Kurbaan Box office updates

Thrillers haven’t really set the box office on fire in Bollywood and its no different with Kurbaan. The movie has opened to a lower than expected opening at the Indian box office on Friday. Much like Kaminey and Ghajini, Kurbaan released at most major cities on Thursday evening (7PM and 10PM shows IST). The occupancy for the paid previews was around 75% and collections exceeded 1 crore net, which is second only to Aamir Khan’s Ghajini last year which recorded close to 2 crores a day before its actual release.

Friday – But the real test for this Dharma Production film, starring Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor was Friday and Kurbaan despite huge pre-release hype and controversy, opened to average numbers. But with a wide release (more than 1000 screens), Friday should still be around 6 – 7 crores nett.

Audience response – Pretty positive from the youngsters, but mixed with the mid-aged older generation. The glaring flaws in the storyline has received severe criticism from both the public and the readers of our website.


Paid Previews – 1 crore
Friday – 4 crores
Saturday – 3.75 crores
Sunday (expected) – 5 crores

Weekend (including paid previews) – 13.75 crores.


Kurbaan has received, what could be termed as a ‘lukewarm’ response at the box office. There was a slight dip in collections on Saturday and business on Sunday, while higher than Satuday, fell way below expectations.

Future looks bleak for the film with terror as its backdrop. With enough star value and backing from a huge production house, Kurbaan has under-performed by a good 6 – 8 crore during its initial weekend.

Yet another potential blockbuster this year, goes down the drain. Very disappointing.

Box office verdict (most likely) – FLOP.



  • Khalil- u `ve not watched kurbaan properly..;) or may be d print was not gud..;)

    kirron kher does tell kareena wy saif joined dem.. and bout saif`s wife and a kid… ofcourse dey didnt show d flash back…;)

  • I hate seeing Kareena exploited like this. Kareena, you did not have to act in this movie. the open scene s had no impact on the movie. it will just end up being shown in a third grade movie hall. too many similar movies has killed the market.

  • indicine team:
    u changed the figures of the fri sat n sunday but u didnt change total weekend figure which was u wrote 23 cr before but now it is 13 cr.
    so is it sure that kurbaan is flop ? or it can recover its investement and get avarage status ?
    i dont think so it will reach till 25 cr for whole time and budget is above 30 cr so it means 100 % flop
    am i right ???
    believe me i realy didnt like this coz saifi is one of my fav. but its ok batter luck with Agent Vinod ( saifi’s next release)

  • As reported yesterday, Kurbaan can be termed as biggest let-down of year considering heavy budget (40 Crore Reportedly), Big Banner, Good star-cast and most important – Good content. Movie Draw only 11.5 Crore over weekend (12.5 Crore including Paid Previews collection of 1 crore). Audience in large was not interested in Basic setup of movie(terrorism and 9/11 connect) which had beaten to death in past. Also Saif-Kareena chemistry on screen is not exact replica of real life one.


  • yeah not big deal karan ke audience overseas me jada hai 23 crore in india then think overseas 40 crore 70 crore ……hit

  • very bad movie, waste of time. i wil b happy if this movie gonna super flop.and saif kareena jori is just yuuk. i dont watch any other movie of this jori….. this joris chemistry not working.

  • Imran, Karan Johar first produced Duplicate (co-producer). That was his first flop. Kaal didn’t do too well either. Dostana was average. Wake Up Sid was a semi hit.

    So apart from those directed by himself and starring SRK, films produced by him haven’t done too well.

    While the business of Kurbaan is disappointing, he will easily recover his investment.

  • @indicine..dun talk abt that recovered its cost thing..90percent of the movie recovers their cost..in india theatrical revenue matters .if it is a flop than flop.period.btw duplicate was not dharma production movie get ur fact right first.jointly produced by bhat nd srk.distributer was dharma.kurbaan is first flop for dharma.

  • why you give such high rating first and later find flaws in the film when it doesnt do well.. final question ..do u want me to see the movie or wait for A COUPLE OF DAYS ONCE ITS LAUNCHED ON TORRENTS????

  • overseas collections r not so gud i heard… especially US and UK which r d top markets… looks like this time karan johar movie s not accepted worldwide….

  • Kurbaan Is Below The Mark Overseas

    Tuesday 24th November 2009 09.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Kurbaan could not do the expected business in International markets. It grossed 5.75 crore approx over its first weekend. The figures from major markets is as follows.

    United Kingdom – 164,468 (1.27 crore)

    North America – $403,678 (1.88 crore)

    UAE – $292,000 (1.36 crore)

    Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahain will finish with around 11.50 crore from International markets. ABOVE AVERAG

  • Kurbaan Drops On Monday
    Tuesday 24th November 2009 13.00 IST
    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Kurbaan fell on Monday after disappointing business over the weekend. The business on Monday was around 55% lower than Friday. This sort of drop would have been okay if the film had a big start but as weekend was business was low a normal Monday drop is no help to the box office fate of Kurbaan.

    Kurbaan grossed around 1.75 crore nett on Monday taking its four day business to 15.75 crore nett. The first week business is heading for 19-20 crore nett. The film had huge expectations as it was from a big banner and had a big cast but the public has rejected the film. It is unlikely that film can even do 30 crore nett lifetime business.

  • @indicine team : i want to ask one thing that u r saying K jo will cover his investment from kurbaan . how can it be so ??? movie made at around 40 crore earned just 15 something crore and u r saying that it will ecover its cost and if u mean by way of DTH ,satellite right etc then i wd say most of the movies having big star can recover their cost that way . be it CC2c , Main aur Mrs Khanna, LD, Blue, KI . isnt it so ???
    i feel Kurbaan is a flop . what do u say ????

  • Boi is trying to push kurban collection..weekand is not more than 11.cr nd monday 1cr..disaster..kjo must hve made this movie to watch saif nude..lol ya he can spend 50cr for that.

  • Well Kurbaan is flop, I think people saving their money to go watch De Dana Dan and 3 idiots. But Kurban overall a good movie My brother told me, so I’ll wait for the dvd.

  • Good Movie & also better than ” NEWYORK”. More defined characters played by each actors & will achive its bussiness hopefull. I enjoyed, bcoz even though there was no suspense it was holding me to sit & watch the whole movie.

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