Aladin Box office verdict : Disaster

Much like last month’s big budget release Main Aur Mrs Khanna, Aladin directed by Sujoy Ghosh is an epic box office disaster.

The fantasy flick starring Ritesh Deshmukh – Amitabh Bachchan, targeted mainly at the kids, started off slow with less than 1 crore (nett) on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday the collections improved slightly but remained way below expectations for a movie made on a budget of around 35 crores (including publicity and print cost).

With a weekend of less than 4 crores across India, Aladin will likely end its run at theaters as the biggest disaster of the year. Yes, even bigger than Main Aur Mrs Khanna which released against two other biggies on Diwali.



  • I am not surprised at all. It was apparent ever since the first promos released. They seemed for a lack of a better word silly. Indian fantasy flicks are just idiotic. They seem to take the audience for granted and are promoted on how much money the makers used on special effects. While that is important and an interesting promotional strategy, it seems like that’s their main way of promoting the film.

    Another example of such a film was Drona which was also idiotic and a huge box office disaster. There was an exception of Krrish (if you consider it a fantasy flick it is more of a super hero film). However, with all of the songs and everything, Krrish had a gripping story line towards the second half showing us how Krishna becomes Krrish.

    I think one thing the makers need to keep in mind is to make sure they don’t take the viewers for granted which is what seems to be happening here. I mean just because it is a hindi film, do you really need 6 or 7 songs? If it is a fantasy or super hero flick, why not make it more realistic and darker (say like dark knight or batman begins).

    What do you guys think? Suggestions? Thoughts?

  • i couldnt agree wid u more Mr Anonymous. u took da words rite out of my mouth.
    da key point being dat da makers simply took da audience for granted. i watched bout 10 mins den turned it off, never do dat normally, but i will watch it.
    da budget da film was made on was completely ridiculous. and da supposed competion between Aladdin and LD was and is laughable.

  • The worst part, Naveed, is that I have not even seen the movie. I just simply read all of the reviews, saw the movie promos, and read a synopsis of the film.

  • wat is ur honest opinion on LD.
    in a nutshell da film is AMAZING.
    forget da few flaws, in general da film haz everything goin for it. Da reason i say dat coz i also like da music. YES it could have been better but da music iz unique. not da regular Bollywood type music.

  • I saw the movie yesterday and loved it. I don’t know how many people saw the movie before they criticize. It is a sweet fantasy movie…no less than any hollywood movies of the same genre. The horrible critics killed this movie for no reason. It is a very well made movie with great special effects and fantastic sets. I am disappointed in our critics and janta for simply trashing a movie that they did not bother to see!

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