Kidnap – Drona : Box Office Final Verdict!

Both the Eid releases Kidnap and Drona have failed to make any impact at the box office. While one will just about fail to recover costs, the other is a epic disaster. A disaster that has rarely been witnessed by Bollywood! No prizes for guessing… Drona it is. The movie has been rejected outright. The makers would incur looses of more than 25 crores! About 2 medium budget films could have been made with just the losses incurred by Abhishek Bachchan’s Drona!

Boxoffice India says “Drona is certain to be the grandmother of all disasters in terms of losses. Films like Umrao Jaan and Aag were amongst the biggest debacles ever but the losses on Drona will be more than the combined losses of those two disasters. Umrao Jaan lost around 10 crores while Aag lost around 15 crores. This year another super debacle Love Story 2050 also lost 15 crore but a 30 crore loss (of Drona) is double of (what) we have ever seen before for any film.”

Taran Adarsh has a similar story to tell too “(Drona) started with a bang in U.P. (Uttar Pradesh) but elsewhere, was not as strong on Thursday. Fell all over from Friday itself. Collections have hit rock bottom. Monday is very, very poor. Debacle”

Ironically, each of the 3 disasters have one Bachchan in the lead. Amitabh was the star attraction of Aag, while Aishwarya failed miserably in a role glorified by Rekha. And now Abhishek clearly leads with Drona. Interestingly, Abhishek was a part of both Umrao Jaan and RGV’s Aag!

Drona is undoubtedly the biggest setback to Abhishek’s career. To rise from this aint gonna be easy, with Dostana probably being his only hope!

Imran Khan on the other hand has tasted a failure after his super successful debut Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. Kidnap isnt a disaster but a failure nonetheless!

Taran Adarsh says “(Kidnap) collects approx. Rs. 15 crores in its opening 4 day weekend, which is below the mark. Which means, the distributors’ share is approx. Rs. 7 crores. After a 70% start on Thursday, the collections fell drastically on subsequent days. Recovering its Rs 40 crores cost (Rs. 36 crores price paid by Indian Films to Ashtavinayak plus Rs 4 crores for print and promotion) seems impossible. Distributors might end up losing money. The film has crashed on Monday.”

Imran’s next is Luck opposite Shruti Haasan (daughter of Kamal Hassan) and Delhi Belly produced by uncle Aamir!

Finally, here’s the verdict!

Drona – Biggest disaster ever witnessed!
Kidnap – Flop!

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  • I had seen kidnap movie on sunday. It has no story. Even the imram khan did not do good in this film. The kidnaping role was not suitable for imram khan. Even minisha lamba did not acted well.

  • A question for Indicine Team:

    I didn’t see Aag ’cause the trailer wasn’t encouraging, was bad.. but I think the movie didn’t have any comedy scenes. Drona – a fairy tale – lacked comedy.. Kidnap, I didn’t watch it yet, but sounds also a serious movie. Umrao Jaan ( Aishwariya’s acting was excellent) also was a serious sad movie which didn’t lack any thing in terms of direction, production, music, etc.

    And LS2050 too, a romantic fiction movie, had light comedy in some dialogues only… so no comedy scenes for Indian audience to enjoy and laugh!! So don’t u think Indicine Team that would be the main reason for the movies to be flop and some considered as disaster?!! out of these 5 movies, 2 were excellent which r Umrao Jaan & LS2050 but failed to satisfy the audience.. just compare the good movies here with some stupid crappy e.g. Welcome, Hera Pheri, Golmaal which were successful at the box office and u will find out that this might be the main reason.. no comedy scenes in these movies.. even Sarkar Raj didn’t do well.. a serious drama!!

  • Umrao Jaan didnt work because of lack of interest. Noone cared about the movie. There was no hype and no big stars to carry the movie.

    Love Story 2050 is one of the worst movies of 2008. It didnt work, as it was BAD!

    Hera Pheri was one of its kind. Never witnessed before and it was funny. Comedy is not the only reason for movies to work, although comedy movies have a better chance at the box-office. Reason being audience, given the fast paced life filled with work and stress is looking for a fun time out with family. But that doesnt mean movies like Jodha Akbar, Taare Zameen Par fail!

    Jodha Akbar being a historical did very well at the box-office even though it was banned in Rajastan, banned after a week in Madhya Pradesh and finally after 2 weeks of release banned in UP. The movie easily lost about 10 crores from these 3 states! Else if it had a smooth run, itwould have been one of the biggest blockbusters of the year and would have grossed almost as much as Singh Is King (75 crores)! The final nett gross of Jodha Akbar is about 64 crores and while its a Super Hit in India, its a Blockbuster overseas!

