Kidnap – Drona : Box Office Final Verdict!

Both the Eid releases Kidnap and Drona have failed to make any impact at the box office. While one will just about fail to recover costs, the other is a epic disaster. A disaster that has rarely been witnessed by Bollywood! No prizes for guessing… Drona it is. The movie has been rejected outright. The makers would incur looses of more than 25 crores! About 2 medium budget films could have been made with just the losses incurred by Abhishek Bachchan’s Drona!

Boxoffice India says “Drona is certain to be the grandmother of all disasters in terms of losses. Films like Umrao Jaan and Aag were amongst the biggest debacles ever but the losses on Drona will be more than the combined losses of those two disasters. Umrao Jaan lost around 10 crores while Aag lost around 15 crores. This year another super debacle Love Story 2050 also lost 15 crore but a 30 crore loss (of Drona) is double of (what) we have ever seen before for any film.”

Taran Adarsh has a similar story to tell too “(Drona) started with a bang in U.P. (Uttar Pradesh) but elsewhere, was not as strong on Thursday. Fell all over from Friday itself. Collections have hit rock bottom. Monday is very, very poor. Debacle”

Ironically, each of the 3 disasters have one Bachchan in the lead. Amitabh was the star attraction of Aag, while Aishwarya failed miserably in a role glorified by Rekha. And now Abhishek clearly leads with Drona. Interestingly, Abhishek was a part of both Umrao Jaan and RGV’s Aag!

Drona is undoubtedly the biggest setback to Abhishek’s career. To rise from this aint gonna be easy, with Dostana probably being his only hope!

Imran Khan on the other hand has tasted a failure after his super successful debut Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Kidnap isnt a disaster but a failure nonetheless!

Taran Adarsh says “(Kidnap) collects approx. Rs. 15 crores in its opening 4 day weekend, which is below the mark. Which means, the distributors’ share is approx. Rs. 7 crores. After a 70% start on Thursday, the collections fell drastically on subsequent days. Recovering its Rs 40 crores cost (Rs. 36 crores price paid by Indian Films to Ashtavinayak plus Rs 4 crores for print and promotion) seems impossible. Distributors might end up losing money. The film has crashed on Monday.”

Imran’s next is Luck opposite Shruti Haasan (daughter of Kamal Hassan) and Delhi Belly produced by uncle Aamir!

Finally, here’s the verdict!

Drona – Biggest disaster ever witnessed!
Kidnap – Flop!

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  • Indicine Team: I’ve posted my comment and didn’t read someone’s comment on LS2050 on this page, which was in 2 lines only, that he left the cinema when he saw the (robot snake)!! when I saw the robot snake, I laughed, as it meant that in the future, even snakes failed to exist!! no trace in the future of even snakes, so they did some robots!, not only that, robots were selling some stuff, paan! that scene didn’t make a movie bad!! I just don’t understand people! they love some crappy movies, they don’t mind watching some nudity or hear dirty jokes, some vulgar, some cheap comedies, they don’t mind the bad screenplay and consider it as good, cool, when a sister calls her brother: Amit.. u son of a bitch!! in the movie JTYJN! So that they would accept, but any imagination of the development in the future, they won’t be able to digest!!

  • Fathiya, the movies you like, you defend them so passionately. Feels great to know, someone not even Indian so religously follows Hindi movies. Great to have you as a part of this site!

    Now the points you mentioned, before answering them, let me ask you something. Why are you even comparing Jaane Tu and Love Story? 2 different movies.. Do you compare Lagaan to Gadar or Welcome to Taare Zameen Par? I hope not!


    1) A movie director is someone who controls every creative aspect of a film. He is the captain of the ship. A storyteller, whose directorial skills shape a movie. A director is usually involved in every aspect of filmmaking.. Right from setting the right camera angles, to extracting the best out of the actors and music directors, to even being a part during the editing stage. He transforms a story on paper, with his creative vision into a film. Harry Baweja failed miserably as a story teller!

    2) As i said, why compare with Jaane Tu? Both are different movies.

    3) Spiderman 1, 2 and 3 did historic business in India. Krrish is one of the biggest money spinners of 2006. Superman also did great in India. Did anyone question how Krrish could jump from one building to another, did anyone ask how he could fly or how he has such great amount of power? Nope! As i said, it depends on how effectively a certain scene is executed. The director needs to get the viewers involved and make every scene click. The one man responsible for the disaster called LS2050 is Harry Baweja.

    4) Again to each his own. Personally, I loved every song in Jaane Tu and its still a part of my playlist, listen to it when i get time. LS2050 only one song was good Kaho Na Kaho… the album is history as the movie flopped. Great music usually needs a good movie to carry it through, although most certainly there are exceptions.

    5) Imraan was fantastic in Jaane Tu but quite average in Kidnap. Lets wait for more Harman movies to release. We’ll get a better idea, then. I stick to what i said, infact go a bit further and say.. it is Priyanka’s worst performance ever. She was at her irritating best!

