Kambakht Ishq Box office – Week 2

Akshay fans would be very disappointed to read this. Second week collections were very important for a big budget film like Kambakht Ishq, but the Akshay Kumar film has crashed in Week 2 by almost 75% all over India.

Usually films that release big (1000+ prints), fall by 40 – 50% in week 2, which is considered normal. 75% drop though, isn’t!

While KI, also starring Kareen Kapoor, grossed about 42 crores (official numbers) in week 1, the second week all India nett gross is less than 10 crores. Comparing Week 2 of Kambakht Ishq to other biggies in the past. Ghajini after a 60 crore+ first week, managed to gross about 26 crores. While Rab Ne after a first week total similar to Kambakht Ishq managed 24.6 crores. Akshay’s Singh Is King too did much better last year.

Comparison with other biggies from the past

  • Ghajini – 26 crores
  • Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi – 24.60 Crores
  • Singh Is King – 19 crores
  • Kambakht Ishq – 10 crores (approx figures, should be lesser)

So what went wrong in week 2, after a decent opening week? Well, the word-of-mouth is poor, the family audience especially have rejected the film outright and lastly the repeat value is almost nil.

From here on, super-hit / blockbuster, looks highly unlikely. Above average to HIT at best!

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  • Super star can guarantee a huge opening, which is already done by kambakht ishq.
    The rest depend on how good or bad is the movie.

  • its just weird that all the movies that americans like turn out really bad in india….i mean everyone was like wow that movie is really good but india some how doesn’t like it! probably both of their’s thinking is really different!!! but its ok!! akshay can do better and he will!!!! soooooooooo good luck akshay!!!

  • Not surprising. K.I. is a steaming pile of utter rubbish. Rambo and assorted bikini babes provide novelty, but not quality.

  • We are forgetting the crisis factor. Yes the film is crap, but people are careful to spend money on crap movies.

  • This was a truly crap movie. Apart from some rare funny moments this film is rubbish. Purley a front benchers entertainer. Akshay’s talent is wasted in this movie.

  • Last chance for what Ahsan? Stop abusing, else your comments will be deleted..

    You cant change someone’s opinion if they haven’t liked the film.

  • INDICINE, what Ahsan probably means is that we, Akshay fans very less often go out against any other actor as SRK fans do. Its ok if they did not like Akshay films but please do not lie to others by saying that this film is crap which it is not. It is just not a clean hit only in India. But if you combine overseas bo collections, it is at least a hit to super hit at best. It could have been a larger hit or blockbuster as though youngster liked it a lot, families avoided it as it was not a family film though some families are more open minded. Hence the audience is small compared to RNBDJ or even Ghajiini where audience is much larger as they are in some way family movies

    We Akshay Kumar fans, are hurt by the anti-Akshay feelings in many websites. If you see in your site, two or more people here are commenting that AKshay is a bullshit actor probably in every article you are publishing of him. But even though SRK’s My Name is Khan is not yet released, they are praising him blindly and saying that he looks very handsome in the pictures of the shooting. To be honest I dont find him handsome at all nor do many other bollywood fans. He looks very old and has a much more uglier nose than Akshay. Akshay is damn(kambakkht) handsome. Please dont be bias in judging. PLus Akshay is a great personality as well. Recently I heard that he adopted a fill village district in Bihar after the KOSI floods.
    Jealous SRK fans cannot change the minds of Akki fans how hard they try.

  • Ahsan bro and other Akki fans, please dont vent your anger at the Indicine people. THey are very nice and impartial website and all they say is mostly true facts. I find them one of the least bias sites to check Akshay articles.

  • Hi, Indicine.

    Is it possible for you to publish an article either now or in the days to come, telling us how Akshay’s film fared at the box office both overseas and in india in terms of amount of collections and whether it was hit, superhit, semi hit or whatever.


    Please reply

  • yes this film is an above average movie not a blockbuster
    and it didn’t make 100 cr like reported
    crap movieeeee…just like cc2c

  • Hi AB, i agree with you to a certain extent, the movie has indeed done well overseas. Now regarding our Kambakht Ishq coverage, let me tell you very honestly, we are just reporting facts and the review was just our opinion on the film. Nothing against Akshay or his movies..

    Many Akshay fans believe, we are biased towards SRK.. Just go through this page and you will know! http://www.indicine.com/movies/bollywood/om-shanti-om-movie-review/

    Akshay is indeed a great personality and a huge star, noone is denying that.. But Kambakht Ishq was a below average film, the box-office numbers atleast in India, reflect the same. It was expected to do much better business.

    And SRK fans praising SRK, good or bad.. Aint that true with Akshay fans as well? Hrithik fans? Aamir fans? How can you expect a SRK fan to praise Akshay’s nose over SRKs? Kidding, but hope you get the point.. :)

  • Ricky, which film are you talking about? If its Kambakht Ishq, then after the movie entire run in theatres, say in 6 – 7 weeks.. we will put up the final box-office figures India – Overeas – Total and verdict!

    If your looking for some other analysis, please request :) Thanks

  • Just read your second comment AB, Thanks a lot for that :) Including reviews which could go either way due to it being personal opinions, you can trust our articles.. Its completely unbiased and 100% facts!

  • hai Indicine….y u r publishing indecent comments frm akki fans… just publish only valuable comments yaar… y these guys raise against indicine for the worst movie of the year… poor akki.. we expected a better one frm you… and indicine u r doing a good job by publishing almost 99% correct report….