    Taare Zameen Par too released alongside Welcome which was a big Akshay Kumar comedy movie. But still it managed to hold on well over the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th week and went on to gross big. Blockbuster.

    So no, comedy is not important as long as the movie is good. Bad movies dont work.. Drona and Kidnap are prime examples. Kidnap was hyped, opened well, yet failed as it was bad and the audience rejected it!

  • Indicine Team: Do u think if Aamir wasn’t the director/producer of TZP the movie would’ve done well?!!, the audience woul’d hv loved it?!! I don’t think so.. also my sister was surprised that it wasa super hit in India.. I think the banner, the director’s name e.g. the movie (Black) was created by a big director and a big big actor who’s Amitab, therefore it won.. but if the movie black was done by ( Harry Baweja) with the same direction and production, and the hero wasn’t Bigb but.. let’s say Naseeruddin Shah.. do u think the movie would’ve been a successful one?! No way!

    Umrao Jaan had a big star.. Aishwariya.. but the problem was with the audience, who didn’t hv any interest to watch it.. ( and that doesn’t make a movie bad!!! u didn’t watch it.. so how could u say that the movie is worthless?!!!!) they’ve rejected the movie although they didn’t watch it!!!! I read in some websites that they said: The original was very good so why the director thought to do a remake of this movie?!! The original had many flaws.. and I already explained it in my comments.. the remake was (much better) in direction.. so they missed a good movie.. it was so good and not a bad as u mentioned ( I saw it twice in cinema and went to watch it for 2nd time with a big group of my family and they all loved it) and why do u think that it was a bad movie?!! Don’t give me some minor reasons, as someone mentioned already.. in Laknow there was no desert, Nawabs never grew beard, etc.. some stupid reasons to pickup on any good movie!!
    Leave the original one side.. I saw the remake and after few months I saw the original, and found the remake was much better than the original and the director was (aware) of the flaws in the original, therefore, he rectified and did the movie in it’s best possible shape!! The audience was “stupid” and didn’t know how to distinguish good from bad.. u r wrong Indincine team.. lots of stupid crappy movies satisfy some majority and vice versa!!

    LS2050 was one of the best of 2008, the audience is idiot as he picks up minor stuff e.g. the petal which leads harman to his lover.. they didn’t like it so they considerd the movie (as bad!!) I do agree that Harman’s acting wasn’t so good in some scenes and he needs experience but we can’t consder a movie as a failure because of some scenes which we didn’t like.. most of the movies which we saw had flaws, some bad scenes, some repeated scenes.. even shahrukh who’s the king of bollywood didn’t perform at his best in some of big movies which he did.. but ppl (were blind) bacause it was (shahrukh!), not only shahrukh, lots of actors.. but they rejected Harman for a stupid reason.. that he looks like Hrithik and thought that he’s copying Hrithik!!! I don’t agree with u about LS2050, if u didn’t watch it.. goahead.. watch it till the end and then decide, such a brilliant indian movie with best special effects in the 2nd half.

    And if the audience consider (Welcome) which was a meaningless, a shallow movie ( kachra) as a good movie, so it’s a waste of time to convince u about any of what I mentioned earlier.. as good movies!!

  • Fathiya, let me repeat what I have said many number of times. Just because you liked LS2050 doesnt make it a good movie. And just becuase you didnt like Hera Pheri or Welcome doesnt make it bad either. To each his own! LS2050 is a poorly directed movie which was stretched for no reason for more than 3 hours when the movie should have actually been about 1 1/2 hours long. It was one of the crappiest movies in recent times and thats the reason it was rejected.

    You say what if Aamir wasn’t the director of Taare Zameen Par? Well let me tell you it didnt make much difference. TZP opened to a poor response of 40% even though it released on a limited number of prints. Its first week was just about 17 crores while other big movies have done 35 – 45 crores in recent times. So if Taare was bad it would have been a huge flop. But as the movie was well directed, brilliantly performed and touched the audience around the world, it worked.

    You talk about Naseeruddin Shah? Oh well.. A wednesday was had Naseer as the lead, unknown director it was a small movie. Yet it is a superhit. Reason – Content is the king! Good movie works!

    And about Amitabh Bachchan in Black.. If your not aware Black was just average at the boxoffice! It was not a hit. And Amitabh cannot carry a movie, he doesnt command the star power he once had. Bhootnath was a flop. The Last Lear didnt even get a face saving opening.

    Dont think the Indian audience are fools! Good movies will work no matter what! Horrible movies will not work even with a lot of hype. Average movies can go either way. Welcome probably was average but you cannot say it was total trash, it had enuff comedy to entertain the audience, atleast it wasnt boring!

