Katrina vs Kareena – Vote Now

We have some of the hottest pictures from both the gorgeous celebrities for you, have a look, vote for your fav female star and discuss! Katrina or Kareena

Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor are the two most popular female actors in Bollywood today. Katrina has had back to back blockbusters with Akshay Kumar while Kareena has bagged every single popular award for her performance in Jab We Met.

The two leading ladies are very different to each other. While Kareena Kapoor can act, her position in the industry is quite overrated. To think of it, there are hardly any memorably movies / performances that come to mind which Kareena has been a part of. Is there anything that could match her Jab We Met performance in her 8 year old career? Also her Hit – Flop ratio is very poor. She probably has 1 hit to show for every 4 – 5 flops. And in Tashan she almost breached the thin line between sensuality and vulgarity.

Katrina on the other hand, cant act to save her life. Yet, she has been part of super successful movies. Her box-office record is unmatched by any actress in recent times. With great photogenic looks, its amazing the way she carries off Indian clothes so gracefully. One glimpse of Katrina in those black or pink sarees in the song Teri Ore in Singh is King is enough to get a dead man’s heart beating!

Katrina Kaif is arguably one of the prettiest female stars after Madhuri Dixit! Of course, there is hardly anyone in the current generation who can match Kajol in acting or combine performance, grace and beauty like Madhuri.

Back to the topic, whom would you rather vote for? Over hyped Kareena Kapoor or a beauty who cant act? Post your comments below and also vote!

Here are some of the best pics of Katrina Kaif and Kareena Kapoor from our Picture Gallery!



  • Kareena is simply the best
    katrina can hardly dance and act
    all her movies is like …what comedy movies so of course anyone will watch a commedy movie

  • error correction!!… there’s a pic of Katrina under the Kareena section!

    neways… i feel kat luks super hot in whites!

  • Although I watch their good or successful movies, but none of the 2 in my top 20 favs actress list. I think these 2 r the presently most overrated actress existing in Bollywood. So there is no question of voting the best here.

  • Katrina is the queen of bollywood. The future representative of bollywood in the world. The best actress world ever saw, sees or will ever see.
    no question of any comparison with ‘kareeena’!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Neither can act to save their lives…Katrina can barely speak Hindi…at least thats a point in Kareena’s favor…

  • They both suck! Big time, the fake kareena and talent challenged katrina both suck! My personal favourites are aishwarya rai , kongena sen and obviously the talented rani mukherjee!

  • Hate them both! They are probably the worst female heriones ever! Current favorites are aishwarya rai and rani mukherjee! Talent is really critical for me! Neither kareena and katrina have that charm!

  • Neither! Kareena seem slightly fake! And katrina cant act and perform! They really lucky they’ve got their looks! Which will fade and will their careers! They just dont make them as good as they used to! The new generation of actresses just SUCK!

  • They both bore me to death! Katrina is just a pretty robot while kareena is simply OVERRATED! I miss the days when actresses were appreciated for their talent and not looks!

  • Both Actresses Also suckzz , neither they have looks n talent lyk madhubala nor sridevi . Old is Gold . I Watchd d movie katrina’s sing is king . it was a simply waste of money . upon it i got headache too . d mainthing i think d script is mixture of old movies n d presentation also lacks 4m charm n everything . Katrina is in top position by her luck n kareena is by her skin show afta zero size figure .

  • I think kareena is best erlier his carrier and when his affair with shahid. but i think saif damaged kareena and he is thin as erlier. I Think saif fuck with him. any way katrina is all time best.

  • i love katrina i think she is the best.my name is Rockersoe iam from singapore but i born inmyanmar yangon city i am very rich in myanmar now in singapore also iam much richer.Thankyou and all the best katrina.bye koooooool!!!!!!!


  • May b Katrina is more pretty than kareena….but thats wat she only has looks but no brains…
    she looks so dumb….neither can Kat dance well….kareena is far better….atleast she can act n is far expressive than katrina…. so kareena rocks for me…

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