Krrish 3 Opening Day Box Office Collections: Early Estimates

Krrish 3With figures from several centres across India pouring in, the opening day collections of Krrish 3 is likely to come as a huge disappointment for the trade and fans of Hrithik Roshan. As per early estimates, the Hindi version of the superhero film has collected around 16-17 crore on Day 1. Update: The Hindi version of Krrish 3 has collected around 23-24 crore, while the Tamil/Telugu version has collected 2 crore, taking the first day business to around 25-26 crore.

Almost all centres are below the opening day business of Hrithik Roshan’s last release Agneepath, which released on a national holiday. In few others, business is on-par with Besharam, but at smaller centres especially in North India the first day collections was lower than Boss which collected 12.8 crore on its opening day.

The big question tomorrow will be, why did a film like Krrish 3, one of the biggest releases of 2013, carrying huge hype and curiosity, under-perform on Day 1? Sources close to the Roshans say, Rakesh Roshan, who has been in the industry for over 4 decades now, wanted to release his film on November 4th i.e after all the Diwali festivities. He was advised and later convinced to release the film on November 1st i.e 3 days before Diwali. The result? Dhanteras (first day of Diwali festivities) has had a major impact on business, as the film dropped by more than 30-40% late-noon onwards, even though the start in the morning was outstanding. The other option was to release Krrish 3 on Monday, which was a holiday, but the remaining days in the week were working weekdays. Unfortunately, since Diwali coincided with Sunday, they had to take a gamble which they did by releasing an extremely risky film like Krrish before Diwali.

Business is likely to remain on the lower side throughout the weekend, with Monday (a holiday) deciding the film’s fate at the box office. What that also means is, Krrish 3 will now rely almost entirely on word-of-mouth publicity to carry it through to safety.



  • After watching Krrish 3 I don’t expect it to cross 200cr, beating CE is still far fetched, but I wish it does, and you never know it even might. All the best.

  • Too bad fr it… I hope ths film succeds otherwise this kind of cinema wil lose its place in b’wood Bt on other side it can take example frm RA.ONE Which had similar opening day bt bounced back with biggest collection of that year next day

  • I didn’t like Krrish 3, maybe because my expectations were sky high, in my personal opinion it’s quite an average movie. Despite the fact that performances from every character is top of the rank, and I can’t help but mention how breathtakingly stunning Kangana looked <3, the film's visuals impress at certain parts only. The fights are unrealistic, I expected Hollywood-like mature sequences. Some scenes were a delight to watch, others felt stretched. The climax could have probably been predicted before the first shot reeled.

    Go watch it for all the main characters and their charisma.

  • I’m sure the Roshans and Red Chillies worked hard enough on the vfx, their attempt to enlarge the sci fi genre should be appreciated. I hope Krrish 3 inspires filmmakers to expand the genre, by this, Bollywood will evolve as a larger and more comparative industry.

  • lol that’s almost HALF CE’s collections on day one!
    Now i doubt even MONDAY collections (holiday) won’t cross the record of CE’s 33cr!
    hope the film crosses atleast the 150cr mark for the sake of efforts done by the makers!

  • Krishh 3 is a good movie but I didnt liked the climax and there are so many lab scenes and the main villian is on the chair entire movie except the climax. There are very good vfx scenes but the drawbacks are no emotions in the movie, songs are bad. I can challenge that this movie will not cross 130crores because it released pre-diwali for any movie first weekend collections are very important.

  • Dear Indicine, by tomorrow the actuals will come out to be 7 crore only and the lifetime will finish less than 30 crore. Hrithik and Rakesh Roshan should take sanyas from bollywood. Only Salman and Shahrukh khan movies can work not Hrithik’s. Bye Hrithik and dont show your face again.

  • Indicine, Krrish 3 is a colossal failure. Lifetime less than 40 crores. Hrithik should stop doing any movies as he has no star power

  • @ Rohit, Eventhough Ra one had similar type of collections but it had SRK star power to bring it close to 115 crores before 2 years Now with 4000+ screens, high ticket price will not touch it. Tum likh ke lelo.

    The biggest drawback I Can see that this movie will not cross 130crores lifetime is
    1) The climax scene is worst – I didnt like the sun-rays scene to kill the villian..just a joke-unrealistic-pure non-sense.
    2) In the climax how the sunrays gives life to hrithik roshan and his father hrithik roshan stand infront of the rays to filter harmful rays….pure pathetic logic whatsoever.
    3) In a sci-fi movie, villian role should be very powerful but in this case villian will be on the wheel-chair from begining till climax. I wonder what kind of non-sense power can move objects from vivek’s finger.
    4) How the hell kagna changes herself to look like priyanka / hrithik roshan?. (she acted well though in this movie, its a personal benifit for her)
    5)Songs are really bad and looks forced. Raghupathi song is crap and just hrithik dance makes it look good. Dil tu hi bata song looks like it is of 90’s but the picturization reminds me of guzarish and robot movie.
    6) The biggest of all drawback is there are huge junk of time alloted to LAB SCENES which are just boring.

