KICK First Week Collections

Salman Khan’s KICK has collected Rs 14.5 – 15 crore on its first Thursday at the domestic box office, as per early estimates.

KICK has recorded the second highest first week collections after Dhoom 3 (Hindi only)

KICK First Week Collections

  • Friday -26.52 cr
  • Saturday -27.15 cr
  • Sunday -30.18 cr
  • Monday -14.41 cr
  • Tuesday – 28.89 cr
  • Wednesday – 21.66 cr
  • Thursday – 14.5 cr
  • Total 163.31 cr

Verdict – Blockbuster



  • In spite of heavy rain …cant believe Salman bhai stardom. Christmas period n diwali r completely different …during diwali not just muslim but everyone goes out to c d movie being festival period

  • my prediction for kick 8th day onwards
    day 8-(13-15)crores
    day 9-(14-15)crore
    day 10-(18-20)crore
    day 11-(10-11)crore
    day 12-(9-10)crore
    day 13- (8-9)crore
    day 14- (7-8) crore
    day 8 has holiday in Maharashtra and some other part of country thus kick will collect good and day 10 is Sunday so collection will be huge
    kick will beat Chennai express before the release of entertainment i.e in 2 weeks itself
    kick two week collection will be 230-240 crores

  • No franchise+ no top actress
    + new director + just 1
    holiday+ Ramadan weekend.
    160cr in 1st week.Only Salman Khan can do
    this. #Stardom

  • kick collection is better than chennai express and krish 3 inspite of heavy rains in all over india and ramdaan month . . .finally salman has proved that he is having huge fan following than other khans.
    congrats salman for one more blockbuster

  • wow that is called star power salman is biggest superstar in india dhoom 3 is biggest franchise so it is very hard to beat it this year only pk can Cross it if it is like 3 idoits otherwise kick will be highest grosser of the year

  • No stopping KICK…audience have liked it…
    2nd weekend will be huge too,coz no hindi film has released

  • See I told here on indicine kick is likely to collect around 150-155 crs in its first week… boi wise umm rite.n I believed official collection may touch 160 crs.
    itz lifetime wil b around 230 crs according to boi n official’s may go past 245 crs surpassing k3 (dont knw fake or real) collections.
    I watched it yesterday here at ma home n wil post a review soon… vacations n festivals are over so hav to go back to ma college… tomorrow… Delhi callin

  • From friday to Tuesday Kick under performed but Wednesday and thursday collections are superb……..Lets see how it performs in second week………….
    @incidine wasnt the first week of K3 166 cr???????????when you use official figures of kick and its lifetime as 244 cr then you should use ist week as 166 cr …and why to count for hindi only now ??

  • Where is @shroti,nipun,iamsk,babaji ka thullu na all othet haters who said tht kick never gonna break CE record…haters go hide is SALMAN KHAN stardom..which no other actor can match.even forbs india declared him first superstar aftr haters KEEP CALM ND WAIT,MORE RECORDS R ON DER VERGE TO B BROKE.

  • lootera is the world’s biggest blockbuster, its gross collections were 600 crores but Sona Ma’m does not manipulate movie collections, so collections were only shown as 16 crs. nett.
    only Jadoo knows what the real collections of Lootera are.
    Lootera has also won an Oscar in Pandora.

  • Congrats 7 back to back hundreds, 6 blockbusters, 1 double century, 2nd almost double century, 4 films above Rs. 150 crores and 6 films above Rs. 140 crores.

  • @indicine’s 6th early estimation was 18cr but Kick collected near 22cr. Now, @indicine saying about 14.5-15cr for 7th day so definately Kick has collected more than 16cr..

  • 15cr opening day is a dream for many bollywood stars. But 15cr on 7th day! That means 13cr plus on 2nd friday, 15cr plus on 2nd saturday 18cr plus on 2nd sunday total 2nd weekend collection will be more than 45cr for sure. This is called true STARPOWER.

  • Bang Bang have a chance to be the highest grosser and first 300 cr movie of the year..Here are my reasons that show you why bang bang gonna highest grosser–


    1.Bang Bang is a action-thriller packed movie..The Director of Bang Bang worked with the script about 3 years..
    2.Megastar like Hrithik Roshan,Katrina Kaif presence take the film higher..
    3.Bang Bang is the official remake of Hollywood James Bond movie Knight and Day..And Produce by Fox Star..But more action,romance,emotion,thriller,suspense are in Bang Bang..
    ##4.Bang Bang will have 5 day Holiday..The Big opportunity to become highest grosser of the year and make new records…
    5.And the Bang Bang teaser received 8.5 millions views in just 8 days on much popular website Youtube..A Record-Breaking Teaser..And Still counting..
    6.If Teaser became a record then Trailer of this movie gonna be huge..


    1.Shahid Kapoor’s Haider gonna clash on that day..The trailer of this movie got 4 millions views in 23 days..
    2.Hrithik-Shahid Clash on that day..
    3.If Haider clash with Bang Bang then it take some screens from Bang Bang..

    Bang Bang is Hrithik Roshan starrer movie..And this is a treat for his fans..It is not sure that Haider gonna clash on that day..It must be pre-pone or postpone..Then,Bang Bang gonna be the highest grosser of the year…

    ***My prediction—

    1st day-37cr
    2nd day-34cr
    3rd day-29.5 cr
    4th day-36 cr
    5th day-30.5 cr
    6th day-24 cr
    7th day-19 cr
    1st week-210 cr
    2nd week-280 cr
    3rd week-300+ cr..
    Lifetime-310+ cr…

  • Once again, opening weekend determines star power, after that it is wom that takes the film further which was pretty good for kick so that explains the good collections. but I still think kick underperformed as far as opening weekend is concerned. It didn’t do any record breaking business to say the least.

  • very Good collections But happy new year will cross kick,s collections very easily Is diwali todenge records srk waale.

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