Rajasthan Government requests SC for urgent hearing in Salman’s case

The Rajasthan Government has asked the Supreme Court for an urgent hearing challenging Salman Khan’s acquittal in the two Chinkara poaching cases on Thursday.

The government had approached the Supreme Court against the acquittal on Wednesday, asking it to direct Salman to surrender. They also claimed that his driver was deliberately not cross-examined by his lawyers.

Two separate cases were lodged against Salman and seven others under section 51 of Wildlife Protection Act, one for killing two chinkaras in Jodhpur’s Bhiwad village around 26-27 September 1998 and another chinkara in Mathania around 28-29 September 1998 when he was shooting for ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’. He was convicted by the trial court (CJM) for one year and five years for the respective cases.

The Rajasthan High Court had acquitted Salman of all the charges on 25 July.



  • looks like it will take more than 20years
    to solve(not sure) chinkara poaching case & hit and run case. so sad
    jawani me ki gyi galti ki saja
    budhape me denge indian judicial system..

  • @xzone : Go on and chant whatever. The reality is different and you will be proved wrong again. Just Srk may not pack up if Raees won’t be allowed to release !!!!!!!!


  • @ Pathan hilarious comment !!
    Bhai..you can’t be so innocent after so many cases against you.

    these people are outright lying OR you must be MAHatma Gandhi.

  • Actually no one is worried about animals dead, peoples gets killed, women gets raped, then no one come out to help them and these politician are worried about 2 animals dead….LOL……..these so called politicians just want publicity in the name of Salman Khan

  • High Court is most corrupt institution among all jurisdiction system of India.they’re directly taking bribes from salman and ignoring all proofs and demanding for live witness even though knowing they’re not existing by ignoring all strong proofs.

    This criminal lalluman exceeded all bearing capacity and patience of Common peoples and playing with the emotions of victim and their family.

    Hence no further judgement is required.hang this criminal for playing this dirty game with WE INDIANS and our jusridiction system.and hang also other corrupt lawyers who took bribe from this criminal.

    Infact this criminal also supported furious terrorists like yakub Menon and Dawood Ibrahim.s o he must have to be hanged or should be sent to kalapani for lifetime imprisonment.

  • SC is a big joke,their is nobody bigger in stardom & a bigger celebrity than MR.SALMAN.He is the VIP of India.Can SC give a contribution of two 300 cr,Many BB & ATBB for Bollywood.Answer in NO!

  • It’s like Indian courts have nothing else to do these days. Bringing up dead and closed cases each time for publicity sake. Lol

  • Funny how the admin team allow the 5:29pm comment n its lunatic author to rant nonsense but more importantly why do you allow his comments to go off topic when he brings up Kingus bromance with Dawood…? What has that got to do with bhais case…?

  • Look at the irony here n outright hypocrisy or is stupidity of plutopurians…

    Kingu gets acquitted from the Wankhede Assault case within 4 yrs n bhai despite epic bribes after maha bribes still cannot shake of the shackles from a near 20 yr old tiresome case….!

    Hmmmm maybe he shouldnt bribe is the best way out of this nonsense….

  • @RatZone

    Commenting first here n also second but yet you have the neeve to say we bhai fans are overly obsessed with any old crappy article about your Pluto Boy Kingu…. The cheek of it…

  • They want bhai to be in jail n they want Aamir to leave India but still their Kingu will still struggle to deliver the HGOTY let alone deliver the Highest Grosser Of All Time…!

    Bollywood needs Bhai to give us huge ATBBs and we dont need flop stars giving us mediocre hits…!

  • Where r those salman fans now???? …. y r they hiding their faces in shame???… if u hv guts cm and say v r proud of salman khan….salman is d most uneducated and d most manner less actor in bollywood …he has misbehaved with so many of his costars…always passing nonsense comments…hv ego..hv committed couple of crimes….he deserves lifetime sentence in jail….after 100yrs salman will b remembered as biggest criminal of bollywood….hahahahaha…too much fun!!!

  • All insecure losers wanna see Bhai in jail cause they know even in 10 births their idols will even come near his stardom no matter what self proclaimed titles they add. Losers doesnt have courage to fight & win !!!!!!!

  • @ hrithik (original ) what kind of stardom , stardom ke aad mein u salman fan hiding . U can’t deny that his whole life is controversial . He once said that my father has given more sanskar but when he killed peoples , slapped co-actress then why not he was not surrender in jail . Naam bade or darshan khote .

  • @Hum Tum : Tell me one thing honesty, are you following each and everything which your parents taught you ? If a common man can’t then he is a celebrity. His sanskaar is visible when he never did a movie like Maya Memsaab or back stab any friend to survive in industry despite going through worst phases and career low.

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