Priyanka Chopra back on the sets of Bajirao Mastani

Actress Priyanka Chopra just flew down from the United States and within a day she was back on the sets of ‘Bajirao Mastani’.

The actress posted a snapshot on Instagram of herself in jewellery with caption “Assah kassuh Kashibai”

Priyanka has also been busy with her upcoming series ‘Quantico’.

The shoot of ‘Bajirao Mastani’ will be wrapped up by the end of September.

Priyanka back on the sets of 'Bajirao Mastani'

Priyanka back on the sets of ‘Bajirao Mastani’



  • If clash happens,
    BM: 150 crores
    Dilwale: 140 crores
    Dilwale producers should avert clash if they dont want to be overshadowed by epic Historical film Bajirao Mastani.

  • Bajirao Mastani will be the biggest disaster of this year.
    Sanjay leela bhansali ko phir se sabak milega.
    aa jao saare srk fans thoko like iss comment par aur power dikhao apna

  • bajirao mastani
    disaster is coming
    chance for record breaking of Bombay velvet to ALL TIME BIGGEST DISASTER

    bajirao = biggest disaster of indian cinema

  • if solo- bajirao mastani 150cr+
    dilwale- 230cr

    if clash- bajirao mastani 115cr
    dilwale- 180cr…beat crapy hny collection

  • predictions : –
    dilwale with clash : 290 cr blockbuster
    dilwale without clash : 350 cr all time blockbuster
    bajirao with clash : 23 cr all time disaster
    bajirao without clash : 55 cr disaster

  • Not interested especially when the king movie is releasing in the same day!!

    Some people love to go to beaches even though they were warned that Tsunami is going to come… can name Sanjay leela bhasali in the same category. it is pure ego but not a wise thinking.

  • BajiRao mastani wil b a great film. Wom wil b superb…like bahubali..postpone ur lungidancewale mrs.srkay

  • Watched bajirao teaser during welcome back on big screen and it truly looks epic.crowd reaction was also awesome but the hilarious part is when the teaser ended with release date showing ’18th dec’ some srk fans started shouting This December Only Dilwale!!!
    rofl insecure fellows

  • Bajirao Mastani looks great…..eagerly waiting for it.
    I am sure its gonna be better than Rohit Shettys ‘leave ur brain at home’ movie,but the only good thing about that movie is Srk-Kajol

  • I think Di caprio’s new film The Revenant is comin this xmas..

    BM and if The Reverant comes then it wil b a good xmas

  • Sanjay leela vansali may not forget 2007 and he wants to clash again , his movie budget is 120 cr there is no any change to this movie will collect 120 cr with clash . Rohit shetty is coming with SRK and the best thing is SRK and Kajol feel sorry for PC .

  • Mastani-120+

    varun’s dilwale with uncle aunty-175

    i think dicaprio’s new film The Revenant also for this xmas

  • @ arjun youngistan fan
    arjun kapoor ki and ka is coming ALL TIME BIGGEST DISASTER record breaking collection of Bombay velvet
    worst actor of indian cinema = arjun flop kapoor
    ishaqzaade = yrf, parineeti saved to hit
    aurangazeeb = disaster only prthiwiraj is good
    gunday = only priyanka, good songs to semi hit
    2 states = alia bhatt gives super hit
    finding funny = disaster
    tevar = disaster
    ki and ka = all time disaster breaking record from bajirao mastani
    Mark my word……

  • Eagerly waiting for Greatest Brahmin Warrior of Maharashtra . My Brahmin association eager to watch films .

  • I dont want BM to be flop…mi hope slb revert the clash…….
    my prediction with clash
    bm 70cr
    dilwale 280 cr
    without clash
    bm 100 cr
    dilwale 350cr

  • I’m a big fan of SRK but it’s not a reason to be a hater of BM. It looks like an ambitious film and SLB is a great director. I really hope the clash is adverted, not because of Dilwale (we all know that SRK will easily win the clash) but because Bajirao Mastani deserves to be a hit and it will flop badly with a clash…

  • @ rajesh…
    communal bramhins like u cn only see world with view of bramhin n non bramhin…
    for u historical leaders … also divided as bramhins n non bramhins…
    i hope maharastra get rid of communals like u…n ur fake illusive hindutva….
    stop living in pre independance era …u n many.more like u..need to grow up..n stop this bramhin bramhin chant…

  • @ chain smoker…
    frst thing…ur have choosen cheap name for ur ID..
    second- then ur begging for likes. .
    3-ur shoutimg for other comment to be disliked…
    4-i conclude u mst be srk fan only his fan cn smoke to his level ….n cmnt like tht…

  • I would have watched the movie had it been releasing on some other date but when the director is hellbent on clashing with the mighty real king it doesn’t stand any chance of even recovering its cost forget emerging a hit.
    BTW why are Bhai fans so excited about the flick.Did they forget the kick director gave to Salman and threw him out of the film because of his poor acting abilities.Imagine Bhai riding a horse Rofl:):)

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