My Name Is Khan box office verdict

My Name Is Khan which opened to packed houses during the weekend and eventually crashed at single screens and multiplexes in smaller cities has performed well-enough at the Indian box office to earn HIT status in less than 3 weeks.

The film crossed the 65 crore nett mark in 2 weeks and is heading towards lifetime business of around 75 – 78 crores.

Fox, the distributors of My Name Is Khan will recover their investment through the films theatrical business alone, as the film has performed very well overseas, along with good collections back home in India.

Box office verdict

  • India – HIT
  • Overseas – All time Blockbuster

All said and done though, MNIK will be considered below expectations here in India for the following reasons.

  • The film was expected to compete with Aamir’s 3 Idiots, but is expected to fall short of the  first week business of 3 Idiots (80 crores) in its entire run.
  • My Name Is Khan will not be able to cross the lifetime business of SRK’s last two films Om Shanti Om and Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.


  • Indicine are you sure with your collections ?
    i dont think so MNIK got 65 cr yet. And you said it collected 65 in 2 weeks.
    According to my sources
    1st week 44 cr
    2nd week 16 cr
    3rd weekend 1.33 cr
    3rd week friday was 33 lakh , sat n sun near to 50 , 50 lakh.
    i dont know why Taran and BOI are posting fake collections and why are you folllowing them?
    expect both two sites none of any other trade pundit is satisfied with MNIK’s collections.
    i dont think so it will cross 68 cr life time. And you are predicting 75 – 78 cr.

  • @indicine team it’s a shock verdit how can it be termed hit 2nd thng d coll of 2 week is 58cr and 3rd weekend was near to 1.5 cr that means movie had not yet reached to 60cr properly and ur saying it’s 68cr even if u say 68 then also how can it be hit and ur talking lifetime that also 75cr do u really thng it wel get 75cr m sorry to say but ur biased

  • @indicine team oh there ur official fig of fox sad to see that ur were d one who updated d comment of amol saying d fig r hyped and ur d one who r follwing it so acc to u what wil be d verdit of veer

  • LOL nauman.. if BOI and Taran are not be trusted then who is to be?? where did you get your figures from??

    Lets wait for housefull.. even if BOI says 45 crores ull say its 55 according to your sources..

  • haters tumahre khelne koodne ke din poore huve ….srk ki first main lead role after rab ne bana di jodi mnik ke aate hi hit ho gai ……… hit after hit srk hit hit haha

  • And the haterz still wait for that srk flop.. its never going to happen so all of you should just give up..

    SRK is the biggest and the best. Ra one will beat 3 Idiots..

  • so where r the peoples who said MNIK wil be a flop.. all ran away??? my frends, if a commercial film of SRK should be flop the earth should change its shape frm round to triangle….means impossible….

  • Indicine Team,
    you are taking figures from distributor of the film! Then, where are your sources? And, for the very same reason, have you taken eros figures for veer?
    Everbody knows that fox is lying from the very first day, they are trying to make film bigger than 3i which is clearlky not the case.
    Even in overseas, wher the film is really doing well, it will not be able to surpass 3i. Check boxofficemojo for the camparative figures of 3i and mnik, in us, the films collection will just be half of 3i. Yes, the film has done more business than 3i in uk and uae, but keep in mind, us is the biggest overseas market.
    from the various sources, in india the film may touch 70 cr mark means a distributor share of 35 cr at the max. This figure is indeed good but not for the price on which it has been bought. In overseas, the film’s business is likely to be around 60 cr (3i has done a business of 70 cr +), means a disributor share of max. 30 cr, thereby taking total to 65 cr. Now from where the fox will earn remaining 30 cr. Reportdly, fox has only music rights of the film which had fetch him another 5 cr. So, from where he is going to break even leave aside profit.
    Yes, the film’s business was good in India and very good overseas, and the film should have been termed as a success but it is the price which fails for the movie. Loosing ventures can not be termed hit.