  • Indicine Team: u got me wrong on TZP! I didn’t say it’s a bad movie! It was an excellent, extraordinary movie which worth oscar award this year, but I said if the director was someone else and the lead actor also wasn’t Bigb might’ve failed.. that’s my point.

    Well everyone evaluate movies differently.. and while discussing with lots of Indian ppl and on different websites, I found also some ppl who do agree with me and didn’t like movies which u consider as good, which were super hits or hits.. there’r lots of movies which were really good and didn’t do well at the box office or rated as average e.g. Shahruk’s Dil Se.. a great script, a good direction with good perfromance of SRK & Manisha.. actually it was Manisha’s best performance, with beautiful songs but it was a seriuos and not a commercial type movie.. so u tell me.. why wasn’t the movie a super hit?!! Shahrukh put lots of effort and hopes for this movie and he said (himself) that the movie is good for indian ppl after 10 years! ( means he hoped that their taste would change in the future) So what does this mean? It means that nothing wrong with the movie.. but it’s the audience’s taste
    He knew that he did a good job.. the director did a good job and the movie didn’t lack anything.. then.. where was the fault?!! It was just the audience’s taste.. that’s it and that’s what make me feel sometimes so angry.. why some good movies didn’t work and some stupid crappy ones win at the box office!!

    Therefore, I don’t agree with u when u say.. good movies win and bad movies fail

  • Fathiya….its not that all human beings hav the same thoughts or interests, during elections if “FOR” is greater then “AGAINST” the person is elected, similar way u cannot say millions of plp hav same thought but majority decides if the movie was interesting,sucessful or not…
    its a very fair game out thr…its very fair… a movie like “A Wednesday” is declared HIT wit no star power no publicity but pure grt8 script,direction, acting…
    wit publicity u can only get initial rise but wont sustain to recover the costs…
    in DEC thr r big ones lined up im sure all these movies will get fantastic opening irrespective of thr content but the one which has something to offer wil recover costs or make profits…
    LS2050 & Drona were flops wit thr trailers itself…trailer givs the audience the much needed “feel good factor”…the other day i saw the trailer for Chadni Chok to China it only made me feel that one more fun ride is lined up…
    So the box office is the final decision maker whether the movie is good or bad…u jus hav to accept it…

  • Aryan: but the box office is (the audience) isn’t it?! Why then sometimes e.g. the movie Mujshe Dosti Karogi was a hit in US but failed in India? Now that proves it.. ppl’s taste and the way they see any movie, is so different! therefore.. u can’t say when a movie in Mumbai fails but it does well in Delhi that the movie is (bad)!! It’s just because the audience’s taste, the way one values any movie is so different from another.. that’s it and that’s my point for discussing this subject. U got lots of examples e.g. Singh is Kinng which was a super hit.. Indicine team mentioned the ratings in each part of India, some parts considered it a great entertaining movie.. and some didn’t like it! OSO.. lots of ppl considered it a crap ( including me) and lots of ppl loved it.

    I accept this fact that ppl r different.. but I don’t accept when someone says: If a movie failed at the box office it means that the movie was a crap or a bad one and vice versa.. that’s what I don’t really accept. I already gave many examples and therefore I’m still discussing it.. can u tell me.. why the movie Dil Se was rated as “average” and the Indian audience didn’t like it! Why?!! When I watched the movie Tara Rampum ( althougn I didn’t like the name) I thought, with my sister, that this movie would be a super hit and we were surprised as it didn’t satisfy the audience in India.. they didn’t praise it in any way!! not even a hit! Did the movie lack any thing.. it was a full entertaining family package.. a very interesting movie with nice songs and scenes which eveyone liked in our country, but wasn’t one of best movies for Indian ppl!!

    And.. what really surprises me is the movie Dil Wale Dulhaniya (DDLJ) what is so special in this movie that it worked for 10 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KKHH was a much better movie.. any explanation?!!

  • Very well said Aryan. Dont agree with your last sentence though

    Box-office is NOT the ultimate decision maker. You would be surprised with the following facts

    1) Hera Pheri did only average business. It was only a small hit in Mumbai. But the movie caught on when it released on DVD. When the sequel Phir Hera Pheri came out, although it cannot be compared to the first part, was a smash hit. Phir Hera Pheri’s first week gross itself was more than Hera Pheri’s entire run!

    2) Socha Na Tha was a boxoffice disaster. But the movie is considered a classic! What happened with SNT was, it released without any hype, most of the movie-goers didnt even know that a movie with such a name exists. But then through word out mouth the movie did exceptionly well once the DVD released.

