Katrina Kaif, Hrithik Roshan shoot for Bang Bang: Photos

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif were spotted shooting for their upcoming film Bang Bang in Shimla.

The actor also announced that he is no long a part of Karan Malhotra’s ambitious film Shuddhi.

Bang Bang releases in October 2014.

Check out the on-the-set pictures of the film and tell us whay you think.

Katrina Kaif, Hrithik Roshan shoot for Bang Bang

Katrina Kaif, Hrithik Roshan shoot for Bang Bang

Katrina Kaif shoots for Bang Bang

Katrina Kaif shoots for Bang Bang

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif



  • I bet boxoffice collection will be in range 125-145 crore if movie is good
    160 crore if very good
    if bad than 100-110 crores
    and in worst case scenario
    70-85 crore

  • I bet boxoffice collection will be in range 125-145 crore if movie is good
    160 crore if very good
    if bad than 100-110 crores
    and in worst case scenario
    70-85 crore
    and if clash with phantom than figure should be lowered to 125-130 cr from 160crore

  • @romance expiry But I want ‘Players New Years Party On Diwali’ to clash with PK n result will be similar to RNBDJ v Ghajini….

    Thakur will RIP in Paglapur one last time

  • @samar atleast make up your mind as to what position Crappy New Year will end up at my indecisive naive immature lungiwala friend

  • @Romance at expiry, Both KMG and Tere Naam emerged as winners not only commercially but also critically. Since KMG was a bigger project, it earned more than Tere Naam!
    What needs to be seen is what will happen to the Sarkar of Paglapur when he clashes with the Super Hero Hrithik. I think the Sarkar will be kicked out from his Sarkar Position in Paglapur as well because the Super Hero has a mighty real friend in Paglapur. And his name is Jaado, Jadoo, Jaaado!!

  • @navin bhojpuri,I want kick should clash with HNY,after that result will be like lallu’s jaaneman vs KING’s DON.lol.chamir’s alien faggot look in pk will smashed by kido’s bombay velvet and hunk’s welcome back.lol.

    @crap kumar yadav,did you forget rohit clashed mission kashmir with KING SRK’s MOHABBATEIN.what was the result?who got kicked at that time?lol.by the way you towelwala of bhojpur/pagalpur should sing like “jaye jaye ek baar jo jaye blockbuster phir na aaye”.lol.

    all hr fans,don’t underestimate the power of phantom,lol.

  • @sss khan- Sarkar looks like a faggot in the recently released photocopy poster of CASH/ Players so one can only imagine what Abhishek n Sonu will do to him if his master plan of robbing Kumars newsagents doesnt come off and they grt caught. Needless to say they all get banged up in a bhojpuri jail where Thakur will think forget Diwali all my Christmas’ have come at once and he will happily bend over in the showers to pick up his slippery lungi that mysteriously keeps falling on the floor…! Bang Bang here comes the end credits….

    You will enjoy picturing it no doubt

  • If a film like jai ho is not a clean hit, then bang bang will also be a disaster , get ready for a big flop hritik k chamcho

  • @sss (alias 3XArse), Are you comparing Mission Kashmir with Mohabbatein? It means you are comparing a newcomer with an established star at that point of time, doesn’t it? That shows how a dampish arse and nut you are! Yet, Mission Kashmir emerged as a success.

    Giving five back to back BBs is not a piece of cake. Ask the Sarkar of Paglapur if he can do that! In the history of Indian Cinema, Salman Khan is the second person after Rajesh Khanna who has done that.

    Towel Dance is way more dignified than Lungi Dance is. While doing Lungi Dance, one may end up slipping his Lungi down and exposing his parts just like it happned to the Paglapur Sarkar in the blue film, Maya Memsaab!

    Blockbuster Aaye Na Aaye Woh Dekhengi Future Mein!

    Filhaal tum log, Ye Gaana Gao “(Bina Mooch Ke) Mucho Ko Todha Round Guma Ke, Anna Ki Talway Chaad Ke, Coconut Mein Lassin Mila Ke (this is absurd, nobody mixes Lassi in Coconut), Tamil Nadu Mein Punjab Milake, Lungi Ko Todha Upar Guma Ke, Maya Memsaab Dobara Dekh Ke, Aajao Mood Bana Ke, All the Sarkar’s Fans, Don’t Miss The Chance, to Polish Thalaiva’s Shoes, Hay Thalaiva.”

    Hahaha!! Final words, the term “Paglapur” is strictly copyrighted by its Sarkar exclusively for him!

    When you insult every other actor, don’t expect their fans to kiss your big arse. They will hit back, remember, you spineless faggot!

  • In Shimla, the Hrithik used to hit the gym every morning with his trainer who is travelling with him.

    When asked if he has done any action scenes, the source informed – “He jumped from a balcony. He will do the simple stunts himself but the major ones will be done by his body double.”

    hahahahaha. Now a days when even newcomers n old fellows all r taking risks n get injured too during their stunts, this so called perfaketionist mega star is unable to do his stunts at his own. Poor Chap

    3 Cheers Bravo

  • Bang Bang is definate 250 cr movie, reasons:

    1) Hrithik : Mega star with 3 straight hits and coming directly after a 245 cr movie
    2) Katrina: 2nd best in industry today
    3) HR- Katrina Pair is the best in bollywood after SRK-Kajol
    4) Releasing with national holiday (Oct 2) – 100 cr in 3-4 days is guranteed
    5) Movie releases post his divorce and injury concerns, hype is sky high
    6) A story line that is being adopted from international version’s – which both class & mass people would like to enjoy..

    Thus its going to be Bang Bang Bang this october…

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