‘Katti Batti’ makers continue to use Aamir Khan’s name to promote the film

The fact that Nikhil Advani, the director of ‘Katti Batti’ starring Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut, has been taking advice from Aamir Khan, is no longer a secret.

The director has spoken about Aamir’s influence in almost every interview of the film. In fact, he has reiterated time and again that Aamir’s suggestion has changed the entire film.

“After listening to the script, Aamir suggested one very important change in the script, which according to me changed the entire film” Advani said.

Another Aamir Khan suggestion was for the director to stick to Hindi as much as he possibly can – both for the title and dialogues in the film.

In an interview to Mid-Day, the director said ”Aamir said a considerable chunk of the audience did not know that he had made a film called ‘3 Idiots’. The Hindi-speaking people thought the film’s name was ‘All is well’. They did not connect with the ‘3 Idiots’ title since it was in English. So, Aamir felt it was better to stick to Hindi so as to be able to widen our audience reach.”

Aamir’s nephew Imran also took the suggestion seriously and requested Nikhil to change the English dialogues to Hindi.

“I used to request Nikhil on a daily basis to rewrite English lines in Hindi. He would then ask me to do it. If you want to reach out to a bigger audience, then it is important to have Hindi lines.”

Katti Batti releases in theatres on 18th September. The entire promotional strategy of the film has revolved around Aamir and his ‘script sense’. Aamir’s involvement and Kangana Ranaut’s presence has created quite a bit of curiosity around the film.

Interestingly, for his other film ‘Hero’, Nikhil has spoken about Salman’s involvement throughout. There were reports that Salman edited out nearly 30 minutes from the film.



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  • @AKN AJAY KI NAJAYEZ..?: Can you tell me when will SAROOK stop overacting and learn real Acting from Aamir khan?

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    Abeeee yeh kya tha yaar! Matlab kuch bhi!!

    After Aamir Khan Movie-
    What an amazing movie!! And continously thinking and discussing about it for several days.

  • @Iam AKN : This article is not about Bhai but you still barking about him. You are simply obsessed with him instead of your feku idol !!!!!!

  • American actor-producer-martial artist Wesley Snipes recently stated that one day he will act with Shahrukh Khan.

    His connection with Bollywood happened when he was studying in New York State University. They used to have Bollywood dance instructors who taught them the jhatkas and matkas of Hindi movies. Wesley said, “I love the world of song-and-dance and have travelled to India in my dreams. In that dream I was doing a Bollywood film too,”

    Whenever he visits India, he wants to do these things – learn Kalaripayattu, study the Ayurvedic form of healing in Kerala, take a Bollywood dance class and act in an action-thriller with Khan.

    When he was asked which Khan, he said, “There’s only one Khan, Shahrukh Khan.”

    Wesley had met SRK in 2008 at a party hosted by the latter in Dubai. “We also met on Broadway and one day I will act and work with him,” Wesley added.

  • @Raj keep your nonsense shit to yourself. Srk is nowhere close to aamir in popuLarity globally. No one cares about wesley.

  • @hrithik but you didnt support Aamir here at all. Very much disappointed though knowing the fact that I always support Salman khan when his haters bash him. But you didn’t support Aamir. I am very much disappointed.

  • If SRK advises, then the movie will be an epic disaster..

    Haters will cry once they see Katti Batti being a grand success..

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