    3) Dil Chahta Hai. It was only a Hit in Mumbai. Overall box-office verdict was average. But the movie is considered a cult classic.

    So there are a few exceptions!

    But overall its the content that matters. Trailers, Big stars, hype can only ensure a great opening from Friday to Sunday, mostly through advance booking. But after the initial weekend, the real test for any big movie starts from Monday.

    LS2050, Drona, Tashan lacked quality content, hence the failure at the BO..

  • Fathiya…I can only quote a e.g take a case of a student in Engg discipline(or whichever u want) he likes some subject in particular for that semester/yr he puts in lot of interest in knowing things abt that subject and finally exams appear he ends up scoring avg but another guy who had avg interests studies all the subjects wel and ends up scoring more, wen the marksheet comes the secong guy is praised more bcoz he has the marksheet to prove that he was better than the first guy whereas the first guy even though perfect in one subject lacked the overal content…i feel its the same case wit movies…

    AS the Indicine team has pointed out the DVD will make sure they make business if its really good…
    As far as verdict it concerned its simple if the film is sold for less amt and makes more business its a winner
    somtimes movie is made wit huge price but makes decent business but not to the expectation of the prod/the amt spent then its normal for it to b declared flop…these days some movies spend more money unnecessarily…

    Directors shud not only be talented but very shrewd the only reason i find for TZP to make such huge business was it was not streched to 3hrs or say 2.5hrs the movie got over in 1.5hrs before the audience got bored of being extrasentimental to the character…

    and abt DDLJ its running in only one theatre and the Aditya Chopra is not bothered if its gving him profit or not, the theatre owner is paid by Chopras. Actually its been a place for lovers to spend time for the past 5 yrs

  • Indicine Team: I do agree that Tashan, Aag were bad movies.. I couldn’t stand the trailer of Aag and didn’t want to waste even 1/2 a minute of my time on this crap.. Tashan.. I saw on line 20 minutes and then stopped it..even The Last Lear I saw on line 3 parts and didn’t finish it, wasn’t a good movie. A bad movie we sence it from the way it starts ( I had this feeling when I saw JTYJN in cinema) but a good movie, u also sence it the way it starts. Drona wasn’t bad the way it started.. and, as I said earlier, it’s a movie for kids to enjoy.. adults must take their kids, must accompany them and have their opinions. Do we love cartoons?! We don’t.. we used to love them when we were kids.. but there’r few aduit ppl who still love to watch cartoon movies, but the rest don’t.. so we can’t say that the cartoon movie which the kid loved is a crap as it’s for him a fun. I think ppl were wrong in their judgemental on Drona, they should’ve left the decision for the kids only.

    Drona didn’t lack quality.. it’s only a kids movie with a big production, and I think that adults went to enjoy this movie during Eid and didn’t take their kids with them!! Did anyone of u ask any kid if he loved the movie or not?

    LS2050 is a qualtiy movie, but what I think that most of the audience took out the shell and threw away the pearl!! that’s the way they judged the movie!!

    Kidnap, A Wednesday I didn’t watch them yet..I’ll express my opnion after watching them.

  • dear indicine team

    i chanced upon your website today purely by accident- its probably the only thing good to come out of the movie “Drona “. lol. I am VERRY impressed with the knowledgeabilty of the writer(s). You have a lot of accurate data and very good reviews as well. Awesome site, I have decided to return to your site regularly. I am a fledgeling movie distributor in the united states and keep looking for overseas box office reports online with as many regional breakups as possible. Keep up the good work !

