Kick Second Week Collections: Grosses Rs 348 crore worldwide in two weeks

Salman Khan’s Kick has completed its second week at the box office as the 4th highest grosser of all time, behind Dhoom 3, Krrish 3 and Chennai Express. The film has collected more than 50 crore in Week 2, taking its India total close to 215 crore net. Kick now needs around 12 crore to beat the lifetime collections of Chennai Express, which released during Eid last year.

The film should finish with lifetime business of around 235 crore net.

Kick has also fared very well at the overseas box office. The 14-day business of the film has crossed the 11 million mark (67 crore+). The worldwide gross stands at Rs 348 crore. It will just fall short of the 400 crore mark.

Kick First Week Collections

  • Friday - 26.52 cr
  • Saturday - 27.15 cr
  • Sunday - 30.18 cr
  • Monday - 14.41 cr
  • Tuesday - 28.89 cr
  • Wednesday - 21.66 cr
  • Thursday - 15.4 cr
  • First Week Total – 164.21 cr

Kick Second Week Collections

  • 2nd Friday - 9.22 cr
  • 2nd Saturday - 10.62 cr
  • 2nd Sunday - 14.17 cr
  • 2nd Monday – 5.08 cr
  • 2nd Tuesday – 4.21 cr
  • 2nd Wednesday – 3.91 cr
  • 2nd Thursday – 3.5 cr (approx)
  • Second week total – 50.71 crore
  • Total Collections in two weeks – 214.92 crore

Kick Worldwide Collections

  • India net – 214.92 crore
  • India gross – 280.63 crore (including entertainment tax)
  • Overseas gross – 67.32 crore
  • Worldwide Collections – 347.95 crore


  • Kick will surpass Chenai lung express this weekend and will emerge the biggest grosser after Dhoom 3.

  • Ok now what salman fan want to say on kick not crossing 400 mark, despit less screen count and with clash on 2nd week chennai express has crossed 400 cr last yr, from here it is appropriate to say who is more crowd puller

  • The worldwide collections of Kick are really good . I think it can 375 CR which is a huge figure . @ Indicine please mention the worldwide gross of Dhoom 3, Krrish 3 and CE . I just want to know how much Krrish 3 collected worldwide .

  • happy New year will not cross krrish 3 collection
    which is 188 cr. Mark my word.
    even it will not cross ek tha tiger collection which is
    186 cr.

  • sallu rocks all over in india man. he deserved this.
    top 3 mega star in india
    1 — amitabh bachchan
    2 — rajnikant
    3 — salman khan.
    no one can beat these 3 people’s.
    bcoz they r darling of masses.

  • 235 cr will be life time..this year no movie will go over 270 cr..dhoom3 record is safe..for me pk or hny will be slightly more dn kick..but box office is lets hope that this year dhoom3 record will break

  • Considering the fact that kick released more than 500 screens than CE and two open weeks,although it will strugle to beat worldwide collection of CE and lifetime collection of India(kick has fare chance to beat CE in India),but in case of worldwide CE is winner

  • This in exactly the same what I had predicted that it will end up anywhere between 230-240 cr, which is pretty good comparing Salman’s last release, which struggled to collect 100 cr on box-office. Overall, Kick’s collection is very good, but not outstanding. On every Eid, the previous Eid’s record is thrashed by a huge margin, but this time it doesn’t seem to be true. With 4300+ screens and 2 complete open weeks, there were some expectations that Kick will break few records and will go close to Dhoom 3 but apparently its not going to be happen. But still a big Congratulations to Salman as he proven himself again after the debacle of Jai ho, that still he has the same magic and charisma with which he is riding on box-office success continuously after Dabangg.

  • Lol!! So with 2 open weeks and 700 more screens than chennai express, a ticket price hike, kick will still not be able to beat ce or may beat ce by a short margin!! And people were predicting 300 crores. If u want a real box office tsunami, wait for bang bang and happy new year. They will raid the box office.

  • Toooooo much fun for salman fans and too much kick on haters

    With debutant director he is giving the second highest grosser of all time
    How fortunate is sajid khan

  • So around 8 crore more than CE despite an extra open week. I wouldn’t really call that beating CE. It did well but CE would have easily been 250cr minimum with two open weeks.

    Anyway, HNY will prove what SRK can do with two open weeks. It will easily surpass Kick collections.

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