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Dhoom 3 - PK

Dhoom 3 – PK (Aamir’s 2013 Movies)

Aamir Khan, a name that is synonymous with quality films, always works on one film at a time and 2013 will be no different. His fans complain that the wait for his films is way too long, but more often than not, the wait is well worth it.

His last release, Talaash, was one of those rare Aamir films that wasn’t universally accepted. Yet, the Reema Kagti directed suspense thriller grossed more than Rs 170 crores worldwide.

This year, Aamir has a full-fledged commercial film that is likely to be 2013’s biggest grosser.

Below is a detailed list of Aamir Khan’s upcoming movies in 2013 and the other projects that he is likely to work on during the course of the year.

Dhoom 3 (Christmas 2013): It’s the last film of the year, and also the most awaited. Starring Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra, Dhoom 3 is the third film in the super-successful Dhoom series. Cars, bikes, babes, glamour, action.. the Vijay Krishna Acharya directed film will have it all.

Box office expectations: Dhoom 3 is releasing during Christmas, a festive slot that Aamir Khan created! Ghajini (2007) was the first Indian film to cross 100 crores, a record that was not only broken but almost doubled a year later by 3 Idiots. Anything less than 200 crores for Dhoom 3 would be a disappointment.

Peekay (release date not announced): Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir Khan return together after 3 Idiots and it simply cannot get any bigger! The film also features Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt and Sushanth Singh Rajput. Very little is known about the film, but sources say, P.K will be a political satire. The first shooting schedule began on Feb 1. Official release date is yet to be announced.

P.K Box Office expectations: If the film gets a holiday release, and the quality is on-par with any of Hirani’s last few films, it could well be the first to enter the 300 crore club. Expectations are unrealistically high, but trust the Aamir-Hirani duo to deliver.

Aamir has also spoken about his plans to continue the popular ‘Satyamev Jayate’ series, not likely to happen in 2013 though.

Which Aamir Khan 2013 film are you waiting for? Peekay or Dhoom 3? Vote now!

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  • agree with tiger dhoom:3 will be the first movie to earn 400 cr. worldwide………
    And i guess even krrish:3 will join this 400 cr. club or atleast it will do more than 350 cr. worldwide

  • Aamir Khan is easily the best actor of mainstream Hindi cinema currently.All his movies are worth waiting so though am not that interested for Dhoom:3 but yeah I will definitely give it a try as its a Aamir Khan movie & It should cross 200 cr. BTW I am waiting for his P.K. which will come in 2014 most probably and It should rewrite the history & break all previous records & set new milestones for Hindi Cinema.

  • @Some1, well said! Aamir truly rocks. His script sense, performance, attention to detail is all fantastic.

    PK will be one of the best films of 2013 or 2014 whenever it releases.

    Dhoom 3 will be time pass entertainment. Looking forward to both.

  • Well said guys and I think we can all expect Aamir to open up the 300 cr net club in India with D3 before Team Aamir/Hirani unveil the grand opening of the 400 cr net club in India with PK. (super confident)
    Its been 4 yrs since Aamir opened the 200 cr club but I think D3 will not only pass 200 cr but go forth and enter the 300 cr club. Jeez I cant wait for christmas, I can feel what my kids feel when waiting to open their presents and my present will be trying to get a ticket for a first day show, no reviews needed, no word of mouth recommendation required because this is just an event not to miss. Aamir rocks and expect nothing less from D3 with Aamir helping Victor, Abhi, Kat and Uday to raise their levels too. D3 is an ATBB guaranteed with PK to follow and become an evergreen classic.
    God bless you sir and all the best.

  • amir khan cant act in villainous roles his acting skills are limited
    only srk and late amrish puri amjad khan
    can act and convince you in bad characters
    hrithik tried before him in dhoom 2
    but his acting falls flat
    same goes on perfaketionist amir khan

  • Dhoom 3 should be the biggest hit of 2013 & should cross 200 cr easily, but still one shld keep expectations moderate only bcoz Box Office is unpredictable.

    PK will most probably release in 2014 & no matter whether it releases on a holiday or non-holiday, it’ll be huge.

  • Aamir’s stardom has fallen down by Talaash. 200 crores would be impossible for Dhoom-2 and what 300 crores for PK ? They will be extremely happy if it crosses 100 crores.

