Katrina Kaif, Hrithik Roshan shoot for Bang Bang: Photos

Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif were spotted shooting for their upcoming film Bang Bang in Shimla.

The actor also announced that he is no long a part of Karan Malhotra’s ambitious film Shuddhi.

Bang Bang releases in October 2014.

Check out the on-the-set pictures of the film and tell us whay you think.

Katrina Kaif, Hrithik Roshan shoot for Bang Bang

Katrina Kaif, Hrithik Roshan shoot for Bang Bang

Katrina Kaif shoots for Bang Bang

Katrina Kaif shoots for Bang Bang

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif



  • Biggest grosser of 2014….
    if Bang Bang crash with Phantom::
    Bang Bang:250cr
    if Bang Bang not crash with Phantom::
    Bang Bang:275cr
    10 lakh ka hero Saif Ali will completely destroy in the front of Bollywood handsome hunk

  • I dont know its crash with Phantom or not but confidently say that if crash then Saif Ali khan’s film carrier will finished

  • any actors stardom should be considered on the basis of no of footfalls on that actor s film in theater not on the basis of collection because if anyone watch film in multiplex he would pay 5 to 6 times more than that of single screen theater.akshay, Ajay are way more big superstars than that of hrithik and ranbir but their films done more business in single screen thus collect less than that of hrithik and ranbir films even if their films watched by more no of audience.for ex.yjhd collect more than rowdy rathore even though footfalls for rowdy rathore was more.

  • Hrithik-Katrina’s Jodi is Just Unbeatable in Terms of Sexiness,Chemistry and everything.I don’t see any Jodi coming close to their Standards.They are Certainly the Greek God and the Goddess of Bollywood <3

  • @loki; if u win we Hrithikians will not come here anymore!!! but if u loss commit u will do what we will say u 2 do!!!! i hope u will answer

  • All the pics are just brilliant and they both are looking hot as always . I hope Bang Bang breaks all records . Bang Bang is awaited because of edge of the seat action sequences and intense chemistry . After hearing the news about HR opting out of Shuddhi i am even more excited about Bang Bang . Last weekend HR shot a rooftop chase sequence with 2 body doubles and after the Shimla schedule HR will shoot a car chase sequence in Delhi . This 2nd Oct we will go Bang Bang .

  • Just wait for Bang bang,All HR haters like @loki,you will not find a place to hide your face…
    May be you will have to sit in HNY theatres coz they will be empty..lol

  • @Vicky
    Yes you are correct but an actor should be able to involve both type of audiences..
    For ex.
    RK,HR,Saif are mostly considered as multiplex actors but K3 did very well at single screens,on the other hand Bullett Raja failed to attract single screen audience..
    Salman is now just a single screen actor..Jai ho’s ratio is 59:41…
    Also it depends on the type of film:
    Yjhd was a multiplex film while RR was a typical single screen film.
    Universal films like D3,3I,CE,K3 worked well at both places…

  • Lol I was just joking. 38 lakhs lifetime is impossible.
    But still Bang Bang will do maximum 80-90 crore at the box office

  • @loki from 38 lakh u jump to 90 cr………again i am challenging u!! commit u will accept ur loss in front of all here if “Bang Bang” will earn more.i will also accept if u will win!!hope u read this

  • They do have great chemistry with each other. It is also appealing to both multiplex as well as single screen audience.

  • Dude BANG BANG WILL BE HUGE……FORGET ABOUT 100 Crores……..Movie will Smash…..Shout…..Kill……Blast all Bollywood collections…….300 Cr on cards baby……Wait and Watch………Knight and Day…….Bollywood Ishtyle…..!!!

  • @babaji ka thullu jai ho done well only in single screen because of its south indian masala kind of action but kick has hollywood stunt directors so its action is like that of ek tha tiger so it will earn more in multiplexes like ek tha tiger

  • Wow so excited for this!!!!!!!!!! Will be a blockbuster!!!!!!!!
    @Babaji ka thullu: I doubt HR is mostly loved multiplex audiences……………movies like Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, KKK3, KMG, D2,Agneepath and K2/K3 shows that he is loved by both multiplex and single screen audience a lot………………..its just that nowadays he does mainly multiplex kinda films and not masala movies like ajay/akshay.

  • Actually hrithik did this to proof his love to suzaane.He is actually telling her that no one is important to him except suzaane.he can throw a great project like suddhi for his love and family.ultimately at the end of the day your family life matters not your career.
    We donít know what he is doing is Wright or wrong.but we all know he is a man of golden heart and our support is always with you
    Bro.donít feel lonely .
    We love u always ÖÖ

  • If Hro and Saif Clashes, it will be great to see who comes a winner.

    Both have good directors, and both have Katrina.

    Obviously Hro star power is better than Saif, but other factors will also come in to play like songs, content etc.,

    However, i doubt if both will have same release date.

    I wished Bang Bang to clash with HNY, that would have been some fireworks on display.

    Every festival should have atleast 2-3 top stars movie releasing, it would be real fun then.

  • @ vicky, that’s a good point on footfalls.

    however, Jai not failed because of south actions. That’s just a reason people have been looking to give an excuse.

    The movie failed because of the first half. It was not done very good, while the second was very good, so when people came out of the movie, they had very mixed feelings and hence the wom was not very favourable, and people only talked about the message conveyed by movie and not the movie on the whole.

    If they had worked better on first half, the wom would have been – a good movie with a good message, this would surely have given the movie a big boost.

    but it is over, so no use talking and discussing much on it now.

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