How did you like the Dangal Trailer?

The trailer of ‘Dangal’ starring Aamir Khan in the lead was released today. How did you like the trailer? Vote!

Our report on the trade and audience response to the Dangal trailer will be published on Saturday.

How did you like the Dangal trailer?

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  • Trailer is good but . Felt acting wise it is not Amir khan standards…always he gives good performances but here acting is not looking strong but in sultan Salman acting was strong point

  • Fighting scenes are giving de javu moments of Sultan, but story looks mind blowing… Giving me goosebumps!
    Must watch!!

  • Can you please post this news even akki confirmed this news on twitter…… recently akki helped his first producer ravi shrivastav (producer of movie dwarpal which shelved )
    who is dying of kidney

  • People I said it and said it again some Srk fans were attacking me yesterday because I said Ajay should learn acting from Salman sir like how he started learning from Salman right from hddcs.

    Naturally talented superstars
    1. Amitabh ji
    2. Salman, watch bbjn and tere naam
    3. Ajay overrated actor started picking up when he learnt some tips from SALMAN.
    4. Srk like Ajay behind Salman.
    5. Aamir he is trying a little.
    6. Hrithik
    And please no lectures on Ajay or Srk is this or that. Tell Srk to do.a dabbang or ask anybody whose acting was wow wow Singham or Dabbang. Ans dabbang!!!

  • Good. Miss a good leading lady. Even though it wasn’t necessary and she would have stolen the limelight, I wish Kangna could have been part of it. But then it was her fees…

  • @indicine, you gotta tweak your options a bit. It’s better to write “Outstanding, will watch on first day” or “Good, will definitely watch.”

    Dont put the time bar.

  • The trailer is satisfying to me. I will definitely catch it up with my friends with some bottles.
    @CYBORG. At first when I was reading your list I thought you were going from descending order to ascending order but when I saw names of Shah Rukh Ajay and Aamir being sandwiched immediately I knew I just wasted my precious time reading some lines of yours.
    Come on man seriously you mean your Megastar taught Ajay acting in hddcs? That means Ajay sir is a fast learner because that very year Both were nominated for Filmfare best actor award. Am quite sure the two movies Ajay got national award for the same Salmab was coaching him. Right?
    Get lost idiot

  • Trailor is good no doubt but if u compare with sultan ..then it is not.
    But yes we can say that if trailor relses before sultan then it is a mindblowing trailor …!

  • @Darkasht Hollywood can give a nod to a movie like sultan ? Tell me single thing in sultan that can match Hollywood movies ? .
    MMA fights were Of low order, Bad locations .. Just putting khans movies in the list to show them Big chamachagiri to get likes for ajay related cmnts .

    Airlift had way better locations, visuals and production than sultan…

    and It’s Only BABY apart from bahubali which is on the level of Hollywood Movies..E

    Blue, brothers, had top notch level of action…Only akshay can take bollywood to Hollywood level if he gets A good script..

  • Just bcoz Salman gave a great performance in Dabangg does’nt mean he’s a better actor than Srk and Ajay. Ramesh Sippy directed Sholay but he is’nt called the best director of Bollywood of all time. The character of chulbul pandey was tailor made for Salman only that’s why he excelled in that role. Infact most of the roles played by Salman in recent movies are tailor made for him. He may be a bigger star than Srk and Aamir but actingwise he’s just average and even his fans know this in their heart. Ranking of superstars in terms of acting according to me:
    1. Amitabh Bachchan
    2. Aamir Khan
    3. Ajay Devgn
    4. Shah Rukh Khan
    5. Hrithik Roshan

    This ranking is based on ur list and is completely my opinion before any Salman fan pounces on me.

  • Nice trailer…good acting from aamir and the rest of the cast… interesting concept and screenplay…but not an out and out commercial movie….will not shatter a lot of records..and will definitely won’t break sultan’s record to become the highest grosser of 2016…

  • Never seen such praise before For Any Trailer From Celebs and Neutral People.

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