Krrish 3 Day 2 Box Office Collections

Krrish 3Krrish 3 has collected Rs 22.45 crore on its second day at the box office, including all regional versions of the film. The drop in business from its first day was around 12%. The two day total of the Hrithik Roshan starrer now stands at Rs 47.95 crore net, which is excellent for a film released during the pre-Diwali period.

Day 1 – 25.5 crore, Day 2 – 22.45 crore. Total – 47.95 crore.

The drop in business from Day 1 is as follows:

  • Mumbai – 8%
  • Delhi/UP – 13%
  • East Punjab – 17%
  • Central Province – 29%
  • Central India – 22%
  • Bihar – 8%
  • Rajasthan – 16%
  • Andhra/Nizam –  14% (Hindi version only)
  • Mysore – 9%
  • Tamilnadu – 12% (Hindi version only)

On Sunday, morning shows were off to a good start. Occupancy for the noon shows were pretty good too, but business could witnesses drops in the evening as its Diwali today. Night shows likely to pick up as tomorrow is a holiday.



  • whatever yaar…it will collect 200cr easily .ye diwali ki waja sa busns low hua chennai exprs sa bht bht better ha yar.. wait .n see the next days business

  • Very good ! !have chance of 200 crores.
    It’s a brillient movie.after watching response was like “ohh mahh godd”! !as an indian everyone shold appriciate’s the first indian superhero movie with so much excellence.
    @syed:first accept that u’re a hrithik hater.i have seen u bad mouthing on k3 page even before the release.and don’t say that k3 don’t deserve to beat ce’s far better than ce,ett etc.
    Ett was a crap.ce is an average movie with an useless storyline.there are millions of south masala movie which are better than ce.i’m not a srk hater.even his veer zara,mnik,cdi etc are my i’m just saying the truth.
    My fav movies of 2013 are
    1.lootera(very special to me)
    3.krrish3(it amazed it a home made movie? ?)
    4.madras cafe

  • ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER DESERVE KARTI HAI YEH MOVIE, pre diwali+non holiday+india australia final still so much of collections, not to forget the ever ready pathetic negative elements (mostly jealous srk fans) , still K3 roaring , in my city , all cinemas are running packed till evening !! never seen something like that before !! those srk fans who are truly honest will appreciate this hard work, only fools will create negativity. even srk himself said he loved the movie. people are loving it,critics are loving it.

  • Great :),,, now hoping it sustains well on Sunday and sees a mighty jump on Monday :),,, even Tuesday is a holiday In most parts :)

  • good going. but still long to go. all the best.
    Indicine WY aren’t u posting the detailed circuit wire figures. and WYare u posting the figures in the evening unlike other movies where in u use to post it by max afternoon.

    • @Noam, there is no point posting circuit-wise figures because it wouldn’t match the official numbers. Also, we haven’t been able to track the regional versions of the film.

  • Krrish collected 18.75 crore nett approx in hindi on its opening day. The collections were good for Pre-Diwali with Monday being the acid test for the film. Bihar managed to create a new circuit record. It is the 8th biggest opening of all time and the third biggest non holiday opening of all time. The first day territorial breakdown is as follows.
    Mumbai – 5.72 crore
    Delhi/UP – 3.41 crore
    East Punjab - 1.48 crore
    West Bengal – 1.32 crore
    Bihar – 69 lakhs (RECORD)
    Assam/Orissa – 57 lakhs
    CP Berar – 1.04 crore

    CI – 45 lakhs
    (Released on just 45 cinemas with the full release on 110 plus cinemas coming on Monday)
    Rajasthan -  1.21 crore
    Nizam/Andhra –  1.23 crore (Hindi)
    Mysore – 1.07 crore
    Tamil Nadu/Kerala – 62 lakhs (Hindi)
    TOTAL -  18.81 crore
    Note – The above collections are for the Hindi version only. The Tamil/Telugu version has added around 1.50 crore nett approx.

  • @indicine. it wouldn’t match up to official figures?????. but it never happened before. so are these fake figures by roshans just to bring in the crowd???