  • Before I jump into the fracas, I would like to welcome Kasthuri to our brotherhood.
    Now then…
    Here are my thoughts:
    a] Classic films such as Sholay, Mughal E Azam, Guide, Umrao Jaan, etc, should never be remade. Even upto today, people watch these classics and enjoy them. Therefore newer, more hip and glamorous version of such immortal films will never work with audiences. There are many films in our archives that can be remade successfully – lesser known films but with good story lines and potential to act and show talent. So if you consider films like Jawar Bhata, Gharana, Ghungaat, etc, these can be successfully remade. But try to remake Mother India, try to remake Abhimaan, and the result will be box office disaster. This is the main reason why Umrao Jaan with Aishwarya failed. Because it is impossible to push Rekha out of people’s hearts. She is still everyone’s Umrao Jaan and will always be.
    b] Intentions are important. With all due respect, Mr Bachhan pushed Abhishekh into the role of Drona to prove that he could be as good as Hrithik was in Krrish. Such intentions do not go down well with the Almighty. Similarly, Harry Bawerja’s intentions were questionable in the way in which his son was acting. Did he have to adopt so many of Hrithik’s mannerisms? Even his dance moves resembled those of Hrithik’s. In fact the media could not resist this obvious imitation and started questioning the public whether Harman was a better dancer than Hrithik. I feel intentions play a big role in success and one should always keep the competition healthy and not cross the line into undermining and unethical behaviour.
    c] Personally, I liked Kidnap. The storyline was good and there were no loose ends but the photography was poor. Emotions were not well displayed by Minisha and Imran was a lil bit stiff, but I give him the benefit of the doubt as this was just his second film. And as a victim of kidnapping, Minisha’s dressing was a big turn off. Also, the tasks set for Sanjay Dutt such as robbing a well secured house, helping a fugitive escape from prison etc were not presented well to the public. Such impossible tasks were tackled too smoothly. The ending was exceptional though, not the ending one would usually expect in an Indian film. So to summarise, Kidnap was not as bad a film as some of the recent horrible comedies. I feel it might just recover its costs as time passes.
    d] Name carries weight. BUT public intellegence is required. What I mean is, Amir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Karan Johar, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Ashutosh Gowarikar are some of the names that carry weight. So if a film has these stars or has been produced/directed by these gentlemen then one can be reasonably sure that the film will be of quality. With all due respect, out of intellegence, people should realise that the same cannot be said anymore for BigB and SRK. In fact I feel after seeing AB in Paheli, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Aag, KNAK, I feel he has lost his touch. Personally, I feel afraid to watch a film containing Mr Bachhan. It is only the thought of Cheeni Kum and Sarkar Raj which still make me at least ask people about a film in which he is starring. Otherwise I would never watch any of his films at all. Same for SRK, after Paheli, OSO, one cannot be 100% sure any longer that a film containing SRK will be one of quality.
    e] Abhishek Bachhan is a poor performer. He tries to act like his father. That is not going down well with us. He should form his own identity. The same issue was with Lata Mangeshkar at the beginning of her career. She was copying Noorjehan’s style of singing. It was only when she was critisized by stalwarts such as Dilip Kumar that she found her own voice and style. And now she is the legend. If only Abhishek manages to come out of his father’s shadow and find his own unique talent will he amount to anything, otherwise he is on the road to being forgotten.
    Well friends, no offense but the above are purely my own opinions.

  • ABD: Abhishek has been acting for almost 10 years and I saw most of his movies, although nothing was special about his acting and he didn’t do good movies except Refugee, the 1st movie, then some flop movies, but for the past 3 or 4 years, he really improved, his best pefromance was in Yuva, Kank & Guru.. for me, I liked his acting in Kank, in the serious scenes where he shouts at his wife when he discovers that she’s been unfaithful, he was brilliant in this scene.. I don’t think that Akshay, SRK or even Hrithik could do this scene and perfrom the way Abhishek did.. maybe Saif only.

    It’s not fair to consider him as a bad actor as he’s improving, but he took a wrong step when he decided to do Drona.. If this movie meant for adults, so it’s the worst movie of this year.. but if it really meant for the kids as it’s a fairy tale.. it’s the best one for them I assume ( I don’t know any kid yet watched this movie otherwise I’d hv asked his opinion).

    And about Umrao Jaan, ABD: I know that Rekha had a great influence on the audience when she did this movie, but it’s an old one and lots of ppl didn’t watch it.. therefore I liked the remake and many ppl who didn’t watch the original loved it too.. So why not?!! And the director had all the right to do the remake ’cause there were some flaws in the original, so he did it with a new production and direction with best music and costume, with best performance of Aish.. I never considered Aish as a great actress, but when I saw her performance in this movie, I loved her and thought she deserves an award as the best actress of the year.

    U were talking about Kidnap, the negative and possitive points.. didn’t u?? So do u think ppl r right to (ignore) everything good in LS2050 and pickup some minor stuff in the movie?!! I didn’t see Harman Baweja off the screen but my cousin saw him shooting in Sri Lanka, at a hotel in August and had some photos with him.. She said he’s handsome, tall and looks like Hrithik but not 100%.. so do u think it’s his fault if God created him like Hrithik?!! And.. most of bollywood dancers dance on the same tune, most of them try to be Michael Jackson! most of the singers in the video clips r doing the same, dancing the same way.. it’s not only him!! Ppl attacked him because he looks like Hrithik and thought that he’s wearing a makeup – or maybe a mask – and did some plastic surgery to be like him!! Do u think so?!

  • Thanks a lot for all those words Kasthuri, we appreciate it.

