‘Katti Batti’ makers continue to use Aamir Khan’s name to promote the film

The fact that Nikhil Advani, the director of ‘Katti Batti’ starring Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut, has been taking advice from Aamir Khan, is no longer a secret.

The director has spoken about Aamir’s influence in almost every interview of the film. In fact, he has reiterated time and again that Aamir’s suggestion has changed the entire film.

“After listening to the script, Aamir suggested one very important change in the script, which according to me changed the entire film” Advani said.

Another Aamir Khan suggestion was for the director to stick to Hindi as much as he possibly can – both for the title and dialogues in the film.

In an interview to†Mid-Day, the director said†”Aamir said a considerable chunk of the audience did not know that he had made a film called ‘3 Idiots’. The Hindi-speaking people thought the film’s name was ĎAll is well’. They did not connect with the ‘3 Idiots’†title since it was in English. So, Aamir felt it was better to stick to Hindi so as to be able to widen our audience reach.”

Aamir’s nephew Imran also took the suggestion seriously and requested Nikhil to change the English dialogues to Hindi.

“I used to request Nikhil on a daily basis to rewrite English lines in Hindi. He would then ask me to do it. If you want to reach out to a bigger audience, then it is important to have Hindi lines.”

Katti Batti releases in theatres on 18th September. The entire promotional strategy of the film has revolved around Aamir and his ‘script sense’. Aamir’s involvement and Kangana Ranaut’s presence has created quite a bit of curiosity around the film.

Interestingly,†for his other film ‘Hero’, Nikhil has spoken about Salman’s involvement throughout. There were reports that Salman edited out nearly 30 minutes from the film.



  • Still a superflop film in making. Imran Khan is aamir khan’s relative. So this is going on. I guess they will use Rajnikanth name after few days. Still it will be a superflop courtesy non-actor Imran Khan.

  • Kb is looking very interesting .opening should b around 8cr and if content clicks then even 100cr is not out of reach

  • Salman for hero and aamir for katti batti

    katti batti luks boring frm promos there is no fun.. i dnt think it wil work but i want kb to work for imran

    hero is a sure hit

  • Imran khan , the next arjun kapooor??? Or arjun kapoor , the next imraan khan???. The non-actor expresionless league of actors..

    Katti batti will be a flop.

  • dont know why nikhil is being dependent on superstars for his film.
    from ma pov he is a very talented director…and has given us some incredible films like kal ho na ho and d day. all the best nikhil for both of your films

  • hahaha.
    jo banda khud dusro ki madat se film hit karwata hai uska naam leke promote karega toh disastrer hi hoga na bhai.
    katti batti will be an epic disaster

  • Nikhil advani back to back two films
    1 : – hero
    music = 7 /10
    cast = 3 /10 athiya shetty looking worst
    interest = 5 / 10
    promotion = 8 / 10 only the name of salman
    verdict = hit

    2 : – katti Bart I
    music = 5 / 10
    cast = 6 / 10
    interest = 4 / 10
    promotion = 5 / 10
    verdict = average

  • I think Katti Batti will flop…

    Kangana has delivered 2 remarkable performances in queen and TWMR but those kind of frenetic characters are the only ones that suit her..When she plays a normal girl,her dialogue delivery sucks badly.

  • Thereby the 2 most irritating things on Indicine are Hero film articles and Katti Batti film articles.
    Nobody is remotely interested about those films..so why so many articles for films of Flop Imran khan.. And suraj..

  • Aamir khan is by far the biggest name in the history of indian cinema , no actor in this country has acheived what aamir has so his opinion is like taking gods opinion. Dangal will create new box office records by beating pk by a huge margin.

  • Sadly,Imran Khan is no Aamir khan. One thing is sure that the opening of this film will be way below the mark..

  • I completely agreed with @babaji ka thullu.I thought this many yes when Kangana played simple girl character his dialogue delivery is so weak.

    But what they’re doing?????are they ignorant tingulal is the most fanless actor in BOLLYWOOD and a 90cr club star with out south remake+raju+brand dhoom,ROFL????? when before south remake+raju papa+dhoom brand came ,this lifetime overactinng as well overrated perfaketionist only struggled to give hits,lol.11 hit tingulal ‘s stardom always t main midget lie his height.that’s what I named him as complan star,neither in height nor in career complan can’t help this chotulal in any case.such a greedy money minded star is this amoor is and never gives penny to any poor,this selfish is living for himself.he doesn’t care about his family too,such a loser is this 2rs star,LOL.and making fools in the name of patriotism while charity comes into place,then doom dabake bhagta hai yeh tingulal,ROFL.what else he did in his whole career to choose story and creating hoopla of doing great movies and which is his promotion strategy and announcing film before 4 years still his film was only flopping and some might was hardly got hit status.stardom ke naam pe dhabba hain tingulal,ROFL.and now salman also proved with bb that ifpeople oriented movie will made then anyone can score better at overseas so as happened with tingulal.jab insan ki height hi dedhphut ho,to admi koi naam ka nahi rehta,ROFL.you know what I mean,ROFL.

  • Hero- A producers film
    Katti Batti- A directors film with 10% influence by Aamir(changing the dialogue from english to hindi is not something big, as well as one change)

  • The trailers isn’t that intriguing but have full faith in Kangana she has confessed the role to be her most challenging role till date.
    @Arjun Wow you’re the most logical user of Indicine.Phantom 100 crores Katti Batti 100 crores..lol it isn’t a cakewalk for any movie to cross 100 crores.Better wait for Arjun to deliver 100 crores in your dreams

  • Then why Nikhel is directing??One film is influenced by Amir and other by Salman.Then he should leave the direction seat and ask AK and SK to sit there.This show the competency of director.I dont know how he gave a beautiful film KHNH ,I think Karan Johar had influenced that film

  • No one in Indian cinema is bigger than Aamir khan. The most consistent megastar in quality as well as quantity.

  • A movie is a hit or not is decided when it releases and after its wom comes out
    So dont judge any movie before it releases I personally think this movie will surprise all of us mostly in a positive manner

  • AFTER READING THE ARTICLE : Don’t show it to amiri Kaun otherwise he’ll start crying again .

    It was such a joke saying they’re using Publicity Ka Bhooka amiri kaun’s name when Publicity Ka Bhooka himself is using movie’s & the cast name to get some publicity in Media by crying & showing fake tears as no one cares about it just like when he cried after watching Nawazuddin Bhaijaan & even after watching Katti Batti then the Whole Twitter made fun of him that’s this Publicity Ka Bhooka / Shameless Amiri Kaun wanted even crying for 3 hours in fake show SJ for the sake of publicity and for 4cr per episode & to fool otherwise specially those who lives in Mars . amiri kaun must have even told all including Imran Kaun who is following amiri Kaun’s career by giving back to back countless flops & cheap films in the beginning of career to match amiri Kaun & make him proud through it.

    Now let’s come to the point Nikhil Advani – a director of SRK’s Kal Ho Naa Ho.. who just become a star in one night after SRK’s KHNH released & decided to make another film Salaam-e-Ishq but with the person who was in race to make back to back countless flops/disaster records in the last entire decade after 90s & the result was : what Nikhil was before KHNH he came to the same situation again after release even worst than dat bec of none other than all decades disaster Bhai.

    The only hope for the movie is Kangana bec of her it can become a hit like LIKE TWMR, TWMR, Queen not bec of amiri kaun who has more disasters/flops/cheap films than his success films.

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