How did you like the Dangal Trailer?

The trailer of ‘Dangal’ starring Aamir Khan in the lead was released today. How did you like the trailer? Vote!

Our report on the trade and audience response to the Dangal trailer will be published on Saturday.

How did you like the Dangal trailer?

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  • @SRK the Queen ! : You proved you that SRK fans are from Pluto. Tum kis yug mein jeetey ho yaar, SRK is still king who cannot give Hit with double role in a movie which was a biggest tribute to his fans. But one thing I must admire you people are # 1 in ranting bakwaas !!!!!!!!!

  • Miss. Bollywood : Will you STFU ?? It is getting too much. We have been tolerating you because of Aamir. Sultan is an ATBB per verdict not by collections, if you do not know anything then just zip your mouth dont blabber for sake of it. Every Bollywood site including trade has giving ATBB verdict to Sultan. First go and learn about verdict and then come back for debate !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Aamir khan has got some serious butthurt fans on this site as noticed from the comment at 9.48 pm. When you idolize someone you should be ready to hear good / bad things about them & their films. But some fans just don’t understand that. This site has now become more of people indulging in fan wars rather than discussing movies.

  • Aamir khan has got some serious butthurt fans on this site as noticed from the comment at 9.48 pm. When you idolize someone you should be ready to hear good / bad things about them & their films. But some fans just don’t understand that. This site has now become more of people indulging in fan wars rather than discussing movies

  • @hrithik(original),still I must have to say OUR STAR never struggled for simple clean own starrer hit through a decade.woh toh bhaga hua Prabhu Deva in time pahunch gaya thaa.warna pata nahi Kahan Kahan bheek mangta feerta tumhara 2009 born non actor.and taking big stars like BIGB,Priyanka too your 2009 born non actor lost clashes against even Ranbir Kapoor.with Akshay he lost from KING KHAN.what aukat your star has with out the taking benefit of masala genre that in big holidays?22 saal se ATHG ke liye taras raha Hain aur 3 saal se BIGGEST OPENING ke liye.and both of them belongs to MEGASTARS KING KHAN and Aamir your star is the only rule lr of either Bhojpuri or worst phase too KING KHAN has biggest opening and worst period of bhai,bhai’s movie opened lower than emraan hashmi movies.this is the difference between BIG STARS and small star,rofl.

    And btw who told you lultan is an atbb?even @indicine broke their own predictions like hypocrite which they have written earlier—-if lultan will cross 350+cr then it’ll be atbb.but they proved their hypocrisy happily.

    Which trade site given atbb verdict to you?Pagla gaya Kya?you were laughing at me?but I think you don’t have any eyes,see here given strictly blockbuster verdict to lallu’s don’t cry as @indicine showed their hypocrisy in giving verdict,so it’s proved lultan is only a blockbuster.and here is the proof

    We know you’re only good at making but don’t think peoples are also ch..ya like you ganwarr brainless illiterate bhojpuritards,rofl.when you’ll be educated at least?????,rofl.

  • @Hrithik (Duplicate) dont teach your daddy how to make babies. Lultan is forgettable movie and no one will remember it after dangal release. Dangal is baap pf tiny movie lultan and it will crush lultan in pieces. Aamir despite doing less movies dominated your lallu in his finger. Aamir is baap of whole bollywood. Lultan is only blockbuster and sites make mistakes so i dont take any paid site seriously. Dont worry kid, lultan’s real verdict is blockbuster so dont over hype it as ATBB. Dangal will be real ATBB which will remain in the memory of billions of fans for many years. After dangal rease no one will even give a shit to maha crap movie lultan. Ghajini, 3 idiots, pk, dhoom 3 and dangal will always remain much bigger than all lallu movies except for BB. Lallu gas only given one memorable ATBB BB but aamir will have 3 memorable ATBB. Now get lost. And this arguement was started by @Anandi ben patel the fake.