  • Aamir khan “talaash” was a non universal movie but still it grossed more than 170 crores worldwide and now “dhoom 3” and “pk” are both universal movies so now “3 idiots” 375 crores worlwide is in real danger now.both movies has potential to break this record.only aamir khan can break his own records.

  • Which Aamir Khan 2013 film are you waiting for? Peekay or Dhoom 3? Vote now! this is the most difficult question ever in the history of indicine.i will vote for “dhoom 3” bcoz it is a confirmed christmas 2013 release and its official logo also mentions that otherwise it is impossible to vote one bcoz both has ace khan in it.

  • Amir khan is fake actor only work in 1 film no stage show no award show no dance activity talent no show hosting capacity only srk rock the world

  • I am happy that Aamir is doing sensible and different movie nt like same old boring crap masala movies like salman….
    Aamir Srk and Hrithik Will top this year

  • amir just not suitable for dhoom 3…..pk will be best…amir is complete mismatch..this time..director also new… hrithik place dhoom 2 in such a height that it is impossible for any actor comes close to that..dhoom 3 willl not do well

  • @ anjali he is not a money mined man , like srk or salman who attends parties , awards function and dance there for money .

  • I didn’t vote… because I cannot choose between Aamir Khan movies! :) But I really hope P.K doesn’t release in 2013 as all the holiday dates are already taken. I was hoping shooting didn’t start yet… then there would be the possibility it would release on xmas next year :P But still, it’s good 2 Aamir Khan movies will be coming out very soon!

  • Both movies are bigies , very high expectations from both movies . Definitly new records of boxoffice ready to born with these movies with mind boggling openings. Mr.perfectionist Aamir always Rocks.

  • P.K is too big to release on a normal Friday……I am guessing it would be 15th August, 2014……

    raju hirani will start filming for munnbhai 3 this year in december and would shoot non stop for 4 months or so….the post production for pk……post august he would go back to munnabhai 3 which would release next yr xmas…..

  • Unfortunately P.K. is not happening in 2013. ( May release On Deewali 2014 Or Christmas 2014)
    But great anticipation for Dhoom;3 I haven’t seen such kind of Curiosity & buzz for any Indian Movie till date like Dhoom :3
    & It will definitely break the record of Dhoom:3 & Now It is clear that Records are meant to be broken by Aamir Only .
    In fact Dhoom’3 is gonna trend & set new box-office history in India box-office ( The More Like Avtaar in Hollywood ) may cross 300 cr. at Indian box-office ..finger crossed..!

  • agree with Nikhil its difficult to vote between Aamir movies because his movies r not only a movie it’s like an event so whenever Aamir movie come it’s become special in trade and public.
    @suman & @ remote control you should wait till 25 dec 2013 to see what suit Aamir and what’s not because Aamir is one actor who can do any roles he does not required to come as villain or metally disabled or physically disabled person for gettin critics appreciation he knows well what he can do and how he can do and remember when D3 come you r one of those people who get surprise more coz Mr. Perfectionist is perfect in All

    Aamir is only one actor who doing role with simplicity, his acting looks real because he gets into the skin of character his movies having situational comedy not forcly made, his movies r more realistic even the love story he made r like as we seen in real life QSQT,Akele hum akele tum, Rangeela,Dil hai ki manta nahin, dil etc, his emotions r more real than any other actor when he emotes in any scene its look real he doesn’t need to emote by making different face expression or forcedly so he is best among any actor of his generation and generation who come after him.
    aamir not having fans like Salman and srk but still whenever his movies come in theater or in news all r curious abt that whether it’s public or Audience that’s y his is the one who created 100cr and 200 cr club and expection are only from him by trade and genuine public that only his movies can start 300 cr club too.
    so Aamir haters no need to hate him because he is only one who can make record and his records are only broken by him and the reason behind his success in post 2005 era because audience become more mature and they r accepting movies which is serious , meaning ful that’y movies like OMG,ZNMD,PST,Barfi, vicky donor etc getting success, if these kind of audience would exist in 1990’s or pre 2005 era than movie like
    Akele hum Akele tum
    Jo Jeeta wohi Sikandar
    1947 Earth are superhits
    and movies like Lagaan and DCH would become blockbuster
    so he started making good cinema since early of his career
    salute to you sir and wish you good luck for D3 & peekay.
    Blockbusters and record breaking cinema to come….

  • Don,t dare to compare Aamir khan with any of the actor,he never run after money like srk do, srk live for himself,aamir khan has done show like SATAYME JAYATE and proved it that he has love towards nation

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