Must read: Excerpts from Salman Khan and Sooraj Barjatya’s interview

To celebrate 20 years of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Salman Khan and Sooraj Barjatya spoke about their 25 year long relationship, why Khan regards Barjatya as the best director in the country and a little on their upcoming film Prem Ratan Dhan Dayo.

You can also watch their full interview below.

Salman Khan:

Even now when someone asks me, I say my best film is Maine Pyaar Kiya because that was the purest film that I’ve ever done.

The next film was Hum Aapke Hain Koun, which was 100 times better than the first one.

Sooraj only does films when he has something to say. He doesn’t make films when I have dates, or when he has to run his production company. When he believes in something, when he knows he can make a difference to the society, when he can impact people with niceness.. that is the only time he makes a movie.

Sooraj Barjatya:

What I want to be, Salman bhai plays that character on screen. So it is just a combination that is working and it’ll work again. As a director I want my films to have that feeling of security, everything is nice.. there is hope for the future. That comes across in rituals and functions.

When the trial of Hum Aapke Hain Koun was going on, there were like 14 songs in the film, and I saw people getting up and walking off. People in the trade were saying things like “Sab Ke Saat Hota Hai” (don’t worry, it happens to everyone). I thought its all over. Salim uncle (Salman’s father) called me up and he said cut off two songs. Third day I cut it off and that’s when the collections picked up. There are so many memories of Hum Aapke Hain Koun.

After I narrated the film to Salman, he laughed, he continued laughing and saying there are no hero or heroines in HAHK. Everyone is a hero and heroine.

Salman Khan:

Sooraj-ji has the most beautiful pair of eyes. He sees everything with niceness, he doesn’t judge anyone

After the first shot of Maine Pyaar Kiya, he cried, after the final shot we both cried. After the first shot of HAHK, we both cried, after the last shot, we both cried. With Hum Saath Saath Hain, after first shot, we cried, after last shot, he cried, I ran away”

For me Sooraj Barjatya is the best director in the country. There is no exposure (actresses exposing in films), there is no dirtiness, there is no double meaning or vulgarity. You can go and see the film with your grandparents or their grand children. This is our culture, he is truly within the guidelines of Doordarshan. Yet he is making romantic and sensual films. Beautiful looking films.

There is action in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. The good wins over bad.

Watch the full interview below



  • @Babiji agree with you…..I also have some doubts whether family Drama will work in these days……………BTW which was last family drama done by top stars and when…??and how it fared at BO

  • thullu u predict for kick 175 crore and i 299. so lets see who will win. currently 203 so ball is in ur hand but at the and i hope it will do atleast 245 and i win the prediction between u and me.

  • Guys, look who is again up to criticizing HAHK, the biggest BB of Hindi cinema with earnings 345 Crores adjusting inflation!!! Nipun alcoholic!!! He’s like Anupama Chopra. The more he criticizes a film, the more it works at BO. He says Songs in the movie are unnecessary. Looks like he has become better director than Sooraj himself. But he fails to understand that the film was musical and everything was interpreted through its music.
    Yes. Salman was girly in the movie but less girly than paralyzed widow of Guzaarish that was divorced by his jaadoo. That’s why he falls down while doing magic without jaadoo partner.
    Do u still believe in fakefare award that didn’t give any award to Sona ma’am for lootera.
    Yes. It was all directors’ faults that made your hero overact. Some great directors like Sooraj, SLB, Anurag Basu etc. When the films become hit, it was all because of jaadoo’s friend.

    @Babajika Thullu, don’t worry. No matter how modern we are, we are still traditional Indians at heart. We need some more movies by Sooraj to boost our sanskar.

    @Paglapurians, we know your insecurities are running high after Kick splendid success. Even out of insecurities, your sarkar has unfollowed Taran Adarsh because he was tweeting the success of Kick and the great man, Farah Khan aka Teesmaar Khan, started abusing fans on twitter. No wonder you are barking at a wrong place.

    Teesmaar Khan’s Ocean’s 11 remake edited by Joker Kunder named Washing Machine (as shown in the poster, LOL) won’t be able to go past 160 Crores even if it is released in 10,000 Screens. The exhibitors do not have faith in the stardom of the sarkar of 3.7 Billions fans worldwide. So, I don’t think it will have that many screen space for a film of a fading star.