  • indicine team and Suniel :
    i think Rajesh has given the answer instead of me.
    Rajesh thx mate , i was thinking to write all these things which u already mentioned.
    listen indicine
    do u wana know about my sources. ok
    i started 1 month ago , and you guys are running this site for last 3 years. did u tell us yet that what are your sources ???
    if no then how can i know that. just one thing i am not behind you . i am also standing next to you about bollywood. i hv only one problem that i am not in india , i am in overseas. But this thing give me an advantage and you already know that what is that advantage. and the advantage is that , i am posting my review of atithi Tum kab jao ge thursday 2 pm IST. can you post before me ???
    if you are talking about Fox’s figures then why u didn’t believe on eros figures about Veer and Kambakhht Ishq ????
    ok I am agree that 1st week was 48 2nd 18 and 3rd weekend 4 cr Total 70 cr in india. so next question is how much is the DS ??? if a movie collected 70 cr in india ( 30 % single screen 70 % multiplex ) then it DS should be near to 38 cr ( you can calculate it ) .
    over seas it will wrap up near to 60 cr . it means DS near to 30 cr .
    Add 5 cr music rights
    Total 38 + 30 + 5 = 73 cr . still 25 cr loss.
    how will Fox recover this 25 cr ????

  • hi indicine team!
    what are the overseas boxoffice collections for mnik?
    has it beaten 3 idiots?
    i read somewhere that overseas buisness of mnik is 72.5cr upto now which means it has beaten 3 idiots.
    is it true?

  • srk_fan,
    Veer (Hindi version) collected 100 cr gross world wide is true
    40 cr net in India and 10 cr net overseas.

    Arshan , MNIK is above average with 38 cr DS, it needed 40 cr plus for hit tag near to 44 cr for super hit status but unfortunately it couldn’t happened.

    Suneil, just wait for housefull , i will be post true figures and it doesn’t matter that will be 100 cr net or 10 cr net.
    did you see me about DDD that i posted wrong figure???

  • hey nauman!
    plz tell me about overseas buisness of mnik.
    is it really 72 cr?
    what was overseas buisness of 3 idiots.
    has mnik beaten 3 idiots overseas?

  • @srk fan dnt need to b so happy bcoz if mnik is hit dhn all d movies r hit dhn last year akshay has given all hits bcoz if a movie is facing a loss of 20cr and it is hit wow ur talking about boi and taran everyone know dey r paid dogs boi from first day packed house single screen very strong ghante se strong d fact was movie was not released on d first day in mumbai taran shouting 48cr but d fact was somewhere around 42cr bake uske baap ne diya here ur declaring hit with ur wrong fig and source but d fact is janta knows that dis movie is flop agar yakin nahin to ask someone who is not in much bolly and see what dey say dey wil laugh at u samjha d fact is bina media k srgay kuch bhi nahin hai guud insaan

  • Mnik is facing a loss of 20cr it’s a hit dhn what about veer a 44cr budget movie recovered it’s investment gave profit to distributer and it’s a below avg or avg or above avg look at d team of biased people taran to boi sab bikau hai saale now see at d time of houseful d budget is 45cr + publicity at that time d hit criteria wil change phir pata nahin kya kya bolenge and note that eros entertainment worldwide release is d distributer for housefull as it was for veer and KI @indicineteam shock to know that ur source for mnik is fox dis dhn why didn’t u believe eros at time of veer and ki

  • Arshan ,
    even it is 100 % conferm that 3rd Friday was only 33 lakh and sat n sun not more than 1.3 cr all together , but they are saying 4 cr in 3rd weekend , what a lovely joke .MNIk cant get 4 cr in whole 3rd week , it will wrap up in between 2.5 – 3 cr in 3rd week. DDD sold by 30 cr to distributor and its DS was near to 28-29 cr and declared above average . and MNIk sold by 98 cr and so far it collected near to 70 cr DS and super Hit,
    guys if do you have any other joke like this so please write here today i am very sad , and really want some jokes.

  • @nauman bro everyone knows that it’s a joke but d sign of danger is dat srgay fans r taking it seriously ha ha ha

  • aditiya bhia
    i really dont know abt overseas business , because right now i am paying full concentration on indian business. My other partner has duty to find out overseas collections and he is very busy now a days .
    sorry for that , later on i will let u know.
    but it is near to 3 Idiots, and more than 60 cr.

