Krrish 3 Box Office Collections: 12 days

Krrish 3 has collected Rs 50.44 crore so far in its 2nd week at the box office. The film was rock-steady across all circuits, with minimal drops during the working weekdays.

Tomorrow is a national holiday for Muharram, so if Krrish 3 manages to show good growth in business, it could be the highest grossing film of all time by Thursday.

Krrish 3 India

All India total of Krrish 3 now stands at Rs 216.86 crore including Tamil and Telugu versions. The film needs Rs 11 crore to go past the lifetime collections of Shahrukh Khan’s Chennai Express.

Krrish 3 is the biggest hit of Rakesh Roshan’s career and also the first ‘All Time Blockbuster’ for Hrithik Roshan.

Krrish 3 First Week Collections

  • Friday 25.2 cr
  • Saturday 23.2 cr
  • Sunday 24.3 cr
  • Monday 35.91 cr
  • Tuesday 26.26 cr
  • Wednesday 18.11 cr
  • Thursday 13.44 cr
  • First Week Total 166.42 crore

Krrish 3 Second Week Collections

  • 2nd Friday – 9.16 cr
  • 2nd Saturday – 14.23 cr
  • 2nd Sunday – 16.54 cr
  • 2nd Monday – 5.47 cr
  • 2nd Tuesday – 5.04 cr
  • 2nd Week Total (5 days) – 50.44 crore

Grand Total 216.86 crore




  • these are just fake collection for fans to be happy lol k3 now stands at no 5 after 9 days as it collected around 153 crores in 9 days it is acc to the oldest and most trusted website bio and k3 will end off being 3rd highest grosser of all time.
    top 5 highest grossing movies of all time
    1- CE 208 crs
    2- 3i 202 crs
    3- k3 190-200 crs expected
    4- yjhd 179 cars
    5- d2 150 crs.

  • Brilliant…Hrithik is a Legend now…the No.1 actor of bollywood…K3 will touch 275 crores easily…and this record will not be broken by anyone except Hrithik with Bang Bang

    • @Aniel, how do you know the production cost of Krrish 3? The C.O.P is around 115 cr, out of which more than 50% was recovered pre-release from satellite rights and brand tie-ups.

      Also, it’s about how much distributors earn, not cost of production! Rakesh Roshan sold the film to individual distributors who have made a fortune already!

  • @the greek god
    i havent seen anyone here on this thread with BOI collection…why you invite people yourself to talk about BOI??????

  • WOW, ATBB. Fantastic.

    More importantly, this is such a huge boost for sci-fi and super-hero genre of movies in India.

    We wish more and more new and better scripts come with even more entertainment.

  • congrats to hrithik for his success…I am a big fan of srk…but still am happy for krish 3 success…because this is best for bollywood :)

  • Comparing some movies with cricketes(containt vise & quality vise)

    3 Idiots – Sachin Tendulkar.
    Dhoom3 – Brian Lara.
    Krrish3 – Rahul Dravid.
    Chennai Express – Murli Vijay.

    Murli Vijay take it as his insult.

  • never thought hritik wil do this manipulation…power of money…same everythin is fake in india….god save my country…

  • Check out the records Krrish 3 has created or shattered in its 2nd week.(total 12 days).

    1. With ?25.20 crore it became the highest non-holiday grosser ever, beating “Dabangg 2” record.

    2. It had the highest single day or first weekday collection with a whopping ?35.91 crore.

    3. It became the fastest film to cross the ?150-crore mark in India.(6 day)

    4. “Krrish 3” also holds the highest first week collection record with more than ?166 crore.
    5.It became the fastest film to cross the 200-crore mark in india.(10 day)

    6. Highest 2nd week collection 50.44-crore (5 day)–(3 IDIOTS-56.24-crore)

    7.Highest 2nd day 23-crore(3rd place)

    8.Highest 1st weekend 72.8-crore(2nd place)

    9.Highrst single day 26.26-crore(6 place) 25.5-crore(7 place) 24.3-crore(10 place) remain that 35.91-crore(1st place)

    10.Biggest opening day 25.5-crore(3rd place)
    11. Life time gross 227+ crore(may tomorrow colrction)) now its 216+crore

  • Hello friends When ETT 186 became 198, its OK

    When CE 208 became 227, its OK

    but in the case KRRISH3, its not any KHAN’s film!

    Its Khan fan made controversy! Bcoz they feel insecure against Roshan.

  • Hello @INDICINE,
    Monday collection BOI said it was 31.5cr but all world believe including BOI that monday average occupacy 90%+, near 4000 screen hindi (because monday some screen added) 90%+ average occupacy definately cross 35cr, how its became 31.5cr, please anyone tell me so how BOI became india’s most trusted.
    BOI is totally anti Hrithik.

  • Thank you indicine behalf of all hrithikians really i feel gratitude towards you never forget what you have done for krrish 3 i accepted when you say blockbuster but now you declared All Time Blockbuster very happy for that thank you so much again and again and again

  • Lets think k3 collect 235cr acc producer and acc boi 190.then d3 collect 225 acc produce and 210 acc boi.then which movie will be highest grosser of all time??k3 collection arise a lot of joke.

  • I still not understand that how crap ce collected 208 cr on boxoffice with such a bombarded opening opening response.

  • It is clear that may be k3 might not overcome crap ce 208cr but k3 is well recieved by audience as there r very limited haters of k3 on social media and even haters praises effort of roshans.

  • another all time blockbuster set by krrish 3 ! exellent !
    note hritik rhosan doesn’t on top spot yet for the highest grossing bollywood movie !
    yeah krrish 3 will beat chennai express hindi collection only but when we talk about grossing chennai express still on the top

  • @G.One: OMG!! hahaha you are the biggest clown on earth!! bakra kabhi bhi super hero nehi ho sagte…. tere title wala karke SRK to apne apko duba chuke hai!! Krrish 3 karwake krrish ka imaga barbad karna chahta hai keya? hahahaha

  • @ G one- Agar SRK play karta Krrish to collection 50 crore bhi ni hote..It is because of Hrithik’s persona and his acting ki itna collection hua..Ra one ka haal yaad hai na tujhe G-one..

    SRK is the worst actor..he suckss big time..he just cant act

  • If CE had a release like Krrish:3, with no completion for 2 weeks until a big movie, and suppose that film’s release ceased for another 1 or 2 weeks more (as in the case of Ram Leela), lengthening the lifespan of Krrish:3, would CE have been an even bigger success than Krrish:3 will be ?

    I don’t doubt the success of either of the 2 ATBB’s, it’s just a question lingering in mind.

  • Great news! Congratulations to the whole team. Two highest grosser ever, 200 crore club members, and all time blockbusters in the same year! It could very well increase to three should Dhoom 3 performs up to the expectations.

  • indicine no matter how much u high k3 collection bt final decision wud be in favour of boi 3i n CE r only 2 movies having collection. above 200 in every site including boi
    Not jealousy toward hr ,m also happy with its business bt it’s all media n sites hype

  • – If Hrithik would have done then he could have saved the film from being flop. :-P

  • @speedo okay..agreed ..hritik might break the record of CE…we are happy for that….but what about amir and salman ……hahahaha…they are left with no records…..hahahahahahahahhaha

  • Top Opening Week (7 Days) Single Screens.. 1. #ETT59cr 2. #Krrish358cr 3. #ChennaiExpress53cr
    Top Opening Week (7 Days) Multiplexes.. 1. #ChennaiExpress86cr 2. #ETT70cr 3. #Krrish366cr.

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