Manwa Laage crosses 1 million views on Youtube

Manwa Laage has crossed 1 million views on the world’s most popular video-sharing website Youtube. The Vishal – Shekhar composition has received more than 1 million views in less than 24 hours after its release.

While the second song has managed to go viral on Youtube, the first song (Indiawaale) took almost a week to cross 1 million views.  The like vs dislike ratio of Manwa Laage is also much better than Indiawaale.

Enjoy the song if you haven’t already!



  • this site is only for srk fans bcoz there r too many srk fans on this site. due to this srk fans always thinking srk has more fan following than Salman in india. but they don’t know hardly 10000 to 15000 people knows this site.

  • For me I don’t care about views on social sites, other thing is that hny trailer and indiawaale song doesn’t create hype on YouTube but it hardly affect on its opening probably can give dent to 5-10% max as srk commands huge following so in every case film will open huge in diwali weekend and can touch 105-110 cr or more in 3 days if it release on 24th, from Monday its content who can take further to any film no matter how big star any one is, so weekend is huge with avg trailer and after than content so where these you tube views etc affect HNY.

    Haven’t seen this song yet but it got good response so finally something to cheer for hny after srk 8 packs for good buzz.

  • congratzzz SRK fans… i personally didn’t like the song!!i love Arijit’s voice;bt this was boring to me!!
    bt any way this a big achievement(though some wise SRK fans were saying continuously, “you tube views have no importance….lol)!!!congratzzz once again

  • according to srkians, everything thats related to srk is best, any song of hny will be better than all other songs according to their logic, hny will be a masterpiece according to their logic. lol they will even say srk’s body is better than arnold schwarzenegger’s

  • @yy mithaiwala
    Ok,its gud for u that it is getting views faster than meherbaan but what were most srk fans saying at the time of indiawaale??
    Youtube views does’nt matter,hny songs have released on fb,tatasky,dish tv that is affecting it…
    But today all have changed their color!!!
    Youtube views bcome important for them.

  • SRK Fan 1: Manwa Lage, wht lyrics, classic.
    SRK Fan 2: Yo bro.
    SRK fan 1 in DM: Bhai Manwa matlab?
    SRK fan 2 in DM: Manwa matlab man (mard).

  • Srk Fans –> If #HNY breaks records then we will trend #RecordBreakingHNY
    If It fails then #HNYSpreadingHappiness :P :D

  • The best song of the year. Love Arijit and Shreya’s voice. Deepika looks
    beautiful and of course, SRK LOOKING HOTTER THAN EVER! Everything is
    perfect about this song <3

  • @indicine And this is a breaking news? LOL…. Nobody care about CraPPy New Year..I have not heard anyone even speaking about this shitty movie other than some losers…ha ha ha
    Okay Here’s the stats of CraPPy New Year-

    Trailer- PATHETIC
    CraPPy wale Song- DISGUSTING
    Manwa Lungee– PAINFUL

    And to add more to it, nobody watches it on YOUTUBE LOL… just look at the numbers.
    This is going to be a huge disaster man..MARK MY FKI’N WORDS… 100 crores should be difficult because it will another TEES MAAR KHAN!! LOL….

  • This song is not that great,but still nice.
    In audio,i liked shreya’s voice and in video,loved DP!
    Some people were comparing it with Meherbaan. There is no need of comparision all the time.
    Still,i say meherbaan was better both in video as well as audio. I personally love thin and sweet voices of male singers like Rafi sahab,sonu nigam,udit narayan,javed ali,benny or ash king.

  • So Far its a great Achievement by Sr K

    1 million Views in one day So far the bestone For SrK unlike Apeman Where it will be difficult for him to get as if his Apejaan were busy with footpath dances and dont know to operate internet properly as if they were less familiar with them

  • Babaji… Diwali is coming please buy burnol which you used massively after seeing SRK’s 8 pack n manwa laage song response

  • @ricky good pridiction but it will be happening with bang bang, haider will kill it by the power of strong positive wom

  • @kingshuk, we bhai fans never talk/care about youtube views. U srk fans always bark on youtube views, tata sky views, dish tv views, even dd direct plus views.

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