Big shame for Censor board if they leaked the copy of Udta Punjab: Aamir Khan

Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan has said it would reflect very badly on the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) if the copy of ‘Udta Punjab’ that has leaked onto the internet – was actually leaked by the board itself.

A leaked copy of the movie was released on torrent websites on Wednesday – more than 36 hours before the film was scheduled to hit theatres. It was removed from several platforms due to a copyright complaint, but the damage had been done and thousands of people had already downloaded the film.

Aamir, who resumes the shoot of his upcoming film ‘Dangal’, said “If it’s not confirmed (whether censor board itself has leaked it film), I can’t comment on it. If it is a censor copy, though we are not sure whether it is, then it’s a big shame for the CBFC. It’s something which will reflect very badly on the CBFC.”

However, the actor added that even if its not the censor board, the fight against piracy needs to continue.

“If it’s not a censor copy, then piracy is an issue that we have been fighting for very long.”




  • I dont think censor board will do such cheap work and why will they do this actually ? Aamir cant blame them like that .

  • Aamir sir should not have said that. Abb kya pata yeh nihlani Dangal ko bhi Internet pe DAAL de!!!

  • Aamir khan said to media body nothing in front of salman khan ..!! Salman body is better then me..i am trying to copy him..!! Yes i’m close but not good as like him….!!
    Aamir fan u got it..your ans from your don’t dare to compare time ..who is best ..!!

  • Yes I concur. Can’t point any fingers now…
    If it’s censor then it’s a big shame. If it’s as a result of piracy than additional adequate measures should be imposed by relavant bodies/commissions.

    Though I dont think it will affect the collections that much. Ideally those that made up their mind to watch in cinema will still go…while they are those who naturally don’t go to cinema to watch movies whether it’s leaked or not….they just download new releases from torrent and other sites.

    Am sure it will still have a healthy opening and a respected weekend.

  • Be Aware Mr. PerFAKEnist. This Christames Your Copied Dangal Gonna Suffer Due to Your Dirty Mindset.

  • This nihlani is such big moron that blaming UP makers for its internet leaking!!! WTH anybody gonna waste his crores of money and 2-3 years hard work and effort????

  • I think this cheapness is done by some of the member of CBFC. Who may be the behind should to taken strict legal action.

  • Truly speaking i downloaded Udta Punjab from torrent website yesterday and watched it on yesterday (Thursday)
    Best In The World Review
    I do not feel a shame to tell that Udta Punjab is an awesome movie it is a must watch movie one of the best movies of Shahid, Kareena and Alia.

    Awesome Thoughts By Me:

    Good Story with good direction
    Music was awesome specially da da dasse
    Shahid Kapoor’s energetic performance
    Alia Bhat was awesome as migrant laborer
    Kareena and Diljit looks good

    Awful Thoughts By Me:

    To much unnecessary abusing
    2nd half became slow

    For me overall it was very good movie i enjoyed it a lot and i will watch it again best of luck Team Udta Punjab

    3.5 Stars out of 5
    Thumbs Up

  • Pls indicine give me sunny deols upcoming movie detail.I hear bhaiya hi superhit clash with dangal

  • Aamir sir is very gentleman. I like him very much. I will watch udta punjab tomorrow. Waiting for dangal.

  • the team behind the movie put in so much hard work in this movie and they want it to be successful at the box office, so i think nobody from the team leaked it.
    if really someone leaked it from the censor than aamir is right. it’s a big shame for the CBFC.

  • I learnt some 4 months back the Electronic Sell Through (EST) mechanism was to be introduced in bollywood as a measure to slash the influx of piracy circulated movies.
    To my understanding, through EST people can buy unlimited viewing digital copies of films from the Internet,mobile and cable in exchange of a transaction fees.
    I hope they take it more serious this time and implement it fully in order to suppress pirated circulations of the movies.

  • Just watched udta punjab. What a brilliant Movie. Shahid and alia is outstanding. Shahid as Tommy sing is terrific and Alia has given her best performance till date. May be she will win best actress this year. Kareena also did good job but surprisingly daljit dosanji’s is superb. There are many wow moment in film. First half is superb!!!!!. Second half is little bit slow but climex comes which is great.

    My rating:-4. 5/5.

  • It would be fun if Dangal and Raees are leaked before release. Anyways people are going to boycott these films.

  • who can explain me if censor had leaked it then they are so dumb that in their leaked print it was written “FOR CENSOR” I m sure they are not !!! it was leaked by someone else!

  • Its obvious that CBFC have leaked the film. In this way they would get their revenge.
    Why would the producers leak their own film? It would damage the collections. Expendables 3 copy was leaked before release and producers suffered losses.

  • Boycott Dangal and Raees! Both Aamir and Shahrukh called India intolerant. Dilwale and FAN have already flopped, now time for Dangal and Raees.

  • Such a great movie shouldn’t be affected due to piracy. Say no to piracy. Watch udta punjab on threaters near you.

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