Krrish 3 Day 1 Friday Box Office Collections

Krrish 3Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 has collected Rs 25 – 26 crore on its opening day at the box office. This includes business from the Hindi version which released on 3700 screens, Telugu and Tamil version which released on approx 400 screens across the country.

The early estimates that we published late last night, were comparatively lower, but with ‘actuals’ coming in, the Hindi release has collected approx 23-24 crore, while the regional versions have added around 2 crore to its Day 1 business.

Krrish 3 now holds the record for the highest non-holiday business, ahead of films like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (19.5 cr) and Dabangg 2 (21.1 cr). Even though business in the evening and night were affected due to the pre-diwali period, the film has still managed to put up reasonably good number.

On Saturday morning, Krrish 3 has started well. It remains to be seen how the Diwali festivities affect business in the evening.

Hrithik Roshan tweeted “Pre diwali non holiday gets 25.5cr for Krrish 3! Congrats to my team Krrish! Thank u INDIA! How do I give back this love to all of u? Gratitude!!!”



  • The first day first show collections of Krrish 3 in Jodhpur are as follows:

    Glitz – 30,000 out of 36,600

    Satyam – 26,200 out of 32,000

    Nasrani – 18,000 out of 84,000 (1st show)

    Nasrani – 23,000 out of 84,000 (2nd show)

    New Kohinoor Upper – 27,000 out of 51,000

    New Kohinoor Upper – 51,000 (Housefull)

    Basani – 11,000 out of 19,500

    Basani – 12,400 out of 19,500

    E-City – 42,000 out of 62,400

    E-City – 13,500 out of 33,060

  • Krrish collected 18.75 crore nett approx in hindi on its opening day. The collections were good for Pre-Diwali with Monday being the acid test for the film. Bihar managed to create a new circuit record. It is the 8th biggest opening of all time and the third biggest non holiday opening of all time. The first day territorial breakdown is as follows

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    indicine if u can explian why your figures are so sweked towards HR ???????
    Plz update with correct figures

  • Krrish 3 Day One: All India NBOC
    by Box Office India Film Trade Magazine(November 2, 2013)
    Krrish 3* Day One: All India NBOC
    Circuit Collections
    Mumbai 6,15,00,000
    Delhi UP 3,76,00,000
    East Punjab 1,50,00,000
    CP 1,05,00,000
    CI 46,00,000
    Rajasthan 1,20,00,000
    Nizam 1,23,00,000
    Mysore 1,05,00,000
    West Bengal 1,35,00,000
    Bihar-Jharkhand 70,00,000
    Assam 25,00,000
    Orissa 30,00,000
    TNK 62,00,000
    Total 19,62,00,000

    *Collections Only include Hindi Language

  • Watched K3 Today in theatre and here is my review:
    First of all i want to clear i not liked Krissh1 ever though it was a good film but since it is sequel of KMG i don’t liked that movie while i love KMG too much when it released and truly loved Rohit in the movie.
    now come on K3, i found First half is preety ok strictly good nothing special as far as seconf half its good for first 30 min but the rest 30-45 min or can called Climax is simply outstanding, the reason is the VFX at his best in the movie, Hrithik & Vivek characters fight and Death of Rohit and Super Power Villian of Vivek are great, Hrithik was outstanding In the character of Krishh, good as Krishna and Brillian as Rohit. Vivek surprised me with his superb performance and his deadly Laughter was great, Kangana Ranaut Steals the show first time i find Kangana Sexy and Pretty and she did his work very efficiently, Priyanka is Passable, in the evil character i found only striker Manvar good rest are nothing greats.
    Some of the Great sequence i liked in MOvies are:
    1. Krrish scene when he give safe Landing to Aeroplane.
    2. Krrish Fight with Striker
    3. Krish fight when he saved his Father outside of his house
    4. Vivek Operoi Lab was Superb and its was best as techanical aspects
    5. Whole Climax

    but Best was Rohit’s Sun Light Invention though bit over a top but greatly excecuted.
    only sad point was Rohit’s character ends in this part.

    Hats off to you Rakesh sir for Providing him Best Sequels in Bollywood and for your Great Vision
    Hats Off to All K3 Teams for their Hard work and for this Great Superhero Film.
    Hats Off to Red Chillis Production for great VFX, Srk give us Bad Ra one but he and his production house compensate with equally good K3 VFX.

    P.S.- One thing is Crystal Clear there never was, is or will be any Superhero like Hrithik either in Bollywood or Hollywood, this man having such a great personality, Talent and Screen Presence for this kind of Roles, Hats off to him. This is the only HR Movie for which i am waiting for and my wait is worthing. People are comparing it with Hollywood flicks and Saying Copied from many movies, i Don’t Know much about them as I am not fond of Hollywood Flicks but one thing is sure Rakesh & K3 team raises the Bar of Indian Cinema so fools show some respect and accepting these changes.

    Rating:3.5 and 1 extra for superb Climax so 4.5 overall.

    I would be disappointed if K3 misses 200 cr mark but as i think Positive wom help this movie to achieve that mark but whether it collect 200+ or not nothing matters as 200 bucks is totally worth with this movie, Kudos to all.

  • srk fans, you have crossed all limits, stop spreading negativity or else your srk will suffer from unimaginable curses. when some were criticising vfx, srk fans said red chillies did very little vfx so hrithik is responsible, now when everyone is stunned by the vfx , they are saying red chillies did lot of vfx, sale double faced morons, tumhe nark me v jagah nahi milegi !!!!!

  • @sumeet, mind your language.. You cant blame all srk fans if one or two of them didn’t like the movie.. But i am finding many srk fans here who are praising the movie a lot.. Do you think that srk never gets negativity from other stars fans? The truth is srk receives maximum negativity with each release from all sides including you… So don’t loose your cool and stop blaming srkians for each bad things happened. Krrish3 is going to make history and now can stop it as i have full trust on its content.. Similarly you have to beleive in its content rather than blaming others.. Look at your language its pathetic.. It didn’t seem like you are a hrithik fan as he is the most decent man among the superstars.

  • @sumeet
    i never heard someone saying that red chillies did little for vfx………Roshans hired red chillies for VFX so they had to do all VFX relating work……where is the topic of little /more etc……i am also srk/hr fan,check my previous comment,but saying a thing without base is just disgusting

  • Now i loooking for monday….i hope that day blast for k3..:) another atbb movie on the way…… Best of hr and k3 team…happy diwali@@@@

  • too weak storyline
    an unorginal script
    overdose of Visual effects
    lots of scenes are inspirated and coppied
    from hollywood movies(x men,amazing spiderman,superman returns,kungfu panda etc)

    only acting of HR,Vivek and kangna was watchable.

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