    ABD, you come across as someone who has deep knowledge of Bollywood. You also reminded me of something I had totally forgotten. There were strong rumors about a year and a half ago, just after Dhoom 2 released and Abhishek was criticized for his poor performance, that the Bachchan’s are investing a lot into Drona. Although Goldie Behl’s sister (if am not wrong) is the official producer of the movie, I think the Bachchan’s have invested quite a lot into this disastrous Drona project. But they invested, quite unfortunately, more into special effects than concentrating on the actual content and getting a good director for their dream project, which was their first mistake. If you see Drona, it is clear that the makers were thinking big. They probably thought the hype around these outstanding special effects would pull the crowd in, initially atleast. The second mistake was, Abhishek is quite simply the wrong choice for a character like Drona! His physique, body language and stern / serious look just doesnt go the character. He lacked charisma in Drona.

    Krrish on the other hand, had a good director, a ‘capable of pulling in huge crowds’ star and decent content. One advantage Hrithik has over such movies is his mind bloggling fan following amongst the kids. 9 out of 10 kids, the target audience, are Hrithik Roshan fans.

    I have read Fathiya’s comments in the Drona Review comments, where she mentioned, Drona is for kids who dont care about performances, direction, screenplay etc. Fathiya your completely wrong. If performances didnt affect kids, why do they love Hrithik?

  • Fathiya, LS2050 and minor negatives? Forget it! The movie was hugely flawed. Start to finish!

    Noone attacked Harman before the movie released. He even received appreciation for his performance. He did receive some criticizm for his Hrithik-like performance.

    The first poster that Harman revealed of LS2050 was him and priyanka in a very similar style to that of Hrithik and Amisha in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. Then his dance moves were out on trailer, which again were very similar to Hrithik. And when the movie released even his dialogue delivery and mannerisms were same. It was quite clearly intentionally done!

  • Indicine Team: If Harman didn’t please ppl.. what about the movie?!! The script which was very interesting and something new in bollywood, the production, direction, special effects, music and songs, the costumes and the makeup.. everything except Baman Iran’s weg ( and Harman’s dialogue delivery).. the movie didn’t lack anything as an entertainment package.. and some ppl liked it and praised it in some other websites including this website, I am a woman who’s watching bollywood movies since my childhood and can distinguish a good from bad.. Champ asked me: Why the hell didn’t u like JTYJN? As u know, both were released on the same date. I didn’t answer him because I mentioned in my previous comments the reason for it.. mostly the direction was just poor and some scenes and it was a boring movie with no story line.. but the direction of LS2050 was excellent, didn’t get bored, enjoyed every scene, the difference between the 2 movies is like comparing a star with a moon in terms of what I mentioned above.. and.. Imran was given a simple role to play and he couldn’t do at his best in JTYJN (Dear: it’s the influnece of the producer’s name on ppl’s brain.. that’s the reason for the success.. Aamir Khan did the movie.. It’s Aamir’s movie.. a hype after the success of TZP made everyone think that no one is like Aamir now.. he’s the best. so his movies r the best too.. he produced the movie.. that was the main reason for the hype to watch JT!)

    If LS2050 had flaws from A-Z as u say.. would u please mention them..yes.. I’d love to read what u say about LS2050 and in details.. I don’t mind.. ’cause still I don’t get it.!!

  • Indicine Team: About Drona and kids.. they loved Hrithik for his roles.. but Drona, I assume the story is suitable for kids, yes.. Abhishek was boring in the movie, didn’t do anything to please the kids as a hero except the secne which he jumps from a building, that’s all, but the story is nice of kids, therefore I thought they might love it.

  • Fathiya, your still not getting the point here. Aamir’s name, promotion, hype… will only be effective for the first 3 days. After that it depends on the word of mouth.

    A simple example of word of mouth is.. You go watch a movie, you enjoy it.. You go and tell your friends to catch it in theatre.. they watch it, enjoy it and spread the word. Thats exactly what happened with Jaane Tu.

    If 100 people watch a movie and 90 come out disappointed, they would tell others, the movie quite simply sucks.. in other words the percentage of negative word-of-mouth is more.. and thats what happened with LS2050.. Majority of the people didnt like it. There are always exceptions.. but most rejected it and hence it flopped!

  • Regarding your comments on Drona and Abhishek Bachchan. Firstly, there is no story in Drona. And Abhishek had just one expression on his face throughout the entire movie. Grim, dull, angry young man like.. What you need for a character like Drona (and to even please kids) is loads of charisma! Why was he acting as if, he was filled with a thousand worries? Ok.. He had a mother to save.. But why wasnt there even a iota of happiness on his face when he first saw his mother? He always longed for a family, for love.. But when he actually realised he had some identity.. someone to care for him.. nothing showed on his face.. He failed badly as Drona!

