Mohenjo Daro Trailer

One of the most awaited trailers of 2016 is out. Featuring Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hegde in the lead, Mohenjo Daro has been directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar – who has previously directed films like the Oscar nominated ‘Lagaan’, ‘Swades’ and ‘Jodhaa Akbar’.

The music has been composed by A.R. Rahman, lyrics have been penned by Javed Akhtar.

Ashutosh Gowarikar’s press statement:

“Mohenjo Daro is not just another historical; it’s pretty much even before history begins. It’s literally going back in the womb of time. It’s a world that I am most fascinated with — who were the people, how did they live, what was the society like, are some of the questions which always intrigued me. I am thankful that I got this opportunity to explore that world through cinema”

“Since this was a make believe world so when I started my research, during the initial phase, I came across Mr. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer’s books “Ancient India: Land of Mystery” and “Excavations at Mohenjo Daro”. I immediately got in touch with Mr. Kenoyer, Dept. of Anthropology, University of Wisconsin to seek his assistance. He has worked at the Mohenjo Daro excavation site for the past 35 years. To my good fortune, he agreed to participate to help me realize the true potential of the story on film. He then suggested to me other esteemed names who could give me inputs on the undeciphered Sindhu script, culture, the town planning and any and every other aspect that seems necessary. They were -R. S. Bisht, Ex-Director, ASI; Prof. Vasant Shinde Jt. Director, Puna University; Dr. P. Ajithprasad, Dept. of Archaeology and Ancient History, MSU, Baroda; K. Krishnan, Dept. of Archaeology, MSU, Baroda; and V.N.Prabhakar, Deputy Superintending Archaeologist, Aurangabad. It was wonderful that they could impart their study, analysis and knowledge to this project.”



  • Guys Don’t Compare Baahubali and Mohenjo Daro
    Because Both movies doesn’t contains same genre and Vfx.
    Though Mohenjo Daro took almost 2 years to complete and i think this is perfect from Mrs Perfectionist director Ashutosh Gowariker and actor Hrithik Roshan and music A.R.Rahman.
    Hence This is A Complete Epic Love Drama Suspense Movie which should watch only at theaters on
    Independence Day August 12 – 2016
    All The Best For Mohenjo Daro Movie and Its Team Work
    I Hope This Will Movie will show all haters who disappointed with this Trailer that It Will Be Highest Grosser Sure
    All Time Blockbuster is on the way Lets wait and watch Guys @ Mohenjo Daro?

  • #Indicine

    Please Post Your Take In This Matter

    How Much You Liked The Trailer

    Whats Pros And Cons In It

  • Whooaaaa… 2.3 millions youtube views in 24 hours…. having already 30 millions views on star network when aired… thats huge craze…

  • Sarman will surely rock the world of Mohenjodaro…
    So much mystery in story…I’m sure it will not gonna be just a routine love-story..
    It will be epic…I believe in ashu..I loved Lagaan,Jodha Akbar..And HR being my fav hero he exceeded my expectations..

  • We Indians are experts in defaming , poking and finding flaws on others.We Indians know every damn things,that’s why we are so backdated.And here i could see so many Scholars ,Archaeologist ,VFX experts ,Future actors and directors.If you don’t encourage good things ,we’ll always be backdated…Hats off to so many Pseudointellectual here..
    Thank God I’m not one of them and I’m normal because i always appreciate brave and hard works
    Though the trailer has flaws still it is way better than some of recent trailers of other Indian Superstar..
    I’m eagerly waiting for this film.?

  • Aur Jinkk Bhi Prob Hai Mohenjodaro De Wo Jaaker Youtube Mai Bahubali Mistakes Search Kar Sakte

    Believe It Or Not Mohenjodaro Is Epic

    You Should Be Shame On Yourself To Spready Negativity To Your Own Movie

    And Praising South Movie .. Why To Become Boot Lickers Of South And Hollywood

    If Someone Trying You Should Respect Them Dont Degrade Him

  • Rohit Ganguly
    The more I see the trailer the more I love it..Mohenjodaro trailer is like a old’ll find better with time..EPIC.there’s something special..If you don’t appreciate there hard works..then we Indians deserves crap films like Housefull 3,PRDP,Great Grand Masti,HNY,etc..?

  • To Be Honest

    This Movie Have Every Element Of Bloackbuster

    They Cant Make Niche Movie In Budget Of 150 Crore

  • I think this trailer was most commented trailer on toto indicine website…
    Hahha and people wrote like this ….the trailer was sick….
    Felling happy for MD

  • 587 COMMMENTS!! what is the highest commented page number??
    even 587 is HUGE and shows the interest of the fans , neutral audiences towards the movie
    This is actaully a proof of what HR is capable of when it comes to RECORDS
    He can make and break all of them.

  • okay so the stupid haters, here is the ans to your stupid complaints–> 1. some complain that why its in hindi, well because so that retards like you can understand the film, if it was in ancient language , would you understand it ???? common sense, do you have? 2. some idiots complain about skin complexion, well idiots , those people were not as black as africans. and this aryans were white people theory is bullshit , its just a theory and there is no evidence to it. there were dark skinned and fair skinned people in mohenjo daro if we go by basics. 3. alot of people say vfx is very bad. really??

    how much vfx was there in the trailer though apart from 2-3 scenes and those scenes were fine, not bad at all. if this had hollywood tag on it, people would be licking its ass by now. 4. some complain about costumes, well we have some terracotta figures but thats it. one can’t totally figure out their dresses from it. ashutosh has put his own imagination along with research and costumes look just fine, whats the problem with it?? you wanted women running around naked ??? 5. alot of shitheads complaining about love story, well troy was basically about a love story, the war happened due to love story, film had lots of kisses and sex scenes, but its a masterpiece for you coz its hollywood. gladiator had romance too but since its hollywood, its good. mohenjodaro is more than love story, it also shows how the civilisation ended and the lifestyle of those people, we hardly know about them so ofcourse ashutosh had to put his own imagination. is it so hard to understand?? 6. crocodile scene complaint, well its not flying, its jumping out of water, yes maybe its impossible, but maybe crocodiles at that time could make such jump, who the knows so shut the up. 7. the sets look so beautiful , they also show ancient god statues and pools etc, i don’t see no problem in it. overally the trailer was really good, few minor hiccups were there but i am sure film would be great but there would always be who would hate it. khans lickers and hollywood riders go yourselves.

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