Big shame for Censor board if they leaked the copy of Udta Punjab: Aamir Khan

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has said it would reflect very badly on the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) if the copy of ‘Udta Punjab’ that has leaked onto the internet – was actually leaked by the board itself.

A leaked copy of the movie was released on torrent websites on Wednesday – more than 36 hours before the film was scheduled to hit theatres. It was removed from several platforms due to a copyright complaint, but the damage had been done and thousands of people had already downloaded the film.

Aamir, who resumes the shoot of his upcoming film ‘Dangal’, said “If it’s not confirmed (whether censor board itself has leaked it film), I can’t comment on it. If it is a censor copy, though we are not sure whether it is, then it’s a big shame for the CBFC. It’s something which will reflect very badly on the CBFC.”

However, the actor added that even if its not the censor board, the fight against piracy needs to continue.

“If it’s not a censor copy, then piracy is an issue that we have been fighting for very long.”




  • Don’t know who is behind these leaks.
    PK’s HD print was leaked just 1 week after release!
    FAN’s DVD quality print was leaked just after few days after release.
    Even Bajrangi Bhaijaan censor print was leaked after few days of release!

  • @Tiger…. again it shows how you see everything only from one angle.. You don’t even think of the other side of the story.. why would Nilhlani himself put out a copy that has Censor board logo?? He would atleast remove the logo?

    If CBFC is really behind it… why can’t producers take them to court and sue them??

    Anurag Kashyap’s Ugly also leaked.. he has said.. he is what he is because of piracy….

  • Yes, Pappu…
    You said it right and the same big shame for you also who said India is an intolerant country..

  • I have seen quite a few censor copy pirated version of other films. This is not the first time. Yes, it is a shame for CBFC that such things are happening. But, if the makers of Udta is saying it is being deliberately done, then they are wrong.

    The CBFC is to be blamed for leak, while Udta makers are making every other turn of events to show how they are suffering. Everyone is a #$%#$ opportunist in this world.

  • @ Mohit u nailed it this tiger only barking on Nilhani . @ tiger I have reading ur comment from this controversy u blaming cbfc only . And This Anurag is cheap person his all films are always in controversies . If cbfc has leaked the film on torrent they should get punished . And also don’t use word like chamcha to nilhani .

  • @Mohit So was it Anurag himself who leaked the movie a day prior to its release.The movie has already got ample publicity and he’s smart enough to understand the losses the movie would incur if it’s uploaded on torrent.

  • Super.. Awesome… day by day more people r indicating they r boycotting Deshdrohi tingu khans Dangal……..indians must show amir his aukaat… amir khan with his cunning mind spoiled srks image and his movies by creating controversy… amir should get punishment not srk….

  • Well…indicine, how many people view the movie and come in contact with it when it is sent to censorboard..??

  • @ Ajay-Salman fan: Mr Feku,Kuch Nai Hoga Beta. Tre Jse Mental Log Indicine Pe Bhonkta Rahenge Aur Dangal Udhar All Time Blockbuster ho jaayegi.
    Wait & Watch.

  • So according to me, if censor board leaked the movie, then why did they leak the full movie..?? They wanted half the movie to not be shown to the audience yet they leaked those scenes as well…so here is what I think happened…someone among the censor board or someone working in the same office found out that there were 80 cuts being made to the film and that there are chances it might not get released at all…so he took the uncut version of the movie and uploaded it online so that people would be able to see it…maybe he wanted to reduce drug problem…maybe he was just against censor board. ..nobody knows. ..but by the time he uploaded the movie, he realised that the movie was being released anyways with only 1

  • @mohit:

    WTH makers gonna waste their crores of money and 2-3 years hard work and effort??? They have already gotten enough publicity due to the hard work of nihlani & his chamchas.

    There is every possibility that nihlani or someone else from CBFC leaked it. The reason is simple…. REVENGE!!!

  • @aisha, how will that stop piracy..? 1 person will buy that and then upload it onto Internet. .this is going 2 continue forever

  • Aamir is right..In 2015 censor copy of malayalam film PREMAM was leaked on torrent. with in two months two censor board staff were arrested…Big shame on Censor board. Plz check it if u have doubt

  • identify this star first day ” – india is a very good country . i love my india ,, i will choose to die here only in india . india has given me name fame lots of money , status and everything ,,,”” 2nd day -” INDIA HAS BECOME A VERY MUCH INTOLERANT COUNTRY ME AND MY PATHETIC SECOND WIFE ARE THINKING TO GO SOMEWHERE ELSE ..{ THEN GO WHO HAS ASKED U TO STAY HERE } WHO IS THIS TINGU STAR ??!1

  • @Legend Aamir Khan Lol well said. Such mentally retarded chameleons keep barking on every article.
    Ajay-Salman fan is actually an Srk fan, using Salman and Ajay id to bash A aamir as he is hiding in shame after FAN disaster.

  • Our resident failed kritik is guilty of not just watching poor pirated copies of movies but of also reviewing those movies poorly…!

    Such ppl should be locked up

  • @ tiger & @ devil are the same person lol both comment are same . @ tiger bear 🐻 what will u say about it .

  • @indicine:

    3:13pm comment is not mine. Please delete it and reveal reveal the chameleon behind it!

  • Can’t wait for december man…seriously I wanna see the true indians destroy and throw tingu out side of India by boycotting all his movies…

    #Jai Hind

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