne SRK ke muh par ek thappar (slap) mar diya agar AAMIR khan na aate to uski aur bhi pitai ho jati.

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