KICK First Week Collections

Salman Khan’s KICK has collected Rs 14.5 – 15 crore on its first Thursday at the domestic box office, as per early estimates.

KICK has recorded the second highest first week collections after Dhoom 3 (Hindi only)

KICK First Week Collections

  • Friday -26.52 cr
  • Saturday -27.15 cr
  • Sunday -30.18 cr
  • Monday -14.41 cr
  • Tuesday – 28.89 cr
  • Wednesday – 21.66 cr
  • Thursday – 14.5 cr
  • Total 163.31 cr

Verdict – Blockbuster




  • @Sayed, yeah. Comparison between CE n Kick should be stored here. Kick has beaten CE by a margin in its first week no matter what excuses you want to give. The fact is that Kick is riding mainly on Salman’s shoulder. Overall, Kick has less advantages than CE had.
    Earlier Salman’s films used to face competition from smaller films. For example, during Wanted release and Bodyguard release. Outimd did damage CE collections in its first two days but later it was CE because WOM was bad for Outimd.
    Besides, your inner sense does explain you why other films dare not clash with Salman’s but with SRK’s.

    On a serious note, Teesmaar Khan’s Ocean’s 11 remake edited by Joker Kunder won’t be able to go past 160 Crores even if it is released in 10,000 Screens. The exhibitors do not have faith in the stardom of the sarkar of 3.7 Billions fans worldwide. So, I don’t think it will have that many screen space for a film of a fading star. Besides, hardly will anybody be watching a crap film after the story driven films like Marykom and Haider and a Hollywood level film like Bang Bang. Who will like to eat baasi tarkari (rotten veges) after the fresh ones?

  • Actually, the train that the devil walks past dabanggly was Chennai Express. He showed that he doesn’t give a damn about Koyla Carrying Express by walking past throwing away his bicycle..

  • @vikram, according to boi Kick collected 155cr in 1st nd CE collected 134cr in 1st week. Now tell who has more starpower Salman or srk?

  • @Darshan, bro, Salman bhai is not as a greedy businessman as teesra khan is. He is contended with what he has achieved. That’s why he doesn’t bother travel abroad, do some chamchagiris and roadside shows like struggling teesra khan is doing..

  • @taran_adarsh 38m
    #Kick Fri 26.40 cr, Sat 27.15 cr, Sun 30.18
    cr, Mon 14.41 cr, Tue 28.89 cr, Wed 21.66
    cr, Thu 15.4 cr. Total: ? 164.09 cr nett.
    India biz.

  • Before release of KICK…Salman’s fans were shouting about sure shot 300 cr….first 300 cr club movie…blah blah…Now it seems they are happy with utmost 230 cr…….even they have lost the fait h of Kick doing 300 cr business

  • 1.D3. 283 cr 2. K3. 244 cr 3. ce 227 cr 4. 3 idiot 202 cr 5. Ett 199 cr 6. Yjhd 188 cr 7 kick 163* cr 8. D2 160 cr 9. bodyguard 148 cr 10 dabangg 145 cr after

  • with 2 open weeks kick should collect at least 300 crores to beat ce otherwise it’s failure in front of ce.
    ce got only 6 open days whereas kick got 14 days.

  • Salman now equal to rajnikanth in indian cinema. only rajny is enjoy this type of stardom and fan following in south.salman fans are same as rajni fans.this is called salmanisam

  • @saquib to be fair Kick has another 2 week run at the BO- cannot see Woof Woof lasting more than a day so next weekend Kick will dominate too.

    Back to this weekend- my god looking at Wed n Thur’s collections one can be forgiven for being too optimistic for thinking a 50 cr second weekend figure could be on the cards…! Im going to be conservative and say 40 cr is achievable but anything above that is a bonus…! 200 cr in 10 days…? A real possibility but lets wait n see….!

    PS This sunday Im going to watch it for a 5th time with family in tow also so thats another 35 towards its worldwide figure from me- its well deserved…!

  • @indicine Has Kick entered the Top Ten workdwide grossers list already…?

    PS any update on overseas collections and will Kick beat bhais ETT total…?

  • @indicine I forgot on which article I asked you about PKs potential release date… If you can then can you please point me in the right direction…? Alternatively can you let me know what your thoughts were right here on this article about releasing PK on Christmas day itself which is on a Thursday this year or adopting a Dhoom 3 strategy- have the holiday on your 7th day thus give your first week total a mega hike when most films 7th day collections curtails downwards…! Thanks in advance guys

    • @Navin.. PK is releasing on 19th December. Confirmed. It’s not only about opening day records, but long term business and open weeks. PK would get 21 open days before Arjun Kapoor’s Tevar releases in theatres. And yes, the Dhoom 3 strategy worked big time. Opening was outstanding too – fastest to 100 crore.

      Apart from the cold wave in North India, Christmas is probably the best time to release films.

  • taran adarsh @taran_adarsh 2h
    #Kick Fri 26.40 cr, Sat 27.15 cr, Sun
    30.18 cr, Mon 14.41 cr, Tue 28.89 cr,
    Wed 21.66 cr, Thu 15.4 cr. Total: ?
    164.09 cr nett. India biz.

  • someone give 1 star to kick n also say kick lifetime business was 175-200. this is the power of Salman Khan . he known Salman stardom. now I am confuse what is the business do kick if he give 4 star.

  • tiger not even 134 cr CE collected only 1 cr according to you n your favrouite srk hater salmir lover site but all trade say ce collections between 218-227 cr . lol kick will collect 230 cr with 850 more screens higher ticket price, 2 weeks free run. if ce had these its collection would be 300 cr that too 1 year before

  • @i m myself going with a 40 cr second weekend and sunday i m also going with my family and it would be my 7th time

  • The first half of 2014 saw business drop compared to the first half of 2013 to the tune of 8% and no blockbuster film but that has all changed with release of Kick. It has emerged the biggest hit of the year by a distance and first blockbuster of 2014.

    The one week share of the film is similar to the lifetime of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani achieved last year and in just one week it is the 6th/7th highest share ever. The second halfof the year has started on a good note with Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania also emerging a hit but nothing in front of the colossus Kick which has strong appreciation all over and has gone into week two with super strong collections.

    There are eleven films that have done well this lead by the only blockbuster of the year Kick and they are as follows.

    All Time Blockbuster

    1. Kick (apprx 90 cr share in 7 days)

    Super Hit
    2. Ek Villian (share – 49 cr))
    3. 2 States (share – 48.75 cr)

    4. Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty (share – 56 cr)
    5. Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania (share – 35 cr)
    6. Queen (share – 25.75 crore)
    7. Heropanti (share – 25 crore)
    8. Ragini MMS 2 (share – 23.50 crore)

    Semi Hit
    9. Jai Ho (share – 58 cr)
    10. Gunday (share – 37.75 cr)
    11. Main Tera Hero (share – 26 cr)

  • wheres @sss @Sakhi @Megha now ??? Kick will do minimum 50-60 cr in 2nd week. Hail Salman Khan !!!!!!!!!!

  • @indicine Wonderful answer… Wow thats great news…. After last years figures a Christmas Holiday is no longer essential as friday tends to be huge anyway…, so its best to keep a holiday for later on in the week to give declining collections a much needed boost I feel… Great strategy last yr by Adi n YRF and glad Aamir n Raju/ Vinod are adopting it again this year. Great news guys

    Thnk you

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