‘Lingaa’ distributors to beg outside Rajnikanth’s house on Tuesday

The distributors and exhibitors of ‘Lingaa’, who have been demanding compensation for the losses they suffered over Rajnikanth’s much-hyped flop, have decided to beg outside the superstar’s residence on Tuesday.

Apparently, producer Rockline Venkatesh, had promised that ‘Lingaa’ would do better business than Rajnikanth’s ‘Enthiran’, but the film went on to be Rajnikanth’s biggest disaster in recent times.

“Last month it was decided we will be compensated after extensive accounting of the losses. And for this, Rajnikanth sir had appointed his friend and distributor Tirupur Subramaniam, who ascertained the quantum loss suffered by us. However, the producer is unwilling to pay Rs 35 crore” distributor Singaravadivelan told reporters.

The distributor also added that Rockline Venkatesh earned huge money over the film as he sold the rights to Eros International for Rs 100 crore. However, Venkatesh has decided not to refund the money to distributors and theatre owners.

“The amount we claim as refund is far less than the salary paid to Rajnikanth. If Eros had paid so much to buy the film, we don’t understand why it is difficult for producer Venkatesh to refund us when he had promised us that the film will do better business than ‘Enthiran'” he said.

“They’ve made us beg for the refund. And we will do it as we’ve run out of options. We will beg right outside Rajinikanth’s house on Tuesday” he added.

‘Lingaa’ released in theatres on 12th December 2014, which also happened to Rajnikanth’s 64th birthday.



  • Our hyderabadi engineering genius complan boy thinks distributors losing money over Ratoon Point One and MNIK is no big deal as movie was farcically declared a hit so no big deal… Afterall our king is consistent like Virat Kohli in delivering hits n hitting centuries whereas ATBBs or double centuries are reserved for the Rohit Sharmas and Aamir Khans of this world. Kings fans are happy with hit films but we fans are ecstatic watching ATBB movies every christmas…!

  • King biult a ramp outside his house to keep the distributors of MNIK n Ratoon away but the destruction of the ramp will mean desperate distributors can now get close enough to king to beg for a refund for heavy losses they suffered 😩😱😪😭😂😢😓😥😨

  • Nice to see some people whose life is revolving around a man known as srk.Thanks for giving importance to him in your life than your family and friends.keep it up.

  • Navin the old retired richshawala grandpa but still losses the distributors faced because of bhai’s flops like jai Ho and veer is much more heavy and before 2010 u know bhai was curse for distributors and producers. Lol

  • lingaa was the worst film when i saw it… long boring and familiar antics have lost appeal with viewers

    ive never liked south indian films and its good the film flopped otherwise our northindian heroes might have remaked it in hindi

  • @megha,last time which Indian film you liked the most?or which type of films you want that the directors should make?can you kindly elaborate? It’ll be a great obligation from you if we get this answer.because no one can bear your torturous comment anymore and if someone when see your name behaving like oh no !!!!!it’s megha,stay awake!!!!!isn’t that a shameful thing for you?come on baby,you have to answer this.

  • @Baadshah : No one can beat YLJK !!!! Even Akki, Tushhar, Vivek and Shreyas Talpade movies had better collections than YLJK :-p

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