Krrish 3 Day 1 Friday Box Office Collections

Krrish 3Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 has collected Rs 25 – 26 crore on its opening day at the box office. This includes business from the Hindi version which released on 3700 screens, Telugu and Tamil version which released on approx 400 screens across the country.

The early estimates that we published late last night, were comparatively lower, but with ‘actuals’ coming in, the Hindi release has collected approx 23-24 crore, while the regional versions have added around 2 crore to its Day 1 business.

Krrish 3 now holds the record for the highest non-holiday business, ahead of films like Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (19.5 cr) and Dabangg 2 (21.1 cr). Even though business in the evening and night were affected due to the pre-diwali period, the film has still managed to put up reasonably good number.

On Saturday morning, Krrish 3 has started well. It remains to be seen how the Diwali festivities affect business in the evening.

Hrithik Roshan tweeted “Pre diwali non holiday gets 25.5cr for Krrish 3! Congrats to my team Krrish! Thank u INDIA! How do I give back this love to all of u? Gratitude!!!”



  • 26 cr on a working day with pre diwali dull period,, its huge :D,,, people calling it poor collections have no idea about box office :p,, and I hate u Indicine trust u a lot but your early estimates made me so upset :/

    • @Hemang, early estimates are never accurate. How do we get figures from a single screen in a village from Uttar Pradesh or a small town from Maharashtra? For wide releases like Krrish 3, its always better to go with figures from the production house.

      For early estimates, all that we do is, compare figures from a few centres (about 25) to earlier films that had a similar release. Like Chennai Express and Krrish 3.

  • Haters got a chance to keep barking when they read the early estimated and should now go in hiding after seeing the real collections :),,, holiday release and it would have been 35cr+,,,hrithik rules,, jealous peoplesuck

  • 25.4cr all verson, 23cr in hindi, trade says its 19.5cr, boi says 18cr, although everything will be clear after the theritorial break down comes.

  • But Indicine getting it wrong by almost 8-9cr is terrible and it’s then better to wait for final collections,,, your collections were exceeded by 150%,,,im a huge fan your site and love your reviews but atleast now you should delete that article so that haters don’t get a chance to bring such a film down

  • Manipulation of figures tire. 30% of the difference in numbers between the producers and distributors said that the lies continue. It’s disgusting.

  • Thats HR for you haters!!!
    Big slap on ur face,especially some SRK fans like kingkhan,romance newyr etc…
    If it today manages even 18-20cr and on diwali day 14crs,it will have good chance of getting to 200cr club.

  • So big slap 2 haters.2day is also ind vs aus match so it will be same as friday.2morrow puja so not big expectation.but after monday it will pick up n definitely break all the records.krrish will fly high n high n high.just love d movie.

  • That’s really good. I also predicted it to be around 25 crore. It’s a fantastic movie, both story telling wise and technically, and below 20 crore would have been a disappointment for such a gutsy effort by the whole team.
    It’s 3rd highest opener ever behind CE and ETT, and the highest non-holiday opener ever, beating Dabangg-2’s record by more than 3 crore, and that too during pre Diwali period! Fantastic start! It seems like the gamble has paid off!
    Now, even a 70 crore opening weekend is possible (which would be good for a pre Diwali release). Don’t be surprised if it crosses 100 crore in first 4 days! I do think it will, since the response is positive from most critics and public.
    Hrithik Roshan proving once again that not only he’s one of the best actors today, but also one of most bankable stars today along with Khans.
    I’m expecting it to remain steady or jump by 5-10 % today, then drop on Sunday. Real test begins from Monday onward!

  • @X man, can you prove than ek tha tiger day 1 collection difference from boi to other sites are just 1.7 cr? Boi says, ett did 30.50 cr and others say it did 32.92 cr. Difference is 2.42 cr. Check first.
    Bdy, @indicine, you will not be able to make Krrish 3 entered 200 cr club. Remember 2006? Krrish did 69 cr, but Dhoom 2 did 80 cr. D2 won clearly, this time also. You Shahruk and Hrithik lover bloggers cant stop D3 entering 250 cr club. Loossers! AK rules!