  • KRRISH 3 Is sure shot blockbuster it will easily cross 200cr .
    movie mast hai bhai log dekh lo with family maine DO bar dekhi hai aur TEEN bar dekhane wala hoo.

  • Krrish 3 vfx put Avatar and Avengers to shame.
    Its Action scenes are the greatest the world has ever seen. Man of Steel and Transformers makers should learn should learn how to shoot action scenes from Rakeshji.
    Rakeshji is much better director than James cameron, Chris nolan, Michael bay, etc.
    Krrish 3 should win at least 8 oscars this year.

  • noam if u want u can say krrish3 earned 5 cr who cares n site I also follow there is always diff for every movie

  • Noam double standard on the way huh. . . Now ur going with boi figures huh . . Haha poor guys. . . Ce boi fig was 29. 2cr for day 1 and official 33.12cr the difference is close to 4cr and only 20 lack higher than ett in official and 2cr lesser than ett in boi fig. . But u double standard people went with official fig wch is record by 20 lack for ce wch clear indicates these fig were manipulated just to get record to thier name. . . And now u hav problem with k3 official fig huh. . Come on u double standards fans show some honestly in ur words. .

  • @noam- these are the OFFICIAL figures of the movie. Every trade analyst as Amod Mehra, Taran Adarsh, Komal Nahta etc have all posted in twitter. If you want official collections, you should follow their tweets.

    And the Roshans dont need to fake figures to bring in the crowd, 48crores in the first two days during diwali is a STUPENDOUS achievement, it shows that the crowd are coming in on their own.

  • indicine u can give any early fig but don’t pass your verdict on wrong fig even their may be increase in these fig because I heard talgu fig r little less

  • @indicine… In case of Ra one everyone considered only hindi collections but with krish3 totals are being manupulated greatly to push the movie. But the fact is all these will work until monday. Tuesday collections will be bombed n show everyone crystal clear what games are being played in the background to promote the movie.

  • krrish 3 1st day collection are below
    23 crore by etc (hindi)
    25.5 crore by hrithik & indicine
    26 crore by
    25 crore by
    krrish 3 2nd day collection are below
    21 crore by etc (hindi)
    22.45 crore by indicine
    23 crore by
    26 crore by
    44 crore by etc (hindi)
    47.95 crore by indicine
    49 crore by
    51 crore by
    and this gone past away yeh jawani hay diwani & dabang 2 two day colletion.

  • @XTP: Thanks for your information. Now I think it’s better to average the numbers from all the sources to get more accurate figures. (44+47.95+49+51)/4 = 48 crore. So I think the total collection of 2 days is 48 crore! :)

  • @Indicine Team
    Now that’s sheer manipulation??? team indicine….what were the figures you gave previously???( for 1st day) moreover , 2nd day there was a drop…as well as crucial IND vs Aus match….
    there is a huge difference….K3 can’t beat CE…though it’s a better film then CE…
    i didn’t like CE….but i accept that a below average movie like CE beat 3 Idiots….
    anyhow, congratulation for manipulating the truth..the real collections…well done team indicine…
    never expected that from you…

  • I don’t understand why people are praising Krrish3 to the sky. I am a HR fan too and had been waiting for it. But I could not tolerate the movie. I had urged my friends to drive 115 miles to watch this movie in Harrisburg. Almost all of the scenes had been copied from one hollywood movie or the other. I was so ashamed…. :(

  • Respect to all other superstars’ fans,especialy hro fans(coz this page is mainly hro fans),PLZ READ MY CMNT.
    I m a die hard srk fan,nd my 2nd fav is hrithik.i dnt like those people who degrade srk,bt i like other stars(except sallu).
    @nipun,i knw u are nt srk hater bt some times u degrade srk,srk aur other superstars ne hum logo ka kuch nehi bigara bt hum jaise crap fans ne un logo ka badnam karte hai,k3 is a good movie,i wish it do wel in box office,bt others ko gali mat do yaar.this page only for k3,why we take ce in it.honestly i think k3 wnt enter 200cr club,bt i wishes best of luck for k3

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