  • MNIK has jammed badly
    Posted by: BollyPlus Team, 03-Mar-2010, 11:50 IST

    Shahrukh – Kajol – Karan Johar combination My Name Is Khan has been the most awaited movie since its announcement. It opened in cinemas halted by a very big controversy against Shahrukh vs Shivsena issue.

    Movie didn’t release in several places in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and Gujarat and in many other places. But MNIK collected 8.5 cr on its first Friday which is the 3rd biggest Friday after 3 Idiots and Ghajini in history of Indian Cinema. MNIK collected 30 crs. in its first weekend and total of 44 crs. in its first week. After 1st week collections Super Hit status and 80 crs plus was highly likely but unfortunately it didn’t happen. MNIK dropped badly in 2nd week and collected only 16 cr. After 2 week collections were near to 60 – 61 cr. Five to six carore in 3rd week was expected but MNIK couldn’t pick up in its 3rd week and 3rd weekend could only generate 1.33 cr. Now it looks like this movie will wrap up something in between 63 – 64 crs with near to 38 cr distributor share.

    Final Verdict: Average to Above Average.

  • sparsh ,
    MNIK has collected near to 120-125 cr nett world wide. 62-63 cr india and same from overseas.
    and if srk fans are thinking that MNIK is releasing in indonesia , Jordon , lebonan and syria , and it will get more , then just let me know how many people do understand Hindi in these countries ????

  • every sources said mnik is a hit in india and all time blockbuster in overseas but some foolish boy feel jelous and want to prove that mnik is like cctc, tasvir,k.isq, blue, ddd, veer etc.

    the month of february is very critical, many people do not want to see movies this time,it is time of exam not holi like novermber, December.

    my name is khan proved that two type of people in the world good or bed, i personally think that who did not like my name is khan they are truly bed people, they always disobey the true.

  • prince,
    Thx God i am not belongs to that people who didnt like MNIK , because in my official review i gave 4/5 and i liked it personally

  • Incredible Indicine Incredible !

    After four months of my relationship wid u this is the 1st time I feel that I should stop visiting this site as I have stopped visiting Bollywood Hungama coz of Taran’s remarkable lies.You ppl are considering Fox’s collections where are ur resources? If MNIK is a hit where is KI and Veer or where is Akki’s any movie last year.Are Eros not presenters of Veer n KI why not consider them????

    This is pure injustice.

    1) Indicine reviews every movie on friday when there is no barrier at all.Indicine reviews MNIK on thursday when theaters are being threated of a safe release.

    2)For every movie Indicine believes in its own resources.For MNIK Indicine needs help of Fox – the presenters of the Movie.How can a presenter of a movie say that I have lost it at Box-Office????

    3) MNIK dropped after its opening weekend.Everybody knows the movie is struggling to reach 65 carores with 30-35 lacks on 3rd friday it can neva end up reaching 75-80 carores.Its Above Average not even a Semi Hit.

    4)65% distriibution share 4m Single Screens where MNIK crashed badly.Lets say it did 20carores business there 65% of 20 carores=13 carores DS. Rest 44 carores in Multiplex then 35% of 44= 15.4 carore DS.Total 13+15.4 = 28.4 that is just a rough estimate just approx it to 34 carores DS.It required 44 carores DS.For me it is Below Average\Average or be very generous like Nauman n make it Above Average.Does anybody knows Mathematics in Indian Media???

    Think anybody wise here Think ……………………….

  • hold on guys !!!!1 this was a JOKE OF THE DAY from indicine dont take seriously dudes..
    Indicine this not fair for every BO collection is from ur souece and now from FOX what the hell were u doing at the time of VEER y u guys didnt followed the EROs
    i think this Indicine also belongs to SRK GAY groups hahahaha

    whatever u say indicine but mnik is just average,,

    one fact from indicine::::
    most of the users from indicine ( sallu fans ) joined naumans site, so nwo in indicine only srkgay fans are left. thus indicine doenst want to loose these users srk gay fans so indicine to attract them put the hit tag. thats all
    am i correct Indicine???
    nauman correct bro ????

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