Krrish 3 Day 2 Box Office Collections

Krrish 3Krrish 3 has collected Rs 22.45 crore on its second day at the box office, including all regional versions of the film. The drop in business from its first day was around 12%. The two day total of the Hrithik Roshan starrer now stands at Rs 47.95 crore net, which is excellent for a film released during the pre-Diwali period.

Day 1 – 25.5 crore, Day 2 – 22.45 crore. Total – 47.95 crore.

The drop in business from Day 1 is as follows:

  • Mumbai – 8%
  • Delhi/UP – 13%
  • East Punjab – 17%
  • Central Province – 29%
  • Central India – 22%
  • Bihar – 8%
  • Rajasthan – 16%
  • Andhra/Nizam –  14% (Hindi version only)
  • Mysore – 9%
  • Tamilnadu – 12% (Hindi version only)

On Sunday, morning shows were off to a good start. Occupancy for the noon shows were pretty good too, but business could witnesses drops in the evening as its Diwali today. Night shows likely to pick up as tomorrow is a holiday.



  • K3 1st day 18.75cr
    2nd days comes 15.50cr
    3rd day may be 10cr
    4th day = ???
    Verdict: All time diwali diastar.

  • #Krrish3[Hindi] 2 Day Distributor figure is 34.25cr While producers figure is 44cr.. Manipulation of around 40% says it all…

  • @x. dude I never said that I believe boi figures. I just mentioned them as u people had also mentioned during Chennai express days.
    but coming to reality Theres lot of difference.

    1) Indicine s every day early estimates and final collections have got huge differences ( which previously had never happened)

    2) and to add it even the circuit wise figures are also not available because they won’t match.
    (but Chennai express circuit wise figures matched up to 33.12 CRORES )

    3)after complete run of Chennai express all site figures added to 228 CRORES. but BOI mentioned it as 210 CRORES. that’s difference of 18 CRORES. ( when. that is after complete theatrical run)
    but in Krish 3 just after 2 days there s whooping difference of around 14.2 CRORES. lolz. can’t laugh more.

    Nothing against K3. its job well done. as I myself saw on the first day giving away 500 rs at pvr forum.
    its worth.
    but my question to Indicine. WY so many differences??

  • @srk the king:meine gali nahi di. .u should see the comment by syed on another i just replied him.even srk is my 2nd fav along with amir.

  • 4) and not to forget as @Syed pointed out. in case of RA 1 every one were shouting and barking on top of their vocal cords to only include Hindi versions but here Indicine as u mentioned u never know what regional versions are putting up and that’s WY giving total version.

    looks like total manipulation just to get people in. so as to create hype and buzz till Monday.
    because as I believe k3 is a real winner. but people need to see it. so its a good marketing strategy.

  • Some stupid hrithik fans still blaming SRK
    but think first hrithik fans
    i know K3 is very good movie
    but don’t try to be over confident by compairing Srk and Hrithik’s stardom
    Srk’s stardom is still much much higher than Hrithik.
    I will not give any comparision.
    You all guys should respect their brothership….. And i don’t compare between brrothers
    so stop barking around srk and enjoy K3.

  • Krrish 3 is a superb movie made with Indian touch. It is logical and well linked with the previous part “Krrish”…Well made Rakesh Sir. It should have more action scenes. It has some childish scene but we should not forget it is made for Children too. Second Half is amazing. VFX and Action scenes are amazing. Vivek Oberoi Superb as KAAL. This movie really made Bollywood and a bit Indian Myth Proud.

  • Initially boi said ett is 188cr then they reduced it to 180 , one day they ll tell its 176ct n for ce 204cr thats d only thing they r gud at .their site based in texas in u.s. they only track 92% of screens that explains low figures, compare karna hai to ek hi site ki har movie ke liye karo eg. Ce 28.4cr all languages n k3 21.85 all language both boi n final for ce 207.54cr

  • Finally where k3 wil stand at its end is all that matter in list of movies all time that wil b same for all sites fir kaheka jagda enjoy diwali guys I did mine by watchin k3 2nd tim, wil watch it again tomo wis family then long wait for d3 yaron movie enjoy karo boxoffice nahin mature up ppl cinema is n art barfi wil b longer in memories than ce ever can b ppl forgot g3 which was more comic bt stl rem 3i am I rt… I know iam….enjoy diwali a happy one to all get sum life not boxoffice

  • Manipulation all the way and indicine is no exception to it….boi and official figure is whooping 15 crs in just 2 days….ce difference was just 20 crs in lifetime so I’m expecting 50 crs difference in krrish3 collection…roshans and adarsh want it to break every record so keep manipulating figures…
    Sunday-25 crs official and boi 17 crs…totally manipulated

