Manwa Laage crosses 1 million views on Youtube

Manwa Laage has crossed 1 million views on the world’s most popular video-sharing website Youtube. The Vishal – Shekhar composition has received more than 1 million views in less than 24 hours after its release.

While the second song has managed to go viral on Youtube, the first song (Indiawaale) took almost a week to cross 1 million views.  The like vs dislike ratio of Manwa Laage is also much better than Indiawaale.

Enjoy the song if you haven’t already!



  • Big deal!! The song is ludicrous. Deepika looks hot and cute at the same time but others, specially the lead actor, are all very irritating.

  • Yes, where are the haters now? They were saying HNY has no buzz and SRK has lost his popularity on youtube. Haters please apply cold water and burnol. And also make sure you stockup enough burnol till diwali. Otherwise when HNY releases this diwali you have to just burn and suffer.

  • Manwa lage song had removed due to technical problem after sometime of its release so large number viewers didnt watch it on youtube they all downloaded from other site otherwise it crossed this feat earlier.#manwalage awesome song srk deepika shreya nd arijit r rocking

  • It doesn’t matter…wouldn’t cross 150 crores at indian box office…would be another like besharam,tees maar khan nd himmatwaala nd so on…movie is not looking so impressive….would get only hit status just because of festive season…..waiting for pk nd bang bang only.

  • Obviously! It is such a beautiful song. Such melodious songs are scarce these days. Can’t wait for the full audio song now.

  • personally I didn’t like this song really.
    I like arjit Singh & shreya goshal all songs but this one is not good at all.
    over all boring song.

  • kick viwes and likes are more then ce, but what was the result just 5 crore ahead in india boxoffice where more then 40 crore behind in overses and world wide collection…shame


  • indiawaale song is a flopbuster in youtube it has only 1.2 million views even sonam kapoors khoobsurat songs have more view than indiawaale lol what a shame.

  • Burning at its best…tat moment when king Khan walks with his shirt on
    fire..beat tat walk other superstars..and Deepika I love you I love you I
    loveee youu ? ?

  • No big deal.Few songs like Jumme ki raat, Tu meri & Meharbaan songs got more than 1M views in less than 12hrs.

    But HNY trailer & both songs failed to come anywhere close to that.

    Most negative point of the film is Farah Khan tag & then bad trailer.

    So the makers & trade people trying hard for creat buzz which will help film to get good opening.

    Underworld threats & 10 packs with CG are the examples of poor try of makers to save film.

    After all that its sure that film has poor containts so it doesnt matter how many free weeks it will get.Because despite getting 3 open weeks film like Ra.One flopped badly in past.
    Same will happen with HNY.But most important thing is Ra.One got huge buzz so it got good opening but this is not happening incase of HNY.

  • Lol….shame on haters…

    btw it’s getting views much much more faster than mehrban….i still remember when @thullu, said that srk fans should not be insecured from meherban song views, now what?

  • 10000 fans of any star if watch any video on youtube for 100 times in a single day than also it can achieve 1 million views in a day…
    thus i don’t take into account the number of views on youtube..
    also a person can make as many id’s he want..
    with these multiple id’s fans can create like/dislike pictures…
    i don’t believe that youtube results are accurate…

    i am not talking with respect to manwa lagge song views so srk fans dont be angry…
    i liked the song and it is really a good song…

    i am just talking a about a general point of view..

    srk fans know that jthj trailer had 8 million plus views on youtube nd ce had 7 million plus but still jthj made 120 cr while ce did 227 cr nd 422 cr worldwide..

    so personally i dont believe that number of views on youtube can make any different …
    coz a large section of general audience is still unreachable by internet nd they decide the fate of the film after first 3 days….

    so for me it doesnt matter…
    so guys stop fighting with each other for at least youtube views…

    hny will open strong not only in india but also in overseas due to presence of srk…
    i am 95% confident that film has every chances to go past 200 cr in india with ease the remaining 5% is only due to farah khan…
    but who knows the future…
    so always hope for best…
    good luck srk fans…

  • indicine, it has broken previous records too it has crossed 1 million mark in just 20 hours !! Indiawaale t go took time bcoz it was released on many channels which reduces the views…

  • @kabir : i agree..thats what i want to say..
    kick had much more views on youtubes than ce but still it is behind from ce in worldwide numbers and has beaten ce in india by a mere 4-5 cr gap..though kick has 2 open weeks and ce had outimd from 7 day onwards…

    so guys…
    be aware that youtube like/dislike views are not important at all…

    right now hny trailer has almost 6 million plus combined views on youtube and krrish3 had 22.2 million plus…
    so can any one say that hny will earn almost 4 times less than krrish 3???
    can any one say that hny will do only 60 cr in india as krrish 3 had 240 in india…
    can any one say???
    i bet not a single person will say that..
    even a die hard srk hater wont dare to say that…

    so guys have patience be good towards each other nd keep talking sensibly…
    cheers…enjoy..good luck..

  • Jthj trailler likes v/s dislies ratio n views were better than ce but ce did double business than jthj reason youtube records doesn’t matter when a movie goer buy a ticket in their pocket money

  • Well deserved…!
    Waiting for the complete album of HNY.
    Expectations are high from Vishal-Shekhar duo and first two songs are lived upto that expectations.

  • First Salman fans Used to talk About BO collections
    Now they Started Talking About YouTube views
    And Likes
    Going By their Logic
    Kick trailer Have 3times More views And likes Than Chennai Express trailer
    Then Kick Should have done
    227+227+227= 681cr in India
    But sadly Kick Is only 5cr ahead than chennai express
    And Worldwide
    422+422+422= 1266 cr
    but Kick Worldwide collection 376 cr
    46 cr less than chennai express
    I said what What I wanted to say
    Baki Hoshiyar Log samaj jao :)

  • stop overhyping everything related to srk, meherbaan is much better than manwa lage, thats a fact. anyone’s arguement is invalid.

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