Must read: Excerpts from Salman Khan and Sooraj Barjatya’s interview

To celebrate 20 years of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Salman Khan and Sooraj Barjatya spoke about their 25 year long relationship, why Khan regards Barjatya as the best director in the country and a little on their upcoming film Prem Ratan Dhan Dayo.

You can also watch their full interview below.

Salman Khan:

Even now when someone asks me, I say my best film is Maine Pyaar Kiya because that was the purest film that I’ve ever done.

The next film was Hum Aapke Hain Koun, which was 100 times better than the first one.

Sooraj only does films when he has something to say. He doesn’t make films when I have dates, or when he has to run his production company. When he believes in something, when he knows he can make a difference to the society, when he can impact people with niceness.. that is the only time he makes a movie.

Sooraj Barjatya:

What I want to be, Salman bhai plays that character on screen. So it is just a combination that is working and it’ll work again. As a director I want my films to have that feeling of security, everything is nice.. there is hope for the future. That comes across in rituals and functions.

When the trial of Hum Aapke Hain Koun was going on, there were like 14 songs in the film, and I saw people getting up and walking off. People in the trade were saying things like “Sab Ke Saat Hota Hai” (don’t worry, it happens to everyone). I thought its all over. Salim uncle (Salman’s father) called me up and he said cut off two songs. Third day I cut it off and that’s when the collections picked up. There are so many memories of Hum Aapke Hain Koun.

After I narrated the film to Salman, he laughed, he continued laughing and saying there are no hero or heroines in HAHK. Everyone is a hero and heroine.

Salman Khan:

Sooraj-ji has the most beautiful pair of eyes. He sees everything with niceness, he doesn’t judge anyone

After the first shot of Maine Pyaar Kiya, he cried, after the final shot we both cried. After the first shot of HAHK, we both cried, after the last shot, we both cried. With Hum Saath Saath Hain, after first shot, we cried, after last shot, he cried, I ran away”

For me Sooraj Barjatya is the best director in the country. There is no exposure (actresses exposing in films), there is no dirtiness, there is no double meaning or vulgarity. You can go and see the film with your grandparents or their grand children. This is our culture, he is truly within the guidelines of Doordarshan. Yet he is making romantic and sensual films. Beautiful looking films.

There is action in Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. The good wins over bad.

Watch the full interview below



  • Great to read that both want to recreate that special magic once again…. No mention of experimenting or trying something different- more of the same please and bring back those joyous days where magic was believable and love at first sight was possible n not a dream…

  • MPK – BB
    HSSH – BB

    See the pattern…


    Its destiny, its magic, its inevitable, their next collaboration will rewrite record books…!

  • not fair, this interview made me like cant wait for PRDP. this combo always rocks. really cant wait

  • They are going to make another Hum Aapke Hai Kaun and and another milestone for bollywood with PRDP.


    1989 : MPK
    verdict : ATBB
    highest grosser of d year…

    1994 : HAHK
    verdict : ATBB
    highest grosser of d year & break Sholay’s (15cr) record by huge margin & earn 70cr…

    1999 : HSSH
    verdict : Blockbuster
    highest grosser of d year…

    Hats off …..

  • Breaking NEWS,
    “HAPPY NEW YEAR” starring SRK is
    fully copy {Remake} film of Tamil
    superhit film “Robbery” by Nagarjuna

  • @amit, Salman is the biggest superstar of the country, everyone wants to know about Salman. So whts wrong if Indicine posting more article about Salman?

  • @nipun I want u to give 1 star to prdp bcz worse ur rating more is the appreciation among the public.

  • @ navin mpk was atbb earned 15 crore which is remaind few lacks away from sholays 15 crore record. Salman is one and only actor who debut as a lead actor with an all time block buster. thats y this movie is best for Salman, for me, suraj and many more sk fans. it is bigger achievment for sk than hahk. ‘pyaar sab kuchh sikha deta hai papa.’ what a dilauge.

  • @ navin mpk was atbb earned 15 crore which is remaind few lacks away from sholays 15 crore record. Salman is one and only actor who debut as a lead actor with an all time block buster. thats y this movie is best for Salman, for me, suraj and many more sk fans. it is bigger achievment for sk than hahk. ‘pyaarsab kuchh sikha deta hai papa.’ what a dilauge.

  • The biggest Actor-Director duo ever. They had given 3 wonderful and superb films. 2 Atbbs and 1 super hit/bb. What a track record and bigger achievement is that all 3 films still garners huge viewership on tv. MPK is remain one of the best love story ever while HAHk(my fav salman film) is the most popular,lovable and biggest success of bollywood. Wish PRDP will create the same magic.undoubtedly most awaited film of 2015 for me. Best of luck guys

  • Wondering even after telling indicine to post my comment,he didn’t post them and posted all later comments.

  • Both Hum apke hai kaun and hum saath saath hai Mohnish Behl was playing the main character. I think in HSSH Salman playing the supporting character of laxman and mohnish behl was Raman.

  • Mohnish Behl is the favourite actor of Suraj Batjatia, I am sure Mohnish will be also cast in the next film.He was the most good looking villain in Nineties.

  • waiting for PRDP very badly..waiting for the era of pure love, romance, dance and all the navarasas!!! most of these navarasas are missing in todays movies!!! :/

    Who are you????
    Are u the old @ARJUN KAPOOR who was crazy about youngistaan or u are any other person…it looks like you are a long existent visitor of indicine from ur interactions…

  • Sooraj barjatya films used to be too long family dramas,which worked well during 90s…
    I have some doubts over the success of this film PRDP at the boxoffice…will the so called “COOL” modern generation accept such film????

  • @ thullu Salman is trend setter since maine pyar kiya. indian mango people isnt ur kind of hollywood thinkers, so every good movie will apreciate in any age even in this dark age. prdp will be first 350 crore movie. hope our gen understand indian values and try to make again india as vishv guru.

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