  • Not to be harsh on any movie..but i personally feel that boi is definitely the best source of boxoffice data in india..coz nowadays many producers are manipulating their movie collection in order to increase their chances at the ticket window..same is the case with krrish 3

  • sunday afternoon shows in delhi city are very low, registering 10-15% occupancy…. advance booking for evening shows is around 5% or even less…. i think entire north india collection is registering big drop today… so for tomorrow no chance of 20 crs nett…. and if taran adarsh and komal nahta shows the collection for sunday in the range of 20 crs then they are bluffmaster and big liars… they are paid by the producers to create some buzz after the release…they are such a corrupt trade analyst….
    koimoi and bollywood hungama are the most idiotic bollywood sites…. yesterday koimoi reported 20-21 crs for the first day and said these are estimation and after final data it will be confirmed whether krrish3 made the record for non holiday first day or not… then they updated 18.5 crs for the first day and said it is the third highest nonholiday first day… but again aafter 1-2 hrs they showed first day collection of 25 crs in which 19 crs from hindi version and 6 crs from tamil-telugu version…. what a joke?? how can a trade analyst can think about 6 crs from telugu version with 300 screens??? i could not stop laughing after thinking what an idiotic person he is?? he thinks public is fool and they will accept whatever he shows…. what a chronic liar this person is! And this was still not enough.. he again came with a new article that krrish3 has created a first day record with 25 crs nett from all language, in which 22-23 crs from hindi version which is highest non holiday first day record… i tthink for the sake of his site he gives any number for a particular day and says these are estimates, even though he do not tracks the box office numbers, and wait for the producers data and whatever the producers tells him, he posts that and says these are confirmed datas…. so komal and taran are not trusted analyst at all…. and now comming to boi, i don’t know how accurate their datas are? but one thing is sure they tracks the boxx office each day for a movie always… and they have the best knowledge regarding the box office and trade and they have the explanation for each question regarding the trade…. but yeah i also think may be they under report by atleast some amount, but that is not more than the amount which is inflated by the producers,komal nahta and taran adarsh…so for me krrish3 first day should be more closs to 18.75 crs rather than 23 crs… if it is not 18.75 crs then may be its 20 crs but surely its not 23 crs….. so i always follow boxofficeindia film trade magazine(, whose data is more close to boi but its higher than boi and its between boi and those inflated taran , komal’s datas… for example it reported 19.61 crs for the first day of krrish3… and according to this site chennai express lifetime is 218.5 crs which looks more accurate to me……
    indicine please publish…..

  • after diwali period k3 will face strugle…that’s reason k3 maximum collection 170 cr…my prediction is better then indicine..previous release movie my prediction is true…so k3 must be under 170 cr…no chance 170+

  • just remember one thing.. all the negativity against k3 n d3 is by srk fans.. k3 is an outstanding movie n d3 trailer is excellent.. its srk fans who are spreading all the negativity.. shame on them

  • @noam, so you atlast showed your double standard, haha i knew it, the reason is simple, jealousy and insecurity !! just simply accept it, KRRISH 3 is faaaaaar better than chennai express anyday. KRRISH 3 made us proud , never before seen action and effects, heart touching emotions and out of the world climax !!

    @sagar, jaake sagar mein doob ja, tu wahi deserve karta hai pathetic hater !!

    one of my friend who is a die hard srk fan said that is best superhero movie and CE is best movie of 2013 but after seeing movie, he stood up in the end and said maan gaya yaar K3 is really the bestest superhero movie and best of this year, i appreciate roshans. his fav actor is also srk but he admitted the truth, records are meant to be broken, nobody can hide the records, we should appreciate true hard work and passion.

    hrithik can go the easy way by making south remakes or masala movies but why he always takes risks by making films like guzaarish,znmd and now krrish 3 ?? because he works for indian cinema not for himself. hrithik will always experiment and bring in new things for us no matter what !! proud of you yaar, hrithik tu toh bhai hai apna

  • srk fans just want to downgrade all other films except their fav star’s movie. their true colour is visible now, only a few of them are honest. jitna try karna hai kar lo, KRRISH 3 will rule !!!!

  • Most probably in 4 days domestic collection of krrish 3 will be reached to 100 crs.
    But i am 100% sure that the haters will not stop barking that time also.

