Kamal Haasan will have three releases in 2015

Actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan-starrers “Uttama Villain”, “Papanasam” and “Vishwaroopam”, which have all been wrapped up, are likely to hit the theatres through the course of next year.

All these films are currently in post-production phase.

“Since Kamal sir was shooting non-stop this year for two projects, he’s unlikely to have a release this year. His first release of 2015 in all probability will be ‘Uttama Villain’ and soon followed by ‘Papanasam’. He’s currently busy with the post-production work on these films,” a source close the actor told IANS.

“‘Vishwaroopam 2? will be the third release of the year. He stopped working on it after he got busy with the other two films. Some computer graphics work is pending on the film,” the source added.

Ramesh Arvind-directed Tamil comedy “Uttama Villain” was earlier slated for release in October, but it got postponed.

According to reports, Haasan will soon travel to Los Angeles to work on the sound of “Uttama Villain”. He had mixed the sound for “Vishwaroopam” in the same place as well.

Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan



  • Happy New Year Review by Nipun:

    Happy New Year, directed by Farah Khan is among the most awaited movies of the year. The director is back with her favourite superstar SRK through it. Does HNY live upto the expectation? Okay, let’s find .
    Happy New Year is the story of a boxer Charlie (Shahrukh Khan) who wants to pull off the biggest robbery to take revenge of his father(Anupam Kher)’s death. For this, he creates a team with other five people: a half-deaf guy Jag(Sonu Sood),an old batchelor tammy(Boman Irani),ace-puker Nandu(Abhishek Bachchan), a geeky-hacker Rohan(Vivaan Shah) and a dancer(Mohini). To succeed in the mission,they have to take part in World Dance Compitition. So Mohini teaches them dancing and accordingly the story proceeds.

    Director Farah Khan’s HNY is obviously better than her last movie Tees Maar Khan,but it’s not good either. The first half is okay with a few good intro-scenes of all stars. The second half is boring with a lots of manipulative sequences in the story.

    This movie is absolutely poor in sense and logic. The plot is highly manipulative and unrealistic. Many questions will arise on your mind like “how the jury decided to select the team for final by seeing charlie rescuing the kid in a world dance compitition?” or “how Vivaan is hacking all those votes so easily that too in a selection for an international dance compitition,can it be possible?” and so on.The fighting parts between Sonu sood and the bodyguards will remind you of the fighting scenes of any b-grade typical masala film. The comic part works some times like at the time when charlie and his fans tries to learn the dance forms(where dancers use their toes only) and during time of Boman Irani’s Mom. But many times, the comedy simply doesn’t work.The chemistry between the male lead and female lead is decent to below average.
    The cinematography was okay. They could have induced more beautiful locations. However,the stage design, costume design and the work of make up artists are praise-worthy.

    Director Farah khan tries here the same formula as she did in OSO and TMK. In OSO and TMK,the characters were learning acting and shooting for the movie. Here,the characters learn dancing.She has induced some special appearances for comedy. But their parts never offer anything. The script is complicated with so many elements like action,comedy,romanc­e,revenge,petriotism­,dance,hacking and so on which is why the movie looks clumsy and problematic. Director Farah Khan has made this movie only for entertainment,But sadly it’s not offering much of entertainment at all. Even if I ignore the weak story,sense and logic , it hardly gives anything like we haven’t seen before in bollywood. HNY also includer many popular dialogues of old bollywood. The movie is absolutely predictable too.

    The saving graces in the movie are the performances by the actors. SRK has given complete justice to his role even though the role never gives much scope for his acting. My favourite part in HNY is the entry of SRK in the end at the stage where he delivers some quotes about Indiawaale. Deepika plays the role of a non-english speaking girl. She played her part well. Abhishek Bachchan was hilarious at some moments. Best performances in HNY belong to both SRK and junior Bachchan. Boman Irani,Jacky Shroff and Vivaan shah were impressive in their parts. Sonu Sood was decent to good. His looks,physique were great though.

    Music and Choreography, the two important parts of HNY are not impressive at all. Manwa lage is a nice song and the best one in the album. The other tracks are average at best. The background music works well.

    So, over all, Happy New Year is a typical Farah Khan movie where you cann’t expect anything great. It exists to entertain. But to get entertained, you have to leave logic and sense and then we will find it “just satisfactory at best,not more than it”. It’s boring too. Watching such a movie for 3 hours is torturous.

    So in my final words, despite having good performances and good costume and stage design,Happy New Year is clumsy,complicated,j­oyless,problematic,m­anipulative,silly and boring at some places due to its poor script. I am going with two stars. HNY is the most grandly-hyped and grandly-promoted movie. But,where is the grandeur in the movie?

    RATING: 2/5

  • @nipun, absolutely amazing review, my rating is 2.5 out of 5, due to last 40 minutes. . .the last 40 minutes were amazing.

