Kisi Se Pyaar Ho Jaye Song Video – Kaabil

The latest song from ‘Kaabil’ titled ‘Kisi Se Pyar Ho Jaye’ is out and it has Hrithik Roshan romancing his leading lady Yami Gautam. It’s a recreated version of the classic song originally sung by Kishore Kumar.

The new version has been sung by Jubin Nautiyal.

Watch and tell us what you think. Is the chemistry between the blind couple working?

Song Video: Kisi Se Pyar Ho Jaye
Singer: Jubin Nautiyal
Original Song Credits: Film- Julie. Singer-Kishore Kumar.
Music- Rajesh Roshan. Lyricist- Anand Bakshi.
Recreated By – Gourov – Roshin
Lyrics: Kumaar

Kisi Se Pyaar Ho Jaye Song Still - Kaabil

Kisi Se Pyaar Ho Jaye Song Still – Kaabil



  • Kaabil blockbuster….
    70 trade exhibitors have watched #Kaabil and they unanimously gave a standing ovation. Everyone said that it’s going to be a blockbuster.
    And @indicine biased towards crap rice.

  • Why has Javed got so much pain in his lower gastrointestinal tract? Can’t he digest the fact that no one gives him a damn about him?Go lick SRK whatever part you get…You’re not even a minute particle in front of Hrithik Roshan!Go get a life!

  • 1 million YT view in few hours.and this time it’s not paid like rice makers.Kaabil blockbuster.
    Pls @indicine be neutral.not a single good word for kaabil songs and continue praise for raese is now visible to common people.we trust you for being a neutral site.but this time you hurt us.raese is not as good as you said and kaabil not as bad as your silence every time.we r following you long even don’t praise kaabil exceptional 2nd trailer first time.praise when everyone going gaga over it.grow up @indicine.we r not so fool.

  • How many recreated song has this album has?,lol.

    @nipun,oh really Mahira is seeming like dull for you?and Yami is super ok,right?and LAILA MAIN LAILA is worse than haseeno ka deewana?but still PEPOPLE LIKES the opposite of yours.that also irony.don’t know why?what to say,must be WE might have bought a likes and views as some brainless hr fans are spreading ,what’s your view on that?

  • @Indcine…It’s trending at no. 1 unlike ‘Chart-Buster’ Raees Songs even with soooooooooooooooooooooooo many views!! so India Thinks;The song & Pair Both are working…hai na?? Best Song to me in recent time!!

  • Kaabil blockbuster…
    17yr of Hrithik Roshan…
    Proud to be fan of Greek God….
    70 trade exhibitors have watched #Kaabil and they unanimously gave a standing ovation. Everyone said that it’s going to be a finger crossed.

  • @nikhil,oh that means you have problem with pornsatr?

    But your urvashi is flopped from the starting of her career.but see Sunny Leone is a icon of item dance.from heartthrob Baby Doll to LAILA MAIN LAILA is getting immense popular.while urvashi’s songs are flopping.and also Sunny Leone already gave hit films,tell urvashi to do that,uf really PEOPLES are appreciating her,ha ha ha ha,rofl.

    @bivan,no one cares about trending.PEOPLES only demand Chartbuster Music and Better Film which RAEES is far ahead of kaabil’s a pathetic promos.and one more thing RAEES TRAILER TRENDED WORLDWIDE NO.1 AND BECOMES MOST LIKED AND SOON BECOMES MOST WATCHED TRAILER.

    so let’s see,what excuse you’ll give after release just like after what Rustom did with your hr,rofl.

    And all of this are happening due to your pathetic superstitious taklu roshan.because of his ego and superstition,kaabil will be bigger flop than mahinjodaro,rofl.

  • @sss, I m not watched Laila Laila still because I don’t think that a pornstar place in respected bollywood of religious country & I not have guts to se Laila mai laila on tv because I is so shameless song but Urvasi looks gracefull in Haseeno ka deewana song so I watched it on tv.
    And I m Akshay Kumar big fan, but I like & respect all hardworking genuine actors like Hrithik, Ajay, Salman, Aamir,etc who not buy awards with their money like SRK.

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