  • In some comment above your asked.. “And.. what really surprises me is the movie Dil Wale Dulhaniya (DDLJ) what is so special in this movie that it worked for 10 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KKHH was a much better movie.. any explanation?!!”

    Well, both DDLJ and KKHH are classic movies. What is so special in DDLJ that its running for 10 years? Honestly, Nothing much. For most parts of those 10 years, the film has just been running in one show (afternoon) at a single screen theatre with the name Marata Mandir, which is near a railway station. So people who wait for hours to catch a train, just move in to catch DDLJ.

    And one more thing, this is not confirmed news.. But there has been talks that Yashraj is funding the show at marata mandir for a few years now.. So even if it runs empty for the next 1 year.. the movie is gonna continue to run.. Its a matter of pride for the chopras.. Cant they afford Rs 1k – 2k per day to keep their blockbuster movie alive in theatre? Take my word it will run for another 10 years!

  • Indicine Team: If DDLJ was running in a small cinema near a railway station, and i/o waiting for the train to come, ppl go and watch this movie again and again.. so does this (indicate) that the movie is (sooo good) or just to kill time by watching it 100 of times?! That means any other movies also would do well at this cinema.. does this indicate that the movie is (so special) and extraordinary?!! U gave me one of the reasons for ppl to watch any movie in cinema. Now this is also one point which make ppl watch a movie and which never indicates that the movie is good or bad.. I’m sure that if Bollywood didn’t hv Yash Raj or Yash Chopra as directors, and u didn’t have good actors, SRK, Hrithik, Aamir, means u didn’t hv some qualified actors, still ppl would love to go to cinema and would watch any movie ( and Love Story 2050 would’ve been a blockbuster then!!)

    If the audience during Eid or Diwali couldn’t find any good movie to watch, to spend a good time for it, and they had only movies like Drona or Tashan, they’d have considered them as good movies too.

    I still don’t believe in the box office as there’re different reasons for any movie to be hit or a flop.. u said 90% of ppl leave the theatre and decide if the movie is good or bad.. but sometimes u can’t find those 90% r encouraged to see a specific movie because of bad reviews, media who spoils it all, kill any movie and stops some ppl who were willing to pay even (gold) i/o money to watch a movie they desired and let them, with their bad reviews, to change their mind about it.. not to watch it!

  • Indicine Team: About Drona and Abhishek, I felt the same way too, while watching the movie.. why Abhishek is so boring in this movie?! Couldn’t he perform better?! No smile, very sad face.. afterall, it’s not his fault.. it’s the (director’s) fault I assume, I think the actor follows the director’s instruction only, don’t u think so?

  • you have to look at the robot snake in ls 2050 ………man wat a joke for me that was the final straw to leave the hall……… wat a crap movie……….its a torture material

  • Thank you Indicine Team for your support.

    To Fathiya,
    LS2050 has no redeeming features. I am sorry, dear, but you have to face the reality. if you personally liked it, that is good but it is by no means a quality film. And the Bawejas did try intentionally to emulate Hrithik. That is unethical. And therefore even if it were a good film it would have flopped. As for Drona, Abhisheks serious countenance was not due to the Director’s instructions but more likely due to Abhisheks father’s instructions. Amitabh can look good in a serious and stern pose but his son cannot. Also, Drona was made expressly to counteract Krrish. Once again, unethical. Therefore even if it had been a good film it would have flopped. I believe very strongly in success coming to those who deserve it. And God plays a big role in this. I am not discounting Abhishek completely, he has potential. He should immediately separate himself from his fathers tenacious grip and seriously work on developing his own style, and take roles that suit him.

  • ABD: Hi.. but how could u be so sure of what u have mentioned?! U said : Abhishek’s countenance was due to his father’s instructions and not to the directors.. and u said ( Bawejas did try internationally to emulate Hrithik) how could u be so sure about what u have mentioned?! Did they announce it or it’s just your feelings and other peopl’s conclusion?!

    What I know that when LS2050 was released, everyone on every websites were attacking Harman, just because he got the same face!!! and also the way he dances ( although some ppl said that he’s a better dancer than Hrithik) and some started to spread some false news about him, that a doctor admitted on a show on t.v. that he did for him a plastic surgey and paid him lots of money just to look like Hrithik!! Don’t u think, even if that is true, that would be a (crime)! a big secret for Harman to hide and no doctor has the righ to reviel it to others as it’s the patient’s secrets, and any doctor who discloses all these information about any patient then he’d be sued, or might go to jail? So do u think that that really happened? What actually let ppl say this was their (hate) and to let down this actor and ruin his career as he did ( a big crime) to look like Hrithik!!

