Mental Salman Khan Film: Shooting to begin in Dubai today

Salman KhanPutting all the gossip and rumor mills to an abrupt end, the final word has come from none other than the superstar himself. Salman Khan, who re-emerged on Twitter only once in 2013 to support Kamal Hassan, was suddenly active on the micro-blogging website today.

He started with his usual typical tweets and to everyone’s surprise he even replied to a fan by mentioning her Twitter handle for the first time.

But the tweet of the day came in capital letters and the megastar ended all the speculations in style. Here goes the tweet that will make all Salman fans happy!

“Nothing just on my way to the airport going to Dubai to shoot for ‘Mental’ hearing a track wakanda in my car by Dimitri vegas and like mike. Hai na? its an outstanding track” A tweet that confirmed the Dubai shooting schedule and more importantly, the title ‘Mental’.

Directed by Sohail Khan, the shooting of Mental begins in Dubai today (27 February).  There are reports that Daisy Shah has been signed to play the female lead, which is again something that hasn’t been officially confirmed. Infact, the project seems to be a top-secret as very little info has been revealed to the media.

Stay tuned to Indicine for all the updates on Salman Khan’s upcoming film Mental. Here’s also wishing the entire cast and crew the very best!

P.S: We wonder if Sohail has any plans of releasing his film during EID. With murmurs in the industry of Rohit Shetty keen on releasing Chennai Express in time for EID, we wonder if the first film to lock the EID release date – Balaji / Akshay Kumar’s Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again will be shifted ahead.



  • No chance as everyone and their dog knows that Mental will cause a catastrophic derailment of Chennai Depress if both films released together…!!!
    But that wont happen as Rohit is a sensible guy and SRK is too afraid to come up against bhai at Award shows, aeroplanes, birthday bash or society partys etc let alone come face to face at the boxoffice. Tiger Khan will only need to roar once before Team Red Chillies grab all their belongings and train it back to chennai on their expressway Chennia Depress.
    @xzone Mental will rock your & srks world…
    @star ghanta award winner defeats golden kela winner srk hands down!!!

  • Another nonsence masala movie from ‘Salman bhai’.Public will become mental after watching crapstar’s another disaster crap south remake ‘mental’. 6th disaster in a row…..chennai express will kill mental if it will release on eid.

  • With the advent of script driven films like Kahaani, Vicky Donor, Oh My God, Special 26 and now Kai Po Che driving people big time, it looks like Salman Khan’s career is in danger. Unless he too attempts something sensible, his movies are likely to be rejected by audience in near future!

  • Nearly 6 mon back when Srk planned to release on eid but while hearing that salman wil release his next on eid Srk by afraid pre pond to july Haha and and now he again plannin to release on eid by hoppin salmans mental wil not release on eid but later when salman confirm he release on eid then again Srk by afraid of salman wil postpond Haha but i want the clash :) . Let see who is afraid of whom Haha

  • Hahaha….so sohail khan alongwith “crap” khan and all the crue members of mental are getting prepare to make all the audiences “insane” and “mental” with their upcoming crap….insiders told that this time they are looking for produce an insermountable headache, which ll be used in asylums later in the treatment of “mental” patients like “navin”….
    CAUTION : Don’t watch it unless and untill u want to get “insane”…:P
    @navin…..ur salman won the most prestigious “ghanta award” and now it’s the turn of “golden kela”….

  • Salman is fully working on mental . . No reality show hostin goin on . So he can complete it within 4 mon and release on eid its possible

  • @ X zone dude by the way from wch mental hospital u ran ah pls go back u need a mental care very badly Bcoz no real mentals are allowed here okay mental

  • This Eid Belongs To Shah Rukh Khan, Not Salman
    By, 26 February 2013

    Salman Khan, who has given three consecutive blockbusters on every Eid, in the past three years, will not have a release on Eid, this year. However Salman’s arch-enemy Shah Rukh Khan will fill the slot, with his Chennai Express and satiate the movie-goers.

    Sources reveal that Salman’s upcoming film may not be completed in time and therefore, the makers won’t be able to release it on Eid. However, the release date of Salman’s film is not locked yet.

    Sunny Deol’s upcoming film Singh Saab The Great, which has been helmed by Anil Sharma, will also clash with SRK’s film at the box-office this Eid. Directed by Rohit Shetty, Chennai Express, which stars Deepika Padukone opposite the King Khan, is all set to rule the roost this Eid.

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  • Salman khan should also tweet that “mental” is releasing on this Eid and should finish this discussion bcoz after his announcement srk and akshay will have no guts to compete with blockbuster khan and they will be searching new dates to release their movie.

  • ouitam 2 on aug 8 srk and sunny deol interested in aug 15…..srk vs akki…and ssalman vs hritik i think….dhoom3 gets solo release….on xmas….

  • diwali and eid wil hav clash..but still takin on krissh-3 wont be easy…unless it turns out be very bad film….

  • I don’t give any predictions, but if Mental is ready for release on Eid, nobody will take the risk and you can hear all of them shifting either 2 weeks later or prior to Mental.

    It is nothing but simple logic, Salman is already huge and with Eid his star power is at the peak, so better stay away and reap the benefits than challenge and bite dust. lol.

  • Ha ha ha
    no actress wants to work with salman khan …
    Sohail still searching for a third grade actress….
    Congratulation in advance salman khan for making another crap movie this year

  • #Uncle Raj
    everyone knows Salman is coward
    Indicine previously posted that there might be no salman films this year cause salman don’t want clash and want 3 open weeks and big number of screens to make the film 100 cr.
    Srk have courage to Attend the clash
    Srk don’t want 150-200 cr. Movie. Srk will release the film in eid wheather it will clash or nt

  • taran adarsh tweets
    Update: Bhushan Kumar of T-Series acquires music rights of Sajid Nadiadwala’s #Kick and Sohail Khan’s #Mental. Both star @BeingSalmanKhan

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