  • @Ally8795 only Aamir fans are buthurt. Its only our genious salman fans and srk fans who are higy intellegent, neutral, class and educated as they never defend their idol even if his maha crap movie is crap they still rsnt for that movie. Wow. Hypocricy at best. So accprding to yoy only srk and salman’s fans are allowed to rant for their crap movies and follow them blindly? And when aamir fans root for his class movies still they are buthurt? Kahan paida hua hai be? Get some life.

  • @sss again you are mixing producer’s figure and Indicine and taran adarsh has given sultan atbb status. Not only that taran adarsh has also given kick, ett ,ready atbb status, that’s it. Why they have given that’s their problem. Yes boi has given sultan blockbuster status but when the hell they have said hny opened to 44.97 crore. If you follow then salman has all the initial records in his pocket. He is the only star to have two 100 crore weekend. If you follow then accept that salman has every initial record. If you follow taran adarsh then accept that sultan, ett , ready are atbb. If you follow indicine then accept that one film wonder srk has only 8 blockbusters in his 22 years dominating career while salman has 8 blockbusters in the last 6 years. First say clearly which website you follow. Can’t you follow a single website or may be you are just like your father who is never happy with one woman and cheats your mother or may be your whole family is like that. And why you srk fans always troll him by saying about his 22 years dominance . Srk has 8 bbs in 22 years while salman has 8 bbs in last six years, srk has 5 hgoty in last 22 years while salman has 5 hgoty in last 6 years, srk has 3 atbbs in overall career while salman has 3 atbbs in last 6 years. Is that dominance for you? What srk has done in 22 years salman has done that much in 6 years. And never ask us that why we say sultan is an atbb, sultan is declared atbb by the same source which says hny opened to 44.97 crore. You want me to follow then i have no problem, then salman has each and every initial record in his kitty . It’s my open challenge that you can’t prove srk bigger than salman in a single department as far as box office is concerned if you follow a single website be it or indicine.

  • Mr Bollywood if I criticized aamir does that mean that I’m a salman/srk fan. I’m a fan of good movies irrespective of who stars in it. I was disappointed with the trailer of dangal but still I wish the movie does well if it’s good. My above point still stands every actor will have his share of praise / criticism from all. The sensible fans will accept that but most like you will argue & get annoyed. They can’t fathom the fact that even their so called idol is not always great / correct.

  • heard that some celebrities saw the film, and they said: it’s the best film in a decade.. could be, but I don’t think that it would be as good as Lagaan, who won the award of best film in a decade. The film must be very good, but not the best in a decade! for me the best in a decade is Bajiro Mastani only.

  • @honest man,I made you nanga earlier,you forgot I think?????I proved and slapped on your face how KING KHAN dominated most highest opening day by giving facts ,rofl.


    hahk opened—-7 lakhs


    Tell me when your lallu dominated KING SRK in opening?????oh must be in your dreams,right?????,rofl.

    What atbb,bb you’re talking about?and you hypocrite fool tarah Adarsh is a independent critic ,and what his opinion is nothing to do with any producer following sites.

    And when in every department ,Allu came 1st?????,rofl.

    KING KHAN has 11 BB according to BOI.COM right now.

    And about ratan Adarsh he also said OSO as an ATHG.that means KING KHAN has 2 ATHG in 23 YEARS and lallu has only 1 in 27 years.dekhle apni hypocrisy ki aukat.

    do you even know @indickne said sultan needed 350+cr to become atbb ,then they reduced to it 310cr ,then finally they reduced it to 285+cr.aur kitni hypocrisy chahiye.taht’s why BOI.COM is best site for verdict.

    OK if you want to follow boi.thoda beta jaaake check KARLE




    Any department?????abey koi ek department mein toh no.1 hojaye,rofl.

    See your hypocrisy slapped you big time.ab Kahan muh chuoayega 2009 born anon actor’s fan?????

    ACTING and every department se yaad aaya,in ACTING DEPARTMENT,how many BEST PERFORMANCES lallu Khan gave?????oh I’m so sorry lallu is non actor.I’m so so so so sorry ha ha ha ha,rofl.