    Since Hrithik roshan is not SRK, this movie will endup <130crores due to solo release for 2 weeks.
    Now lets see whether Dhoom3 can break Chennai express or not.

  • after watching krish 3 i expected its difficult to cross 150 crore .movie dont have repeat value .no one can watch it twice in theaters which is required to cross 150 crore.its just 1 time watch movie .collection will drop on sat sun due to diwali. uptill den negativity will spread n difficult to cross ce following of hritik is also not as great as srk n salman. i hope it shud collect money atleast watever is invested.

  • Watched Krrish3 today with family and we all loved it….Best film…must watch..KRRISH 3 is best of all previous film of Rakesh Roshan…taking bollywood to next level with he vfx…excellent job…must watch…will watch again post diwali..for sure

  • Cinema was fully packed when we watched in evening show….with 100% occupancy…Film will easily cross 170+ crore in India

  • @sandy:

    well said. Hrithik is papa’s little boy. He has no star power. He’ll make a terrific looking model but he lacks the ingredients of real superstar.

  • i would not like to make any predictions as of yet about how much will it collect in its lifetime. the picture would be clear only after the second weekend. i think the second weekend would give a clear picture about how much it would collect. though have to admit the first day collections is a huge disappointment.

  • From 2012 media n haters were Degrading Chennai Express and never considered CE as a 2013 Hottest movie. Everyone was talking about K-3 & D-3. But Boxoffice story is different altogether. Those who thought Sir SRk is over got the answer. Those who thought Ranbir & Hrithik are bigger star then KHANs need to rethink about that childish thought.

    BAAP BAAP hota hai. Beta BAAP ki jagha kabhi nai le sakta. Cheers

  • @Syed i am huge srk fan i also agree dat srk’s starpower pulled audience and also negativity fr k3 is way less than Bt i would ok evn if it breaks CE record which is distant dream bt u hav apperciate RED CHILLIES Effort on making VFX and also rakesh roshan fr doing attempting risky genre.HR acting in the film

  • hrithik is nothing without his father knph,kmg,krish,k3g,dhoom2 have his father,multistarers and frinchises he have only 2 clean hits znmd and agneepath and about the movie i want to say that i was expecting from it to become 1 of the best movies it realy didn,t have any script it was refreshing script but it was nothing hrithik is very talented actor but he should not waste his talent by these crap movies so now lets make the way for dhoom yeah really

  • Movies like Krrish 3 are made once in a lifetime … What bollywood can’t even imagine to pull off Rakesh sir and Hrithik has made that possible … It’s a real treat and an overwelming experience to watch it … Go watch it ..
    And all the SRK and Salman’s fans .. You’re right … Their movies only work because of you guys … Otherwise those craps like Chennai Express and Ek Tha Tiger wouldn’t even cross 30 crores …

    Hollywood superhero movies like Superman Batman Spiderman or Ironman X-Men series they are visually and technically more sound than Krrish 3 … But what they lack is the soul … The father-son bonding .. The husband-wife bonding .. The ecstasy of the son and father who are going to be father and grand father … Or the pain on losing child … are the alien things in hollywood superhero films … They promote Superheroes who cannot fail or die … But here Our Own Krrish is a Superman yet a Human being … Who can be overpowered or can fail even he can die … But what cannot die is the belief in the Goodness …

  • collected 20 cr which is a huge figure for nonholiday..its nt onli a nonholiday but also puja u can c it gt affected only in collection came lilttle andhra it did share of 3 cr share nd 4.5 cr nett in both hindi nd telugu u idiots..never seen craze it will do similar collection..tmorw it will do bettr lyk 20 cr..then starts on c.e is out of reach ..shud aim fr yjhd nd ett..

  • It seems krrish 3 is already being rejected for it’s unoriginal and unimaginative/boring storyline. I don’t know why we people went to see it even after those lame promos and awful songs. Anyways thor2 releases next week in indian cinemas so i am happy.

  • @khan,sandy:hrithik no starpower ..roflmao..if c.e released ystday then max it will do 15 cr onli..srk is just v lucky enuf to get those dates nd no movies in south india that tym..

  • actually it’s around 18 cr, and with dubbed versions it’ll be around 20 cr. it’s pre-diwali, so it’s not disappointing. Krrish FTW.

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