    Washing Machine is a story of a group of robbers that try to rob a casino. Know what? While the lead heroes do multiple robberies in Kick and Dhoom Series, the group of the spineless robbers get stuck in the washing machine and are to rob the casino. The story continues as they struggle to come out of the washing machine.
    Audiences have had enough of casino robberies like Players, Cash, Race 2 and some super stylish Dhoom series and Kick. The audiences will reject the washing machine outright after the first day of a good opening…

    Teesmaar Khan told me about the story of the Washing Machine like Anurag Kasyap told me Rotten Romance about his film with Sarkar of Paglapur with 3.7 Billion alien population.

    Besides, hardly will anybody be watching a crap film after the story driven films like Marykom and Haider and a Hollywood level film like Bang Bang. Who will like to eat baasi tarkari (rotten veges) after the fresh ones?

  • @ babaji. the movie has to have something great for it to be ATBB. I wish but i think the same magic wont be recreated again

  • I read a column in firstpost yesterday on how HAHK changed the way indian marraiges are taken place.

    Being a bengali all these mehendi rasams were not there in the author’s state – west bengal, but the movie influenced so much that slowly and steadily over the years all these rituals have now started taking place, and has become an integral part of every marraige now.

    In fact I have seen that in mostly every state and town people are having mehendi ceremonies, dancing and sining etc.,

    This is a huge achievement for any movie to totally alter the culture of a region.

    I am not a fan of this film, though being a Salman fan, but I have to say that this movie was the biggest rage of 1990, comparable i would say, only to Sholay.

    still remember families and friends in huge numbers flocking to the theatres to watch this movie.

  • @anand: seems like you don’t english. And you still have an eye problem. Did u notice my sentence “over all, a very nice movie”. ? When did i criticize the movie? That was an honest statement from my side.You are a dumb guy who is overreacting on my each comment. And by which angle,hr was behaving girlly in guzaarish? Do you even know the meaning of girlly/girlish(girl-type/girl-related)?

  • @anand name,but depressionist:
    your statement about anupama is again ridiculous. He gave 3.5 to k3 n 3 to d3 which were athg. I knw it didn’t happen due to her ratings. But my comment proved u wrong.

  • @nipin seniors 7:37pm comment 5th Aug:-
    “Salman was very girlly in the movie…”

    Well you should know all about that Miss Taylor Swift….!

  • Sooraj Barjatya is the best in family movies. Salman’s best work is with Barjatya, with universal appeal.

  • @Sweet_heart, remember K3G, Vivah and Baghban, also JWM..these were family dramas barring JWM which basically is a romcom, but is still a pure Indian in most of the sequences..don’t worry..just sit back and relax..PRDP will bring back the golden era of pure love, innocence, tradition and family values.. :)

  • Even Kal Ho Naa Ho, one of my personal favorites, had that Indianness despite being setup in a foreign land..

  • Maine Pyar KiyaWho’s in it? – Salman Khan & BhagyashreeWhat’s it about? – Two friends coming from twodifferent stratas of society fall in love. In a twist, the rich boy has to prove his love, ratherthan the opposite.What’s romantic about it? – Suman and Prem’s love is pure, innocent and untainted, and is more of a bond of companionship and helping each other. Moreso, the rich handsome boy falls for the simple girl immediately. He doesn’t choose her after trying with others.Most romantic moment? – Prem writes Suman a letter telling her that her joy and sorrow is his.ANDPrem, almost in tears, handing over his hard-earned money to Suman’s father. this is caaled love story. ddlj is? orst mpk is best love story fact.
    mpk budget 80 lacs. box office 15 crore =18.5 times than budget with debutant directer Suraj , actor Salman, actress bhagyashree, top grosser of 1989 and highest grosser of 80’s as well.
    ddlj- budget 4 actual 5 crore but we consider 4 here box office 60 crore = 15 times.
    top grosser of 1994 but second highest grosser after great family drama hahk.
    with debutant directer aditya chopda. but established cast srk and kajol.
    srk loosed the battle. simply srk cant able to deleiver mpk or hahk type pure movies.

  • i totaly agreed with salman the rajshee production never make films like u can’t see with your family…i think hssh ..and ..hakhk is best films ever wich u can watch with your grand mum..and grand grand paa…also and i sey….salman real gentle man today in industry..he never do any kind of bad and vulgar scenes in his all over carrier…super salman only that’s wey u become my all time feverite super duper star…i realy think..pream ratan dhan pao..become very big blockbuster ..wish u advance congress..for this big hit.

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