    6) No idea if it was the best movie in recent times? But sure it was one hellava torture.. probably in that way it was the best in recent times comparable to Drona and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom!

    That hopefully answers all your questions. :)

  • Dear Indicine Team:

    It’s not that I defend this movie because I loved it only, no. there r lots of movies which I loved and failed at the box office and I said nothing, but because, with Love Story 2050, I just felt it’s not fair.. it’s so bad that this movie flopped, therefore, I just wanted to find out the real reason behind it, and all what u hv mentioned didn’t convince me because I think that 95% of ppl just had a great passion to watch the movie JTYJN which released same time, that’s the main reason for it to fail I assume.. and u guys pickup some minors.. e.g. the poster of the movie was similar to Hrithik’s Kaho Na Pyaar Hai!! Well I also saw this poster and thought the same way,it’s similar to KNPH, but that’s not the reason to fail!

    U see the movie direction was bad.. I saw it a very good one
    U see the songs weren’t good.. I loved all of them.. mostly the 1st song Sach Kehna, then Mausam Achanka.. then Meelo Ka.. even Hey u lover boy, the melody of all the songs were so good and the last one Kaho na Kaho.. all of them.
    U see Priyanka’s acting was poor, I saw her good, not like her acting in Andaaz.. oh.. I talked about this silly movie Andaaz which was a hit although Priyank’s acting was zero in the movie! so why the movie didn’t fail at the box office?!!
    U see Imran was fantastic in JT, but I considered him not so bad, but he was better in Kidnap.

    And.. why did I compare the 2 movies because they released on the same date and ppl were comparing them, the movie which I consider a crap, a low direction u ppl found it soooooo good and vice versa!!

    And I read the comment of someone whos’ name is (Shy) under your page (Drona 2 – Goldie Behl’s next) today, also praising LS2050, while the release time, on your website, Richa & Shona were also fighting with other commentators defending the movie, and many ppl on other websites, loved the movie, it’s not only me!)

    I think I’ve to stop discussing this matter, none of us can convince each other as our way of thinking is completely different.

  • Thank you Fathiya if you have really stopped discussing this matter. People have their own opinions, so let it be….its not the end of the world…..take a break and have a good night sleep……

  • Fathiya, I never said the poster is the reason for the failure of the movie as a whole! I never mentioned it in the negatives did I? The point am trying to make is, the movie didnt fail because Harman looks, dances, talks or acts like Hrithik.. Nor did it fail because the trailer and posters were similar. Nothing would have mattered, noone would have even spoken much about it if the movie was good. LS2050 failed because it was poorly directed.

    2 movies releasing on the same day can work at the BO, as long as they click with the audience.. there are several examples.. Gadar and Lagaan is a classic example.. Welcome – TZP.. There have been so many!

    And 2 bad movies releasing on the same day even during the holiday weekends can fail too (Kidnap – Drona)

    Noone can predict what will / will not work at the box-office. But a good movie has a great chance of succeeding.. and a poor movie, even with a great opening has a great chance of crashing!

    Lastly before we end the discussion on LS2050.. Want to ask you, where did you watch LS2050? Online / dvd or theatre?

  • Indicine Team: Let me ask u first.. how many members r u working on this website? U asked me a question and I’ve repeated many times in different pages on this website that I saw it (3 times in cinema). I couldn’t belive while watching this movie that it failed!!!!!! and how many discussion we had together about some movies which were really bad in direction and they pleased the ppl, the reasons behind the success and how many good movies failed and due to some other reasons, which I mentioned already, but I think u r many staff working on this website, and I might’ve discussed already about LS2050 with some other members on your web, so u didn’t read my previous comments on other pages, specially on the movie review.

    U said Gadar & Lagaan.. these 2 movies can’t be compared with each other.. Lagaan was excellent in direction.. but Gadar was poor.. but did the audience notice the difference between the 2?!! No..

    Welcome ( which is crap and a meaningless movie) and TZP which is outstanding.. Listen dear.. millions of ppl who watch movies have different tastes and value them differently.. TZP was for the ppl who love classis and drama and appreciate the good cinema. Welcome was for the audience who love some cheap comedy ( inclduing the lovers of Rajanikanth!!!!) and LS2050 was for none of these audience. just for (specifc) ppl to watch and value.. same with the movie Dil Se for Shahrukh.. didn’t do well although it was such a good movie!

    Anyway.. don’t bother about me.. I might be different and I think Richa & Shona have similar taste, therefore they loved LS2050 and also some others. Let’s end this subject and talk about some other movies.

    Have a good day Indicine Team

  • Kidnap is a very very very very bad movie. please donīt waste your money and time. Imran khan cannot acting go home and never come back to Bollywood.

    AND DRONA is a good movie, because the good actions and visual effects and Abishek Bachchan has done a good job.

  • Drona is full crap….abhishek is a flop actor…….he doesnt look good….acting is average…..future is grim for ab baby…

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