  • @H.rithi.K – Taran Adarsh has also confirmed by tweeting 25 crore opening. I have also seen so many sources posting different figures, but you should go with the official figure posted by Roshans.

  • Komal nahta before said krrish 3 failed to beat yjhd of 19 crores, but now he contradicts himself, now he says the collection of krrish 3 is more than 20 crores on day one…..krrish 3 will create many more records in days to come….

  • @babaji keep dreaming, 22cr in hindi, today 18cr max, next day 14cr max, monday 20cr then working day start, so 200cr is out of reach even 150cr look dificult at a moment

  • I dont think it will reach 200 cr.. Even if it does (highly unlikely) beating CE looks tough.. Havnt yet seen d movie yet will watch on mnday so cant cmnt on it.. But ppl around me who hv seen arnt really positive about d movie.. Again i say collections on monday rather from tuesday will decide fate of film.. Big fan of HRO but breakin CE looks tough srsly.. Neways ATB to krrish3 :)

  • Boxoffice india always give wrong fig for all film … saturday collection is awesome …all show are housefull ..shame for those nonsense srk fan spreading negatively without watching film

  • First rohit shetty hits 200cr
    now today rohit sharma 200
    in krrish3 it has a rohit mehra by the way this year is good to hit 200 by the name of rohit luck so its time to krrish3 to cross 200cr come on hritik fans

  • The first day territorial breakdown is as follows.Mumbai -5.72 croreDelhi/UP -3.41 croreEast Punjab -1.48 croreWest Bengal -1.32 croreBihar -69 lakhs (RECORD)Assam/Orissa -57 lakhsCP Berar -1.04 croreCI -45 lakhs(Released on just 45 cinemas with the full release on 110 plus cinemas coming on Monday)Rajasthan -1.21 croreNizam/Andhra -1.23 crore (Hindi)Mysore -1.07 croreTamil Nadu/Kerala -62 lakhs (Hindi)TOTAL – 18.81 croreNote – The above collections are for the Hindi version only. The Tamil/Telugu version has added around 1.50 crore nett approx.

  • My prediction as usual banged on. I I said first day would b 19-22 and it’s absolutely perfect. Today it will b 14-15 cr. not more.
    @inficine y did u includes Tamil & Telugu collections. Movies is fairing well only in Mumbai nizam Bangalore and Kolkata It’s big surprise it doing bad in Pune, Delhi Punjab

  • The first day first show collections of Krrish 3 in Ajmer are as follows:

    Maya Mandir – 17,300 out of 36,900

    Maya Mandir – 21,850 out of 51,180

    Glitz 2 – 17,000 out of 44,960

    Glitz 2 – 25,210 out of 69,350

    Miraj – 4,680 out of 6,480

    Miraj – 4,080 out o 7,200

    Mridang – 31,990 out of 43,470

    total-122290/259540 (47.11%)

  • The first day first show collections of Krrish 3 in Udaipur are as follows:

    PVR – 14,850 out of 33,000

    PVR – 9,950 out of 50,750

    PVR – 7,875 out of 40,000

    PVR – 7,125 out of 44,000

    INOX – 9,050 out of 26,000

    INOX – 8,160 out of 35,000

    INOX – 13,680 out of 41,000

    Ashoka – 14,780 out of 33,000

    Ashoka – 32,800 out of 44,000


  • highly rated figures as usual by indicine for their newly opened thread!!! I don’t see any talk of the film in the market!!!

  • Better wait for thor 2(a real superhero with good vfx and story)which releases next week than see a terrible movie like krrish 3

  • The first day first show collections of Krrish 3 in Kota are as follows:

    INOX – 20,770 out of 27,000

    INOX – 3,790 out of 18,000

    INOX – 33,590 out of 40,000

    INOX – 27,840 out of 30,000

    INOX – 3,130 out of 19,000

    INOX – 42,400 out of 50,000

    FUN – 14,260 out of 18,000

    FUN – 19,970 out of 23,000

    FUN – 13,450 out of 19,000

    FUN – 16,550 out of 24,000

    FUN – 14,800 out of 40,000

    FUN – 19,030 out of 50,000

    Natraj – 10,840 out of 52,000

    Natraj – 15,700 out of 52,000

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