Big shame for Censor board if they leaked the copy of Udta Punjab: Aamir Khan

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has said it would reflect very badly on the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) if the copy of ‘Udta Punjab’ that has leaked onto the internet – was actually leaked by the board itself.

A leaked copy of the movie was released on torrent websites on Wednesday – more than 36 hours before the film was scheduled to hit theatres. It was removed from several platforms due to a copyright complaint, but the damage had been done and thousands of people had already downloaded the film.

Aamir, who resumes the shoot of his upcoming film ‘Dangal’, said “If it’s not confirmed (whether censor board itself has leaked it film), I can’t comment on it. If it is a censor copy, though we are not sure whether it is, then it’s a big shame for the CBFC. It’s something which will reflect very badly on the CBFC.”

However, the actor added that even if its not the censor board, the fight against piracy needs to continue.

“If it’s not a censor copy, then piracy is an issue that we have been fighting for very long.”




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  • Sunny paaji’s ‘Mohalla Assi’ Censor copy was also leaked online. It has to be someone from within the board. When Pahlaj Nihalani says stupid things like Anurag Kashyap took money from AAP and that he is a Modi chamcha, you know that the Modi model of divide and destroy is at work.

  • I am a Hindu and I do not support Hindu extremism. Why ban Aamir movies; is he responsible if his statemens are misinterpreted. Is he responsible if he has a tiff with the ruling PM since Narmada Andolan days. Is he responsible if the ruling government is going all out to manipulate history and the reputations of our former leaders including Gandhiji himself. Jaago Indians Jaago

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