Manwa Laage crosses 1 million views on Youtube

Manwa Laage has crossed 1 million views on the world’s most popular video-sharing website Youtube. The Vishal – Shekhar composition has received more than 1 million views in less than 24 hours after its release.

While the second song has managed to go viral on Youtube, the first song (Indiawaale) took almost a week to cross 1 million views.  The like vs dislike ratio of Manwa Laage is also much better than Indiawaale.

Enjoy the song if you haven’t already!



  • @Kabir, @aakash, agreed youtube views are not that much important. The song get 1 million views or 3.7 billion views the movie is going to be another billu/dulha mil gaya for sure.

  • To srk hates, if u want to see downfall of srk then just ignore him. The world is not moving around him. He is not the most powerfull man in earth. He is just an actor. Ignore him, dont watch his movies, dont read any article about him. Total non co-operation.

    The administrators of indicine are very intellegent, all they publish the news about srk, coz they know fans/hater, srk attract alike. So for more hits publish news about srk.

    Funniest thing is, there is an article about Rajnikant’s Linga but there also most comment about srk. Particularly haters making srk a legend, a gold standard for all other superstar. Best things is to ignore him. I want someday, that there is a srk article but no comment. That will be the day.

  • @dynamic shivers 1:44am

    Out of those 1 million views you must be responsible for around 1234 I reckon…

    Seriously speaking do you not see the irony when you call others ape when you yourself are apeing others n their identities….? Are you just plain stupid or simply retarded not to know how much of an orc buffoon you really are…

  • @nipun kumar 12:41am

    Do you even know any Mohd Rafi songs or you just name dropping here….

    Be honest n dont just google it…

  • Arijit is a singer I have loved since his superhit track from Aashiqui 2 but this wasnt that great.., more due to Sarkars overacting in video thus taking some gleam away from the voice/ song…!

  • Still I have a feeling that it will hardly touch 200 Cr mark because this time rohit is not the director so forget it. Farah is a greatest director ever when it comes to make illogical and torturous movies. So 150 Cr maximum. Not more than that.

  • grt going. hny will collect 40cr+ on day1 an avg content will give the film 250cr. and if hny is like oso then 300cr is on cards.

  • Well this just proves why the youtube count for the trailer and indiawaale have been on the lower side. Manva lage was released only on youtube and you can tell the difference while the trailer/indiawaale were release on multiple channels and multiple platforms which scattered the viewing numbers.

  • @Sekhon – Are you sure about that? Even Kick’s trailer hardly crossed 2 million within 24 hours, don’t think Jumme Ki Raat was getting more faster views than trailer itself.

  • @Thullu, why you only note srkians, its not only about srkians…..and about that comment…i was just saying that it’s answer for those who think that hny is flop in youtube…

  • “Andy Armstrong, our action
    director who has Hollywood biggies
    like The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and
    Thor to his credit, pointed out that #Hrithik and Tom Cruise are alike in that they are keen on doing their
    own stunts. We wasted a lot of
    money on hiring doubles to
    standby!” – Siddharth Anand (Via

  • @Navin: my all time fav singer is Sonu Nigam and Mohd. Rafi was his teacher. I am a huge fan of Mohd. Rafi’s voice. I love the tracks like “Patthar ke sanam” and many more sad songs.
    I like arijit also,but he’s n’t my fav. I love Benny Dayal and javed ali more.

  • Very nice song and very romantic good SRK
    but for me the most romantic and the best song of year 2014 is Meherbaan from Bang Bang.

  • mehboob mere is one of my top favourite song from patthar ke sanam sung by mukesh he was my favourite followed by mohd. rafi. i dnt think today any singer come close to both legends. they dnt needed views simply soulfull singers.

  • Well, Nipin, Sonu Nigam is my favorite singer as well. I am not a fan of the sad songs!! Now, I have come to know why you think the love stories or other related genres are so important to you. You can’t think of comedy or anything else. Because to me, it appears some girl has betrayed you or she doesn’t even know that you love her. LOL!

  • Meharbaan: 16765 Likes, 2053 Dislikes in 10 days. Manwa Laage: 16806 Likes, 1240 Dislikes in 38 hours. And they were degrading Indiawaale ;)

  • @suchit don’t worry about hny better worry about pk which is going to be a disappointment like talash, a overated film mark my words.

  • HNY trailer- rejected
    Indiawalle song- flop
    Manwa- decent
    HNY is another TMK or Billu. No chance to be in top 4 grossers of 2014.

  • After releasing the peppy number India Waale, the makers of Happy New Year as released a soulful and romantic song from the film.

    Titled Manwa Laage the song features Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan besides Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood, Boman Irani and Vivaan Shah.

    The video shows budding romance between Shah Rukh and Deepika and also the fire their chemistry together ignite (literally). Shah Rukh’s charm, Deepika”s grace, the mystical voice of Shreya and Arijit and the soulful words and music of Irshaad and Vishal-Shekhar make the song worth listening and watching.

    But Shah Rukh Khan’s eight-pack abs is the main USP of the song.

  • Song is Soulful to hear and eye feast to see
    Srk is at his Masculine best
    Deepika is at her Gorgeous best
    Duo totally burned the screen with their onscreen chemistry
    They looks like made for each other
    Picturization is awful and something new

    But the problem lies is our Apes were more connected to Mere Saath Samundar Types and theyare rejecting Romantic numbers as if they were not connected to these types they were more obsessewd with the kind of Foottapping Footpath song which will bring them ultimate Joy and pleasure asif they were reached the point Bliss All this was happens because they possess
    “Less Brains and More Brawns”

    @Navin a famous saying
    “As You Sow So Shall You Reap”
    Enjoy the Fact

    Yeh toh Sirf Trailer Hain Baakhi Sab Picture Hain Mere Dost
    till then

  • @anandi: who said that i love love stories only ? I like sci fi and action thriller as well. Yes, i am not a big fan of comedy. But 3 idiots is one of my favs of all time.
    Also,i like dance numbers/other types of songs as well like dhoom again,balam pichkali etc. I said i am a fan of those sad songs by Rafi saheb. And sad songs doesn’t mean bf gf love failure only. Maa from TZP and Noor e khuda are also sad songs as well. And your opinion about my crush was wrong. I had a gf before 1 year. But i myself broke up wid her later. Now M happy in my single life.

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