  • @utsav kumar. Shut up. Who are you to blabber against the biggest megastar of the industry? Aamir is god of bollywood. Your sadakchaap flopstar is mothing but a tiny ant in front of megastar Aamir Khan. Aamir has made christmas big. Your aukaatless tiny star is nothing in front of him.

  • @Ally8795 wow. So again our very own geneous dude giving us lecture on quality? So what is wrong about women empowerment? You dont even have guts to appreciate good cinema which has a strong message about women empowerment.

  • @sss which facts are you talking about? You srk fans don’t have any facts to prove your point. Who told you that hahk opened to 9 lacks. Which producer has given you that data? Give me the link which says hahk opened to 9 lacks. There is only one site which keeps those datas. That is And according to the same website salman has each and every initial record in his pocket while srk has no films in top5 domestic weekeend or worldwide weekend. Now tell me who is the recordless star and who is the recordmaking star. According to producers hny opened to 44.97 crore but when they have created any website saying that hahk opened to 9 lacks. Srk has 10 bbs according to boi not 11 . Salman has 12 adding mpk. So even if baazigar is declared a bb still he will lag behind salman . Why indicine has given sultan atbb status that’s their problem not mine , i follow boi so according to me sultan is a bb and also prdp holds the highest opening day collections and sultan holds the highest weekend collections. If you follow indicine then yes hny opened to 44,97 crore but also sultan is a atbb and srk has 8 bbs. So you have to follow it. If you follow producers figure then there is no website in the world which gives producers figures of 90’s films or early 2000’s. So keep your discusssion limited to datas available according to producer’s figures. If you follow then hny opened to 36 crore . Now don’t say i follow twitter. Show where is srk ahead of salman in overall career bi it bbs , atbbs , hits , atgs, hgoty, 2cr , 3 cr footfalls, total earning of all films, average per film according to any single website be it boi or indicine.

  • @sss and you said that you have proved srk has more record breaking openers . How? Let’s go straight into facts . Srk has 6 record breaking opening day collections in his overall career. They are karan arjun, trimurti, koyla, main hoon na, k3g and hny. Salman has also 6 record breaking opening day collections. They are karan arjun, biwi no 1, dabangg, bodyguard, ett and prdp. These dats are according to because no one knows producer’s figures of 90’s films. Now if i talk about solo starrers salman has 5 record openers. I am not considering karan arjun. In case of biwi no 1, dabangg, ett, bodyguard, ett and prdp i am seeing no stars in the film who matches salman in terms of initial. If you say about biwi no 1 then karishma and anil kapoor’s solo starrers in 1999 failed to take initial even close to salman’s flop films like hello brother and janam samjha karo. Then why i will give them credit for biwi no 1’s opening. For srk i can’t consider ka, trimurti and k3g as solo starrers. In 1995 veergati, ddlj and raam jaane all opened in the similar range(55 ,57 and 62 lacks) and then suddenly ka opened to 80 lacks. Then why will i give srk the whole credit for ka’s opening. During the release of trimurti anil kapoor’s solo starrers used to take better opening than srk’s solo starrers. At the time of k3g hr was a bigger star , no doubt in that. Mission kashmir took a better opening than mohabbatein in clash. Not only that it took better opening than srk’s josh and pbdhh. IN 2001 ( release year of k3g) yaadein took a better opening than asoka and one two ka four.Now tell me in which logic srk deserves credit for k3g’s opening. But in salman’s five record openers there are no stars who matched salman in terms of initial. Now tell me can you prove these data’s wrong. No. So shut your mouth. Salman has 5 record solo openers in his career and srk has only 3. That’s fact. You can shout the whole day but you can’t change this fact. Now you will say ce was a record opener and prdp was not but then i have to limit my discussions for the last 7 or 8 years. And even in that salman leads. Salman has 3 record openers according to producer’s( dabanng , bg and ett) and srk has only 2( ce and hny). Now if you ask me about mhn, k3g , koyla then please give me tha name of the website who knows the producer figures of those films.

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