Entertainment Hit or Flop: Box Office Prediction

Akshay Kumar’s Entertainment opens in theatres today. The film marks the directorial debut of Sajid Samji and Farhad Samji, the writers behind several Rohit Shetty entertainers like Sunday, Golmaal Returns, Golmaal 3, Bol Bachchan and Chennai Express. They have also been credited as co-writers for films like Ready and Chashme Baddoor.

Coming to the box office prospects of ‘Entertainment’, the pre-release reports are excellent, the theatrical trailer and promos have been generally liked, music also has been gaining popularity and Akshay Kumar returns after a good outing with ‘Holiday: A Solider Is Never Off Duty’ – even though it was the first ‘Post-IPL’ release in the last 4 years that didn’t open to extraordinarily good numbers and relied more on word-of-mouth publicity to recover costs. The marketing campaign too has been better than Holiday.

However, the two major problems for ‘Entertainment’ is its release date and costs. The film releases at a time when Salman Khan’s Kick is still going pretty well at the box office and a big film like ‘Singham Returns’ releases a week after ‘Entertainment’. Like ‘Holiday’ the costs are on the higher side, what with individual distributors paying a premium as minimum guarantee. ‘Entertainment’ would have to collect more than 100 crore just to recover costs and the film would be declared a commercial success if it manages to collect anything more than 100.

In short, ‘Entertainment’, like most other Akshay Kumar films in recent times, will rely on word-of-mouth publicity to carry it through to safety.

A better release date would have given the film some breathing space because ‘Entertainment’ has one week to collect as much as it can. To recover most of the investment in 7 days, it has to collect at least 15 crore on its opening day and 50 crore in its opening weekend – which looks highly unlikely looking at the response the advance booking has got.

Screens: The film is releasing on 2700-2800 screens approx across India.

The dog in Its Entertainment

Akshay Kumar’s Entertainment Box Office Prediction

Entertainment Box Office Predictions

We expect the film to collect around Rs 11 crore on its opening day at the box office (Holiday collected 11.5 cr). If the content is liked, Entertainment could go on to collect around 37-38 crore in its first weekend.

IF VERY GOOD (positive word-of-mouth)

  • Day 1 – 11 cr
  • Day 2 – 12.5 cr
  • Day 3 – 14.5 cr (Sunday)
  • Weekend – 38 cr
  • First Week – 65 cr
  • Final – 95 cr+ (Semi Hit / HIT)

IF AVERAGE (mixed response)

  • Day 1 – 10.5 cr
  • Day 2 – 11.5 cr
  • Day 3 – 13 cr (Sunday)
  • Weekend – 35 cr
  • First Week – 58 cr
  • Final – 80 cr (Average)

IF BAD (worst case scenario)

  • Day 1 – 10 cr
  • Day 2 – 11 cr
  • Day 3 – 12 cr (Sunday)
  • Weekend – 33 cr
  • First Week – 47 cr
  • Final – 60 cr (Flop)

Again, the big problem for ‘Entertainment’ is, even if it turns out to be an excellent comedy, it might still rely on the response that ‘Singham Returns’ gets. If the Rohit Shetty – Ajay Devgn film is liked, ‘Entertainment’ would struggle to go beyond the 100 crore mark even in the best case scenario.

Having said that, box office is extremely unpredictable. If ‘Entertainment’ lives up to its title of providing wholesome entertainment and somehow manages opening day business of 14 cr+ it might go on to be a fairly successful film.

The overall tone of the box office prediction might sound a little negative to our readers here, but that is only because of the release date and costs. Competing against two big films, especially when multiplexes tickets are priced so high is extremely difficult for any film. Not many can afford three movie outings in a month!

How much do you think ‘Entertainment’ will collect at the India box office? Hit or Flop? Vote and do post your views in the comments section below.

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  • Its a proven fact that Indicine anti akki site.
    this prediction is expected.
    indicine celebrated after first day of holiday.but it became big hit.
    same thing is going to happen here

  • I’m huge fan of Sajid-Farhad work and I would like to see their directorial debut becoming at least Super hit but unfortunetly it looks like this movie won’t survive coz it will get sanwitched between Kick and Singham Returns.

  • Akshai is undoubtedly a very good actor on comedy genre but a good release date nd a good script needed too..
    It will be average.

  • very hard to cross 100cr coz d craze for dis movie isnt dat high…even d craze for ek villian was much more dan dis film

  • I think Entertainment will be successful at the Box Office . First when i saw the trailer i didn’t excited me but later when i again started watching i found it was good . The dialogue promos are looking good, the songs are very nice especially(Poochay Jo Koi) . Akki said in an interview to Omar Qureshi that Entertainment is the best comedy and funniest film he has ever done . Waiting for the review .

  • Heard Singham Returns have book most Single screens for 2weeks.
    Overall,Tips should have changed the release date to November since Akshay sir had only Holiday and Entertainment to release.
    Don’t have much expectations

  • I hope atleast it fare average…..but trailors are not impressing and songs are average to poor……Want akshay in hera pheri or welcome type comedy

  • nice prediction ..really film is sandwich btwn singham and kick..but hope it can recover its cost atleast..coz so many people behind 1 film..so evry movie has to recover its cost atleast..all the best akshay

  • Hope it will be another 100cr for akki. it will gets tough competition from singham returns on its second week onwards so atleast hit status is the big achievement for the movie. Best of luck for Akki.

  • Akshay is the most unpredictable star in the industry. You can’t predict when his movies will earn big time and get a hit status and when it will be declared as flop or above average. As indicine stated earlier in this article, definitely it will face some sort of troubles as it’s getting only one open week plus its predecessor and successor , both are huge mass entertainers i.e. Kick and Singham returns, so he has to prove himself in that one week itself. Yes, if the WOM is outstanding and he will be able to attract audiences, then he doesn’t have to bothered about both Kick and Singham returns, “Its Entertainment” will have a glorious run on box-office in that scenario.
    P.S. :- Without giving a daam to box-office success, this guy brings a variety of movies every year, this itself is a big thing. He never runs behind records or else he could have adopted the hit formula of doing a single film per year and he could have beaten certain records. But he is enjoying his work and we appreciate him for this.
    All the best Akshay for “Its Entertainment”…!

  • However Good or Bad it is, it will still end up being a flop..purely due to bad release timing..if the reviews and WOM are positive, only way it can survive is SR getting terrible reviews like Besharam..but that also looks unlikely as it is a Rohit Shetty entertainer..

  • it’s a same case of last year when express and outimd release.if entertainment has entertainment value then no return will stop it’s run.

  • It will be very tough going for Entertainment…i wish it atleast collects 80crs and become average…

  • Entertainment has taken quite a few screens from KICK…KICK won’t be able to do beyond 235crs…

  • The biggest problem is for us who are fans of both Akki and Ajay.

    However, since Entertainment wd be releasing first, most would want to check it out first, and this would surely have an affect on Singham.

    It could also be the other way round, thus.

    families are surely looking forward for Entertainment, and comparatively a movie, if, it entertains the family, then it is sure shot hit.

    So, basically it might turn out that Singham might need strong positive wom from moviegoers to get public to watch it, expect for fans of Ajay.

    The biggest usp of Singham was Prakash Raj who will be missing here, so lets see who gets the better.

  • Sad. Akshay should choose scripts like OMG which have universal appeal and fetch you healthy amount of critical acclaim. Any way all the best to Akshay and his fans!

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