Hasee Toh Phasee Monday Box Office Collections

Hasee Toh Phasee has held up well on its first weekday with all India net box office collections of around Rs 2.75 – 2.8 crore.

The film continued its good run in metro cities, where the evening / night shows at high-end multiplexes were running to 80% + occupancy. HTP will continue to do well through this week, but the film will face tough competition from Gunday which releases this weekend.

Looking at the way the film is trending, Hasee Toh Phasee is likely to collect around 28 cr in its first week. A lot will then depend on how Gunday fares at the box office. But for the family audience Hasee.. might still be the first choice this weekend, as Gunday is a crime action thriller.

Hasee Toh Phasee Box Office Collections

  • Friday – 4.28 cr
  • Saturday – 5.86 cr
  • Sunday – 7.1 cr
  • Monday – 2.8 cr
  • 4 day total – 20.04 crore




  • Jai ho lifetime collections didn’t cross 110 cr. When will you publish this article indicine?? Its 108.52 cr lifetime collections. Just post an article with lifetime collection and verdict of Jai ho. As we all know, its below average. But your final comment matters a lot to us. Thanks.

  • @Crap Ho, your name suggests what you actually are. A total mindless retarded crap! You guys have the habit of commenting out of context and out of topic with multiple IDs.
    Jai Ho has crossed 115 Crores in domestic market. Just ask Indicine. It collected more than Christmas and Diwali releases of the Sarkar of Paglapur like CO2 (CON 2 aka DON 2) and Jab Tak Hai Mojo respectively.
    Jai Ho has been declared a Semi-Hit by Paglapurians’ Favorite Site, Box Office India.

  • Are sum Guyz Crazzy……Hassee toh Phase is at most an Above Average or a Semi Hit fare……I lucid the movie…..Buh i suppose it has to collect above 40Cr for a Semi Hit Status…….ANYTHNG below will make it an Above Average fare.,,,…What Blockbuster….SuperHit are you talkin about……..Face the Reality…….Btw movie was amazing……!!

  • Jai Ho Ends Salman Khan Run – Second Best Of All Time

    The second best run ever by a male lead in terms of consecutive major hits in the history of Hindi
    came to an end with Jai Ho. Prior to Jai Ho Salman Khan had five back to back blockbusters in a run lasting around 30 months.

    This run is only bettered by a run by Rajesh Khanna which lasted 15 months from October 69 till February 71 which consisted of 9 consecutive major hits including six blockbuster/super hit films There have been other runs where male leads have given 5-6 consecutive hits but these two runs stand out in magnitude.

    The run by Rajesh Khanna was phenomenal and the Salman Khan run is also extraordinary because its unlikely that five hits like this will be given by anybody in a span of 30 months again. It could happen again but not in a short 30 month span. It can also be said that it is easier for big stars to give big hits today as it has a lot to do with initial while 40 years back a film had to run 25 weeks in around 8-10 centres to be a big hit so the initial factor was less but then today there is competition from other forms of entertainment which probably equals things out.

    The law of averages also say these things come to an end although distributors thought differently as they had pegged Jai Ho as the sixth consecutive blockbuster of Salman Khan going by what they paid but it was not to be. The Rajesh Khanna run was ended by a film called Mehboob Ki Mehndi which was his most expensive film till that date and the Salman Khan run came to an end with Jai Ho which fetched the highest prices of any Salman Khan starrer till date or for that matter highest prices for any star.

  • #Raj Kumar Yadav

    hahah! Still semi hit doesn’t count on hit! Still it tends to avarage
    and U r compairing don2 with relased less than 1500 screen from jaiho hahahah!
    Still it didn’t crross JTHJ and Ra.one

  • @raj kumar yadav

    Lol your response hit the nail right on the head…

    Indeed ‘crap ho’ is crap at what he does for a living hence he spends his whole day trolling here looking for new punters- hey crap ho you need to get in contact with ‘sss khan’ as hes looking for some companionship ever since his former bjohpuri lover SHERA dumped him for a younger stud…. Good luck with that…

  • @IMAM, what do you mean? You mean Semi Hit= Avergae, don’t you? If so, talking in the same vein, the terms “Good, Very Good and Excellent” are equal. There are no differences among them in degrees. Then, what do you say about ‘Ra.One’ which was a flop? Will you call it a disaster?
    When a film is released in more screens, the numbers of audiences also get shared in the respective theatres. It can be beneficial only when it happens in festive seasons or holidays. Beacause during holidays, many people can come out to watch movies. Whatever Jai Ho has earned is only because of Salman. You too know that even though you don’t admit it. Besides, there were many attempts made by some people to boycott it. No point of explaining them anymore.
    Jai Ho crossed the business of JTHJ and Don 2. You ask Indicine!
    R.I.P, typical Paglapurian!

  • Jai Ho is already still running. Its verdict is SEMIHIT to HIT.
    Its budget is 45 cr.plus 20 cr. for P&A. Total is 65. Jai Ho presently 115 cr. that is
    HIT Status. Eros international were happy and earned profits.

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