  • No Problem….Ahsan….i am just saying what my relatives thought of the movie…..and the feedback they provided….well we watched the movie in dvd……does that come in the box office total 2!!!

  • i was right most websites r giving boxoffice collections of 1048 prints!!!!!!!! for kambakkht ishq….

    can u tell me where the collections of rest 375 prints gone ,,, since the movie(kambakkht ishq) is released in 1423 prints in india..????????

    so…it would’nt be right to add 15 crores to the collections frm 1st two weeks???????

  • Super star can guarantee a huge opening, which is already done by kambakht ishq.
    The rest depend on how good or bad is the movie.
    Love you Eshita.

    King Kumar rocksssssssssssssssssssssss

  • media is just commited to rubbish off this megastar cuz he doesnt give a crap bout them. btw..different newspapers/ websites have different figures and opinions and they all claim their figures are right. but on an average if you analyse

    kambakkht ishq budget= 60 crores.

    first weekend= 19 cr domestin + 10 cr overseas
    first week = 27 cros india + 19 crs overseas
    second week= 43 crors india+ 27 crors overseas
    now yu do the maths 43 + 27= 70nett

    70 crores nett + 10 crores for music and Satellite rights. plus movie is still running in the cinema’s. its in2 it’s third week in australia and the occupancy in my suburb’s multiplex was around 30-40% (third week).

    so clearly movie has managed around 80 crores worldwide, including everything.

    so how is it an average movie?? even if you take few crores out it still has earned more than its budget.
    and how you guys are so sure that movie’s budget was exactly 60 crores (round figure) when nadiadwala claimed the budget of 50-52 crores?????

    to akshay’s fans:- dont be disappointed. out media is into lying and selling. movie is hit (atleast) and remember movie is still have the audience. it’s still running.

    indicine you’ve TOTALY lost your credibility for me.

  • hello indicine team
    their is one thing that i wanna know what factors determine a hit or a flop cuz when a movie like new york netts around 45-50 crores its declared a super hit but ki has allready netted 50 crores in 2 weeks and is not being considered a hit and is being doubted to be an average money maker?is it the budget (their is not much diffrence in budget of ny and ki,around 5_8 crore)or is it the expectations?
    please reply n also let me know you r an akshay fan or an srk fan?

  • Hi, I watched Kambakkht Ishq at home first on DVD and i really liked it. It’s a movie mainly for youngsters and teenagers who’ll love it. So 2 days later i took my my gf, mycousins and my brother to go warch it. They all enjoyed it very much. Even my dad loved it.
    It kind of resembles those american sex-commedy movies.
    Many movies like Fast n Furious 4 and many Jim Carey’s movies, that are loved by indian people, have worst language than K-I.
    I’m an Akki fan and i was really hurt the way many SRK fans are behaving at every release of Akki.
    Infact many Akki fans are now started to dislike SRK just because of the latter’s fans.
    Akki fans were never writing bad comments on SRK. This all started when Akki started got 5 hits in a row in 2007. (Namastey London, Heyy Babbyy, Bhool Bhulaiyya, Welcome) Srk fans became jealous and started to criticise Akki movies.
    I have always admired SRK before but now i feel like not watching his movies.


  • Nitish, good comment.. First of all, we are absolutely not into this SRK vs Akshay battle.. The trade doesn’t give a damn, neither do the actors themselves.. Quiz Akshay or SRK, if they feel threatened by each others presence at the top, they would laugh over it.. As long as their own movies continue to do well, i dont think any starry battle affects them..

    And why SRK? The man who truly deserves No 1 spot today is Aamir Khan. Ghajini’s net gross was almost 100 crores in 2 weeks with worlwide gross crossing 200 crores..! Most movies struggle to gross half that!

    Okay now.. Language of KI compared to sex comedies from Hollywood.. Well, you just cant compare the two.. Indian audience watch Hollywood movies with a different mindset.. Kissing is so common in Hollywood films, but is blown out of proportions here.. Kate Winslet was nude for most parts of her last film, what would happen if Kareena / Katrina / Kajol / others.. do similar roles? You think it’ll be accepted? Call it narrow minded or whatever, but its true..

    So lets not compare.. Bollywood movies are watched by people from much smaller towns and villages in India, who probably may never have seen those sex-comedies that you are talking about..

  • Yahskaa.. Personally, the only actor who ruled Bollywood like no other is Amitabh Bachchan.. The rest cannot come close.. During his days, he was ahead of the competition, miles ahead infact.. Today like I have said many a times, Hrithik – SRK – Aamir – Akshay are the biggest, each capable of beating the others record.. Overseas or India.

    Regarding SRK or Akshay fan, we are fans of good movies.. Irrespective of the actors that star in the film.

    And glad you asked how we determine a HIT – FLOP etc.. Go through this article, it covers every verdict in detail.. http://www.indicine.com/movies/bollywood/indian-box-office-verdicts/

    Thanks :)

  • Rock, your figures certainly dont rock! What’s your source? 27 crores in week 1, 43 crores in week 2.. What are you talking about ? If what you meant is 43 in week 1, 27 in week 2.. Your wrong.. the second week figures aren’t even close to 27.. infact its about a third of that.. Your overseas figures are gross..

    You cant include video, telecast rights etc.. HIT, Average, blockbuster, superhit depend on the distributors share, not how much money a producer makes..

    Go through the link, just above this comment..

    One last thing, no comment is deleted unless its abusive, your first comment wasn’t.. your last comment was.. Hence……

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