Kick vs Dhoom 3: Weekend Box Office Comparison

KICK has collected Rs 84 crore in its first weekend at the box office, which is about Rs 18.58 cr (Hindi only) lesser than Aamir Khan’s Christmas release Dhoom 3.

  • KICK released on approx 4100 screen cross the country, while Dhoom 3 released on 3800 screens in Hindi and around 300 screens in Tamil and Telugu.
  • KICK released during Pre-Eid period when majority of muslims don’t watch films. It also released during Southwest monsoon which affects business in the biggest circuit – Mumbai. Dhoom 3 released during Christmas, the only factor that could have affected business was the cold wave in the North.
  • KICK was a south remake, while Dhoom 3 was a part of the biggest and most popular franchise in Bollywood.

First Weekend comparison (including the Tamil and Telugu versions of Dhoom 3)

Note: All figures are from official sources.

Dhoom 3KICK
Screens4100 (incl regional)4100 (Hindi only)
Friday36.22 cr26.52 cr
Saturday33.36 cr27.15 cr
Sunday38.03 cr30.18 cr
Weekend Total107.6183.85 cr
Weekend without Regional102.4383.85 cr (same as Kick released only in Hindi)




  • was very dissapointd wid kick coz i was expecting a difrnt salman khan movie…bt it was d same keep ur brain out film..but unfortunatly even d brains wer out d movie fails to entertain…wantd to see more of nawaz bt dat was just cameo bt a very gud 1

  • KICK will not be able to compete Dhoom 3…it is better if we compare KICK with CE and Krrish 3…

  • Bang Bang will give the real fight to the weekend figure of Dhoom 3 …….although all the best to salman’s fan for total figure …

  • KICK has dropped heavily on monday,that is not a good sign…nut i remember CE has dropped on monday considerably…

    Monday will not be more than 13crs…

  • Good weekend for KICK because pre-eid period. Sajid nadiawala have a good sense because if he KICK release on Tuesday definitely break every record but it will effect lifetime collection. Now kick lifetime collection will be 230cr.@indicine, is it correct or not?pls reply… thanks

  • With Big Eid day(35crs) + Following two days of Eid(22+18=40crs) Kick will collect nearly 70-75 crs in last 3 days of this week.

    It collected 84crs in first week end & 17-18 crs on Monday are on card.

    So first week will be 84+18+(70-75)=172-177crs.

    As WOM is very +ve so expecting 60-65crs in second week.

  • Comparing Kick collections with Dhoom 3 collections is valid and proper comparison instead of comparing with Lungi express bcoz Dhoom 3 has all the records so comparison of any new released movie should be made with Dhoom 3.Both movies maybe r not among greatest movies of bollywood but both were high on entertainment and watching both movies in big screen was Too much fun.


    telugu kick was more about comedy than action. But in hindi kick,you would find more action.

    I was very much excited before watching the started well. But then it became flawed and then even more flawed. It’s a movie which is highly unrealistic,senseless,illogical and manipulative. If dhoom 3 was an unrealistic movie ,kick will be the “father of unrealisticness”. The first half was a major let down, it was tried hard to be funny,but not funny at all.second half was better than the first one.but it was not great either.

    The technical points were not as terrible as jai ho,ready and ready. Still, The direction was below average. Screen play and editing were major let down. Many scenes were looking over-dramatic like the scene of devi’s mom reaction while seeing devi and his father in drunk state, the scene between the woman(who gave salman prices later) and salman in the temple.

    The fighting scenes in the entire movie were highly senseless.devi,being a common man, broke the ribs,femur and girdles bones of the guards in the lab of nawaz. Moreover, Devil threw nawaz into the wall,which was again disgusting. There was a scene when randeep hooda tries to catch devil and the Bus,drived by devil goes through a huge destruction and fire after a blast.but there was not even a single damage mark on the bus.

    As for the performances,nawaz siddiqui played his role well. Salman was good at action, suprisingly played the emotional part well too.jacquiline was looking stunning. Archana singh had a limited role,but even in a single scene,she has overacted badly.other supporting people were okay.
    Music was good. Loved the picturization of hang over.

    CONCLUSION:i thought kick will be different from salman’s regular masala.but, i was wrong. It is the most senseless big budget movie of the year so far. The good points were nawaz and those action scenes in 2nd half.

    1.Nawaz’s acting
    2.salman,jacquine and randeep hooda played well.
    3.hang over track
    4.stunts in 2nd half

    1.manipulative story.
    2.senseless fighting scene
    4.unrealistic screen play
    5.incomplete editing
    6.some over-dramatic scenes
    7.direction was not clever at all

    i am not strict, even i am being generous this time.

    RATING: 2/5

  • Aamir khan released Dhoom 3 on Pre christmas and Salman khan released Kick Pre Eid period.Does the 3rd khan have the courage to release his movie Pre Diwali ? lol

  • it is unfair to compare kick with dhoom 3 kick should be compared with krish 3 as both movies don’t have any holiday in first weekend except Sunday

  • From 2 -3 days I am just hearing some reasons..KICK DIDNT BROKE ANY RECORDS DATS a big joke
    the hype was a sweet dream
    So it salman khan is 4th after Aamir,srk,hrithik

  • My rating(6.5+ means thumbs up)
    For khan films since 3 idiots:-
    Jai ho-7

  • Kick is likely to collect more than Dhoom 3 as it has created a magic all over the nation including Nepal also…..!!!!

  • During CE tym there were heavy rains in delhi and shows were packed
    be versatile mr salman if you want to give 250 films or akki and ajay are best examples of non versatility and lower colections i .e the 100 to 150cr club

  • Indicine why dont you compare kick wid only D3 and ce why not krish 3?
    So it is fuly clear dat top 2 movies of 2013 were aamir’s D3 and srk’s ce

  • indicine… Plz ur reasoning attitude is getting uglier and uglier day by day…. Evn CE and Dhoom3 had der prblms… Stll they scored… Biggest example is Sunday Collections… For D3 its 38+cr… And for CE its 32+cr (offcourse with less no off screens)… And see Kick colections with much no of screens its still 30 crs… It shud have been atleast 39-40crs…

  • Records are owned by aamir khan’s Dhoom3 so indicine did an excelent job by comparing kick wid Dhoom3

  • @nipun If hrithik would hv starred in kick u would have rated it minmum 3 bcz in terms of genre,story telling technique kick is very similar to dhoom2 but obviously every hrithik film is a class film and every current film of khans are crap.if hrithik does a film who cares for did mr a enter the museum as a statue?how was hrithik roller skating on sands?how did hrithik after going underground as an old guard come out changing his entire prosthetic and makeup within 30sec as mr.a??how in koi mil gaya v r shown that aliens exist?how can an alien change a mentally chid boy to a highly intelligent handsome man??

    But who Cares for logic in a hrithik film.v care for logic only in khan films!right nipun.and mind u hrithik is my most fav actor and I hv enjoyed both kmg and dhoom2 but I m not among those self proclaimed hrithik fan who will find everything great about his films but overanalyse every other actor’s film!

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