Kisi Se Pyaar Ho Jaye Song Video – Kaabil

The latest song from ‘Kaabil’ titled ‘Kisi Se Pyar Ho Jaye’ is out and it has Hrithik Roshan romancing his leading lady Yami Gautam. It’s a recreated version of the classic song originally sung by Kishore Kumar.

The new version has been sung by Jubin Nautiyal.

Watch and tell us what you think. Is the chemistry between the blind couple working?

Song Video: Kisi Se Pyar Ho Jaye
Singer: Jubin Nautiyal
Original Song Credits: Film- Julie. Singer-Kishore Kumar.
Music- Rajesh Roshan. Lyricist- Anand Bakshi.
Recreated By – Gourov – Roshin
Lyrics: Kumaar

Kisi Se Pyaar Ho Jaye Song Still - Kaabil

Kisi Se Pyaar Ho Jaye Song Still – Kaabil



  • Outstanding song

    Even God can’t save SRK & RAEES from complete washout.
    KAABIL All Time Blockbuster

  • Kise Se Pyar Ho Jaye-Most Romantic Love Song Ever..Hrithik always looking charming,yami also good.. Expecting thunderous performance from Hrithik…He always gives his best to all his movies..

  • Watched Dear Zindagi today, What a frustrating film it is ! A girl fighting with her some bullshit issues ! Oh Come on Director there is a lot more frustrating issues with common man ! It is a very overrated film.

  • Morons over here are complaining about Haseeno ka Deewana!
    Alright, dear retards, If Haseeno ka Deewana is a crap, “Laila main Laila” is a bigger crap ..
    @indicine visitors ke taste itne kaise kharab ho gaya?
    Oh wait, it doesn’t show their dislike towards the album, but their insecure towards the movie.
    To be honest, none of the tracks of Kaabil are bad, but none are brilliant either..
    I personally liked Kisise Pyaar ho Jaye. It’s a very good track..

    PS: We can’t expect blind fans like Javed to behave honest and sensible.

  • Some losers are saying that Kaabil has so many songs !!
    Arey losers, Kaabil has five tracks! Is it that shocking for u?
    There are many movies in recent times which have 4-5 or more tracks..

  • Shit to the makers, what the hell u can’t even right some good songs for movie, all recreation.. we r first of all fed up of listening old songs and u guys making us frustrated..

  • indicine kept saying indian family will shy away from raaes bcz of sunny leone but the song laila is decent in contrast to fetish song by urvashi lol i think family audience will skip kabil for this reason

  • Awsmmmmm song with majestic & suave Couple romancing ❤
    To some group as usual everything related to Kaabil is crap…lol…so not getting surprised with negative comments😄 1 of the best recreated Songs to me!!Best of Kaabil Album❤
    . and for People’s information…There are 4 songs in the movie and This one is for promotional purpose😊 just Hoping for a Decent Direction with entertaining execution…and a mind-blowing Act from HR…Finger Crossed yet very nervous….

  • Kaabil songs are good and so were the trailers. Raees vs Kaabil will turn out to be similar to Dilwale vs BM in Dec 2015. Raees to open much bigger but will eventually lose out due to Kaabil. Kaabil will definitely grow over the weekend and be a “HIT” atleast due to it’s low budget..

  • Raees team already announced an item number with sunny leone. This news spread like fire & finally reached Kaabil team & they also decided a hot item number in the movie to attract masses. To keep in mind for family audience by raees team, they decided not to go vulgar. On the other hand, to keep sunny leone & “laila mein laila” in mind, Kaabil team tried to woo the audiences by showing cleavage & some weird body shows in the song. For that, they hired hot Urvashi. Unfortunately, on contrast, “Laila mein laila” turns into veg while “sara zamana” turns into non-veg. Kaabil team has daring but they lack of #baniya ka dimag.

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