    ABD: Did u watch this movie.. Love Story 2050? I’m asking u because many ppl express their opinion and just repeat what they’ve heard or read on websites about any movie and they didn’t watch the movie.. I don’t think that u r one of them.

    I asked Indicine to mention the negative points, what did they really find bad in the movie, but they didn’t, so would u please let me know which way u saw the movie, just forget about the box office and other ppl’s opinion, I want to know your opinion and why do u consider the movie a worthless and not a quality one?

  • Fathiya…i didntt watch the movie but the subject of the movie itself was very delicate…only a very good directon make such movies interesting…Harry Baweja is not a very succesful director himself moreover his movie took a longtime to complete…lets not talk abt that…remember even a director of Rakesh Roshan class was doubting the genre, he played the movie very safe with all the endorsement which were included in the movie…the strategy has even been given to management guys for case study…
    it may not b that LS2050 was complete trash but the subject was very delicate….i personally felt it was not the right movie to launch his son…
    lookalike…i hardly find major similarities in him wit hritik, if he takes out his stubble i think he will look completely diff, but he has a good nose compared to hritik’s
    yes in some cases he did try to emulate hritiks mannerism may b bcoz hritik might jus b his fav actor he is surely yunger to hritik by 5-6 yrs…hritik tried to emulate his father in his first film. AB Jr still does that wats the problem…unless u entertain the crowd…

  • Negatives of Love Story 2050

    1) Direction.. Biggest flaw.
    2) Screenplay
    3) Story.. Very bad.. Its make believe, but thats exactly what they should do.. Make the audience believe by executing the story convincingly..
    4) Too many songs
    5) Acting.. Harman messed up big time in those emotional scenes, Priyanka was VERY irritating.
    6) Almost everything else ;) It was a complete disaster.. Maybe some liked it but most didnt..

  • Indicine Team: I still don’t understand which way u ppl see any movie!!!!! sometimes u write a correct review about some movies e.g. Kismat Konnection & Kidnap, your review indicine team about these 2 movies were correct, but, your review about LS2050 was absolutely wrong.. and what u r mentioning now about LS2050..that the direction is the biggest flaw!! and in my opinion the direction of this movie was the best thing!! So.. tell me Indicine Team: what is your definition for the word (direction)? What does the director normally do?! Does he only lead the actors which way that they act, perform, their dialogue or it’s a full package of perofrmance, cinematography, dancing, singing, shooting, special effects, etc..

    1) If the direction of LS2050 wasn’t good!! then the direction fo the stupid JTYJN was so good?!! Answer this please? What is the meaning of direction in your dictionary?

    2) Screenplay in some parts, not in the whole movie! Screenplay of the movie JT in some parts was also bad

    3) It’s a fiction movie, fantasy, the script was good as it’s something new, but Indian ppl never (digest) anything new!!! it’d never satisfy them!! ( if most of the audience were so clever, knowedgeable, had some brain.. why would they judge a movie like Drona and consider it as a bad movie and it’s made for kids to watch it?!! It’s a fairytale which is no good for them.. ( some stupid commentator said on You Tube, while judging LS2050: Oh.. how the cars would fly in the sky?!!!! Oh God!! they watch a movie and never understand that it’s all about the imagination of the future!! cars would fly in the future, u can buy your stuff with pressing some buttens, u can change the colour of your room in seconds, you can write your diary on the air and with no pen in your hand, as Priyanka did in the movie.. u can hire robots to serve u instead of housmaids.. u can.. u can.. that’s all the imagination of the future, how it could be.. that’s the best part of the movie.. that’s the script which no other diretors did in an Indian movie.. that’s a movie which is compared to bollywood quality.. people.. why don’t u want to develop to a better?!! You know.. and as Shahrukh said.. I don’t think Dil Se was good for the audience to watch after 10 years.. but after 30 years from the release date.. and also LS2050 is good for the audience to watch it and understand after 40 years from now!

    4) The movie had 5-6 songs, they weren’t too many and all of them were nice ( JT had only 2 good songs)

    5) Harman didn’t do well in some scenes, so didn’t Imran in JT, Priyanka’s acting was good, but ppl who criticised here were really (idiots).. they even didn’t know that she’s palying a shy sensitive girl!! that was her role in the movie, and in the 2nd half, she was completely different.

    6) It wasn’t a disaster.. it was one of the best indian movies which I saw recently but the audience (himslef) was a disaster!

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