Krrish 3 Box Office Collections: 12 days

Krrish 3 has collected Rs 50.44 crore so far in its 2nd week at the box office. The film was rock-steady across all circuits, with minimal drops during the working weekdays.

Tomorrow is a national holiday for Muharram, so if Krrish 3 manages to show good growth in business, it could be the highest grossing film of all time by Thursday.

Krrish 3 India

All India total of Krrish 3 now stands at Rs 216.86 crore including Tamil and Telugu versions. The film needs Rs 11 crore to go past the lifetime collections of Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express.

Krrish 3 is the biggest hit of Rakesh Roshan’s career and also the first ‘All Time Blockbuster’ for Hrithik Roshan.

Krrish 3 First Week Collections

  • Friday – 25.2 cr
  • Saturday – 23.2 cr
  • Sunday – 24.3 cr
  • Monday – 35.91 cr
  • Tuesday – 26.26 cr
  • Wednesday – 18.11 cr
  • Thursday – 13.44 cr
  • First Week Total – 166.42 crore

Krrish 3 Second Week Collections

  • 2nd Friday – 9.16 cr
  • 2nd Saturday – 14.23 cr
  • 2nd Sunday – 16.54 cr
  • 2nd Monday – 5.47 cr
  • 2nd Tuesday – 5.04 cr
  • 2nd Week Total (5 days) – 50.44 crore

Grand Total – 216.86 crore




  • @hamza,

    There are no ifs and buts, what has happened you cannot change.

    If Salman would have been able to release his movie on Eid, do you think CE would have dared released it with it?

    If OUATIMD hadn’t changed it date, do you think the first 3 day collections would have been same for CE?

    The biggest mistake by OUATIMD was not to release on Eid, because people on festival just go for the movies, and watch whichever is available, and hence those 3 days were so crucial that they didn’t realised it, and later theatre owners were not willing to give screens to them as promised.

    So you see, there are so many possibilities that could have happened.

  • @Sakhi, you are totally out of your control, Aamir held the record for 4 years, and Salman has given back to back 5 blockbusters that only could be matched by Big B, and you are laughing? great man.

  • And records are meant to be broken. 3I is an exceptional case just like Rohit Sharma scoring a double hundred. Business is high on growth and no record is safe.

  • 3I is an exceptional case. And 5 back to back masala film releasing on festive season with huge screen with slight to no competition = 5 BB.This doesnt matches one to BIG B or Rajesh Khanna.

  • @ jc

    Exactly i agree with u, that if outamd was released with ce, then who knows ce fate could be that of jthj which was clashed with sos in 2012.

    Ekta kapur was solely responsible for failure of outimd and recording breaking business of crap ce.

  • @ jc

    You forget streak of rajesh khanna when he gave 15 superhits b/w 1969-1973 and he just finished so many carriers esp. shammi kapoor, rajender kumar and dilip kumar, during his peak and no actor than big b ever gained such kind of success.

  • @ Hamza Khan: rightly said by Denz if hrithik would had done Ra one he would have saved it..Flop nahi hoti fir Raone: SRK suckssss…Superhero banne chale the..hahahah

  • Friday – 7.50 crore
    Saturday – 10.50 crore
    Sunday – 13 crore
    Monday – 4.25 crore

    TOTAL – 35.25 crore second weekend + monday
    157.25 crore nett second monday

  • @JC, I agree there’s no use debating about what has happened already. Every producer/distributor has the right to make decisions in the interest of their product.

  • source: boi
    Why are makers over reporting collections so much now?A. Mainly so that it looks they beat previous records and set higher ones whichare harder to beat but the next guy will justinflate a little more to set higher records. Its all for perception.

  • now it is 56 cr deference bt boi and indicine box office collection(160 cr and 216 cr). it is not a matter of joke guys.

  • Congo to all Hr fans though its debatable the collection of K3 but one thing is sure that K3 lived upto the expecttion and Blockbuster all the way.

    @Sakhi CE lifetime is 380cr if you trust BOI which you are trying to show many times with K3 collection page and even not an ATBB by BOI, Left all aside even Indicine confirmed that CE hasn’t Broke Opening day record of ETT which remain iwth Salman ok, 3I overseas is 126cr highest so Worldwide & Overseas Record still with Aamir’s and wait for D3 all will again taken BY Aamir again. Cheers.

  • 20 yrs after Baazigar , why HE IS THE UNDISPUTED KING OF BOXOFFICE……

    few lines from CE song…..

    ‘Ghar mei jaake tum google karlo, mere baare mei wikipedia pe padhlo’

    IF D3 falls short of CE….

    CE will be the top grosser TILL DATE.

    ONE THING for sure OTHER ACTORS are trying to defeat him @ BO by all means….

    recent one is BO manipulation by K3…..

    chennai express not at all a perfect movie , BUT srk and rohit combo worked to achieve that
    NUMER UNO position ……

    but K3 producers lied to all the PEOPLE WHO LOVE HINDI CINEMA….

    STILL srk is No.1 after 20 yrs of baazigar release…..

  • please tell the correct collections of the movie. I think all producers are trying to show very less collections to evade service tax as well as income tax. more the collections more is the tax collected by the govt. of India

  • after k3 I don’t care about box office collection because it is a matter of every big film will be a atbb and record braking movie. dhoom3 will be 300cr according to producer but boi will show it 220 cr.

  • Stupid Hrithik fans,
    Ra.One earned 125 crore purely due to SRK’s starpower, inspite of getting bad reviews and negativity

    If he did a well received superhero film like Krrish, then it would cross 300 crores in India easily

  • @sonia sinha, for ur kind information,salman told those”kutte “things about his own phir milenge.his point was commercial movies does humongous business, not critically acclaimed movies.and that is clear as krrish 3 is also over the top commercial cinema and not like guzaarish.when a”guzaarish does a”krrish 3″ only then can u comment like,first see the video and then comment.and wait for jan 24 as a hurricane is arriving at indian box office named”jai ho” to shatter every record ever made.

  • ce-3600 screen.producer and boi difference 19cr lifetime.
    k3-3700 screen(hindi). producer and boi difference 50cr only 12 days.that’s why people are asking question about it.
    k3 is a successful movie but it will create confusion when producer give 240cr(all version) and boi give 190cr(all version) .for that I think k3 needs to pass 208cr according to boi.

  • once posted an article about the various terma related to box office. It was posted that the collection should be thrice the budget of the film tobse all time blockbuster. If krrish 3 costs 100 crore plus for making how come it is an all time blockbuster?

  • Indicne team,

    Can you please tell me what the collection is of CE including Tamil and Telugu?
    Because with Krissh3 that is included and CE not I heard.

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