PK First Look – Aamir Khan

Here is the first look of Aamir Khan’s PK. Like we first revealed here on Indicine, Aamir goes completely nude on the poster with a transister. Have a look and tell us what you think!

PK First Look - Aamir Khan

PK First Look – Aamir Khan



  • Looks like It gonna be one of the path breaking movie of bollywood history. Cann’t wait for the movie.

  • If pk becomes another great movie by amir like TZP,LAGAAN OR 3I ,then i will pray that it becomes the highest grosser of 2014.

  • Best superstars of bollywood based upon quality of a movie currently:
    5.AKKI(we cann’t ignore s26 and he deserves to be ahead of the rest two people)
    7.Salman(even a genuine salmanfan will admit it).

  • Very interesting!

    As always, Aamir is extraordinary.

    My expectations are huge, the film must be a masterclass.

    At least, in quality, it must be equal 3 idiots.

  • Amir is going to do biggest this time as he always do.. This movie is looking extremly different and the facial expression on amir’s face in poster is worth watching..
    It is the most awaited movie of 2014 for me.
    And PK team will get all the awards this time for sure.

  • aamir & raju hirani both hav exellent knowledge of film making ….so expecting a gud movie from them……undoubtly will break all the record in bollywood history for sure………

  • Anushka said in an interveiw that she started weeping while listening the script.. Rajkumar hirani and amir khan’ s jodi magic is coming guys.. And yes it will be huuuuuggggggeeeee this time

  • din expect such thing frm an established actor…
    he shud hv realized tat he myt b idol fr thousands n many follow him…
    really disappointed…

  • what a stupidity this is……..trying desperately to be different…BUT ITS GONNA BE A HUGE DISASTER

  • aamir host such a wonderful show satyamev jayate on tv, but why he given green signal to nude scene.I think family audience might not see this film which will be a huge negative point for boxoffice collection.

  • hey indicine is it real or fabricated??
    has amir really posed nude or just photoshoped??
    though my question sounds silly as it’s official poster but still wanna confirm??
    plz reply indicine??
    waiting 4
    bang bang
    bombay velvet
    and last but not least…however
    the best pk

  • Highly disappointed with this poster. I never expected this kind of cheap poster from a masterpiece movie. Why the hell aamir signed this kind of role?

  • I expected PK to be a message oriented masterpiece from aamir and Raju hirani combo, but after looking at the poster. What the hack?? This looks like Delhi belhi kind of adult movie poster. Being aamir fan I m highly disappointed with this poster.

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