  • Noam if u people doesn believe boi fig then dnt post also we believed boi will also follow in future also. . But u people keep on changing and m sure if k3 official fig is higher than ce and boi is lower than ce then u people wil again follow boi fig thats the diff of normal fans and u double standard Srk fans . . And abt diff jthj had 20% in both whereas ett only 7% and ce 9% but ce opening day fig diff was close to 4cr nd only 20lack higher than ett wch clearly indicates its manipulated fig but u people went with official fig just to get record to ur name. . . So why u people hav problem now huh there is no doubt that official fig are manipulated fig just to get more buzz. . . And abt full version during ra one time also indicine published 25cr of 2nd day hope u knw that. . .

  • I have just watchd Krrish 3 and it raised my eyebrow thinking that how it’s been possible for an Indian movie to show so many things together. How did they manage to write such an wonderful sci-fi superhero script and grew the VFX according to the requirement of the story. It’s at least 10 times better than both Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish. However, I wonder how some people are saying that it’s a copy paste movie of many hollywood movies!! it’s a total lie from those who have not watched the movie and have come to spread negativity to try to lower the BO performance of Krrish 3. Some said that they copied from spider man, ironman, superman etc. etc. when they asked how Krrish could fly in the movie like superman, they should watch the movie and clarify themselves how he did it or didn’t do it at all. Iron man… there is nothing of Iron man in the movie but for those who thought it looks like Ironman, they also should see that what actually happened in the movie. Kaal never did anything like ironman. The trailer was made in such a way that it might have convinced some people that it’s a copy form Ironman, Superman, Spiderman etc. For example, Hrithik has never flown on the movie which made some people believe that he is flying like Superman, but he didn’t!! Some people are comparing Kaal character with Ironman for how Kaal was attracting all the iron on his body which looked somewhat like Ironman but the story in those scenes were totally different. There was nothing about ironman in the Krrish 3. For rest of the complain, go and watch and get clarified yourself. Don’t lie if you have not watched the movie. In fact, if you have a heart at all, you can’t deny sweetness and heartbreaking moments of the movie. Because, there was a tragedy in the movie which will definitely make people cry for sure and you will like it only if you are good hearted man because if you have liked 3 idiots, you will like Krrish 3 10 times more than krrish 3.

    Some of you may jump on me saying why I campered Krrish 3 with 3 idiots. It’s only because it gives much better messages to people humanity, dedication, fatherhood, and love. You won’t see better educational film than krrish 3. I swear krrish 3 is better than 3 idiots in terms of teaching good things, love emotions and all. So don’t be so mean by saying Krrish 3 is a bad movie.

    As far as VFX is concerned, you have seen nothing in the trailer compared to what you have seen in the movie. They have hidden all the best work of VFX in the movie to most probably surprise you. Otherwise, I really don’t know how they have shown such so many enormous, breattaking VFX and stunts in the movie.

  • I saw Krrish 3 with my wife and parents dis n8.(3rd time for me and my wife) in inox last show. Belief me show was houseful. Awesome feeling even after 3rd time. Want 2 see more and more.

  • It is khown to all that No sites will give 100% correct number, so 10% more or less is acceptable as distributer shows lees number to save tax, same producer shows more number to create buzz. Thats the reason ce lifetime collection acc to boxofficeindia 208cr, boxofficeindia prime magazine 218cr n producers 226cr, just 7 to 10% difference is common n acceptable. But for krish3 the 2days manipulation is 40%, which is unacceptable. Acc to boi k3 wrap up under 115cr but produer will show 175cr, its too much diwali diastar.

  • Torture tha 2nd half. They dragged n spoilts it were paid as ce its review were bad but public accepted it. Wait for Tuesday collection will drop that’s the acid test. N yap in ra one I remember it did not include regional fig so y now in k3.i am not a follower of boi but come on

  • Krrish 3 Second Day Business

    Sundday 3rd November 2013 14.00 IST

    Krrish 3 grossed 15.50 crore nett on day two adding to the 18.75 crore nett on day one. The drop on day two was around 17-18% which is good as it is a very dull phase for business.

    Also there have been just six films which have collected more on their respective second days. Only Chennai Express, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Race 2, Bodyguard, Dabangg 2 and Dabangg have collected more on day two and outside Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani and Dabangg 2 all the others were on holidays.

    The second day multiplex business saw a 10% drop at multiplexes though single screens dropped around 25-30% because they did held up better on day one so showed larger falls on Saturday morning.

    Krrish 3 Two Days (ALL INDIA – Hindi Only)
    Friday – 18.75 crore nett
    Saturday – 15.50 crore nett

  • @indicine…why update only producer manipulated figure..why you not update your own figure..komal,taran are just manipulation to make buz…but true is k3 manipulation 12 cr in 2 is only for k3 make hit..otherwise k3 going to be average…k3 has limited audience..after monday k3 lifetime added only 75 maximum 170 cr(manipulated figure)…and 135cr(real figure)

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