  • This makes 2015 Highly Exciting for Indian Cinema…
    Uttama villain & Vishwaroopam 2 r gonna b blockbusters…
    Kamal Sir..
    Not just an Actor… A Magician…

  • kamal haasan is my favourite south indian actor his ek duje ke liye comes in my all time favourite top ten love stories. he is better than rajnikant. love to kamal haasan.

  • @nipun Pathetic review. Take grammar classes. If you apply for critic job they would reject you reading your one line itself.
    2/5 -grammar
    1/5 -review criteria
    1/5 -music sense (you said only Manwa is good)
    minus 2 stars for overuse of words like ‘manipulation’ and biasedness against the movie.
    Loki’s rating of nipun’s review- 1.25/5

  • @loki: i am good in Grammar. But, some times i make spelling mistakes . Like instead of includes, i wrote includer. It should have been “in mind” rather than “on mind”. It’s due to the typing error.

  • Babaji’s HNY Review::

    So i went to the theatre last evening with 2 different mindsets- The trailer was mediocre but indicine rated it 4 stars,so i was quite sceptical about the film.
    I will be writing a hort review here coz no one likes to read a long one i guess.

    STORY:Story of HNY is almost same as that of Dhoom 3 but with a different premise..the only difference being in D3 aamir was avenging for Jackie Shroff and here srk is taking revenge from Jackie shroff! still the story is pretty decent considering it is a Farah khan film.

    DIRECTION:Farah Khan does an appreciable job as HNY is consistently engaging enough.Yes there are sequences that could have been avoided.Fight sequences were overstretched ones and neither appealing.

    CINEMATOGRAPHY:HNY has been shot very well.Right from the first scene it gives a look of a big budget film,dubai has been captured well.

    PERFORMANCES:SRK is as usual brilliant in this film,does well in emotional scenes but it is Abhishek Bachchan and Sonu Sood who are fab.Both are outstanding in their roles.Boman is also very good.Deepika is’nt as quite good as she was in CE but still does a commendable job.Vivaan is decent in his short role while Jackie Shroff is menacing enough for a villain.

    MUSIC:Though many might disagree here but Satakli was the song i enjoyed the most followed by Manwaa lage and Lovely.Overall songs are decent and look good on big screen.

    I was also elated to see “Babaji ka thullu” being said thrice.Also we get to see two of our indicine visitors in HNY.We get a glimpse of our dear Navin uncle,he was there with the Great Britain team to take part in WDC with some broad thigh girls,yes he was the same guy who kissed Boman while swapping the rooms.Also we get to see one of the many Dynamic’s impersonation of Nipun “Ni pung from Korea”..yes he was the little guy whom SRK saved from falling!!
    But all is not well in HNY.There are logical lapses which can’t be ignored and even the people sitting beside me pointed these for ex:How did Charan Grover and WDC organizers never recognized Nandu Bhide?? Also the film is too lengthy,it takes you to sit for more than 3hrs which is really tedious and bcoz this the film lacks a repeat value and which i think is now evident from its dropping collections.

    But still overall HNY is a complete family entertainer,though vulgar at times but still manages to win your heart.
    1)Performance of the whole cast
    2)Comedy Scenes of Nandu Bhide(specially his stripping act)
    3)Music is decent
    4)Film looks grand
    5)The build up to the heist
    6)Vishal and Anurag’s cameo

    1)Too lengthy
    2)Lacks repeat value
    3)Fight sequences are’nt appealing
    4)Vulgarity in a family entertainer

    Overall it is 3.25/5 from me!!!

  • Cant believe first comment was off topic n so amateurish… Really why are Indicine allowing the fool to post off topic remarks here there everywhere…?

  • @loki (secret fan of nipun lootera)

    I agree with you (firstvtime for everything)- dont know what possesses the fool to think ppl interested in Kamal Sirs glorious body of work n top class filmography would be even remotely interested in reading his garbage worthy review….

  • @hrithik


    Yes hes spamming but worse than that hes been allowed to do so by Indicine… Cmon guys his review was 5 days late- he had ample time to get inspired shall we say by others work n yet he comes up with the lamest review EVER… If hes a critic then Im a diplomat bringing peace talks between bhai fans n lungiwaales..! :-P

  • Back to topic- sadly I only watch Kamaal Sirs films once they’re dubbed in hindi on tv but what I can watch I am impressed each n everytime of his dialogue delivery, sincerity n honesty to portaying his character as intended n not overacting the part. A shame Kamaal Sir hasnt done more hindi films in recent times so todays lootera/ ragini loving youth could fully understand /appreciate what a great actor he is….!

  • I posted my reviews on 3 articles only in the same day of writing my review. How can people say I posted it after 5 days? Navin is jealous of me.
    @Loki: music sense? ? Seriously! I am a singer from my childhood, have taken 1 year of classical training of singing in my 11th standrd.

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