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Madhuri Dixit gushes about motherhood and her comeback film Aaja Nachle.

Madhuri’s kids were with her throughout the shooting of her comeback film Aaja Nachle. “I made sure I shot the film during their holidays. I couldn’t possibly leave them behind in the US. I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on my work. I was very relaxed. If I didn’t have the support of my children, my husband, my mom and my in-laws, I couldn’t have done it . They flew down to India twice during the shooting. And my mom was with me throughout. Ram was down in Mumbai twice because he and the kids missed each other.”

Madhuri Dixit has changed enormously. From being a polite but reserved almost aloof entity on her sets, Madhuri has become ultra-gregarious. “Children do that to you,” she says. “My sons have made me a fun person. Besides that, all the experiences that you go through in life make you mature, you realise life doesn’t have to be taken seriously all the time. My sons keep me on my toes,” she adds.

After Aaja Nachle Madhuri now has her fingers crossed. “Aaja Nachle has spoilt me. Yashraj treated me with such care!” Now what she does next will depend on what’s offered to her and where it is shot. Her only demand ? a strong and special script.

Gloating over her Aaja Nachle experience Madhuri wonders if she’ll have the same experience next time she shoots. She gushes, “I wonder if the experience will be as pleasurable! And if my kids have kept me relaxed, the entire crew of Aaja Nachle has been an inspiration and delight. They’re so young, bright and raring to go. I’m so lucky I got to work with them!” Absolutely delighted by the current crop of actors and technicians in Hindi cinema Madhuri says, “There are such a wide variety of films being made right now with such wonderful actors! What a delightful performance Vinay Pathak has given in Bheja Fry. It was so funny!”

Madhuri had done some comedy in Raja and though it was fun, she thinks it’s tough. How does she keep in touch with the kind of films that are being made? She says, “I try to see as many films as possible. But there’re more films being made than I can watch. We cannot complain about the quality. My director Anil Mehta has wonderful eye for detail. Having been a cinematographer with so many directors, he knows exactly what he wants and how to get it from every artiste. I had my fingers crossed and my heart in my mouth when I started shooting for Aaja Nachle. Anything could’ve gone wrong. But touchwood, it was smooth sailing.”

She’s all praise for Yashraj. “They were thoroughly professional even when I worked with them ten years ago in Dil To Pagal Hai. Now they’re even more organised. Everything runs so smoothly like well-oiled machinery. I’ve the highest regards for Mr Yash Chopra and Mr Sooraj Barjatya.”

Tell her Sooraj is still looking for another Madhuri after Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, she quips, “He doesn’t have to look for another, I’m right here! Hum Aapke Hain Kaun was certainly a landmark. If Mr Subhash Ghai hadn’t signed me for Ram Lakhan I’d have gone back to my studies. I guess Hum Aapke Hain Kaun was really special. Suddenly after that I became a part of everyone’s household. I suddenly had old women hugging me and pinching my cheeks. I guess I’ve been lucky, I always got the right opportunity at the right time.”

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