Jolly LLB Review – Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani

  • Movie Review: Jolly LLB
  • Cast: Arshad Warsi, Boman Irani, Saurabh Shukla, Amrita Rao, Harsh Chhaya, Mohan Agashe, Mohan Kapoor
  • Director: Subhash Kapoor
  • Reviewer: Joginder Tuteja

First things first – Even though a little over 9 months are still remaining before 2013 comes to a close, if there is one movie that has made a strong case for being India’s nomination for Oscars, it has to be Jolly LLB! An ambitious take, but true, and well deserving for sure.

Time and again one has seen court room dramas turning out to be, well, dramatic. While most have turned out to be an oft repeated case of ‘order order’, a couple of them are etched in audience memory for all the right reasons, case in point being Damini and No One Killed Jessica. What stayed on to be a common thread in both films was inherent seriousness that came along. Nothing wrong with that. However things change in Jolly LLB, and how! It turns out to be one of those rare court room affairs that has humour taking the proceedings forward. Of course there is a lot being said behind the lines and between the words but all of that is done in such an entertaining manner that it turns out to be a strong contender for a second viewing.

It is this very entertainment factor that ensures that right through it’s two hour duration, it never allows you to look the other way as you stay glued on to what plays on screen. For filmmaker Subhash Kapoor, this is an achievement no less because with three men around – Arshad Warsi, Boman Iani and Saurabh Shukla -he spins around a tale which demands audience attention that many other out and out glamorous films have failed to do in recent times.

Jolly LLB ReviewJolly LLB Movie Review

This means right from the time Arshad makes his first court appearance with a ‘mithai ka dabba’ to the point where he is all enamoured by Boman Irani to the moment where he decides to file the PIL to the entire episode featuring Harsh Chhaya (which is truly brilliant) till the interval point, you go along with the flow. Oh yes, there are a couple of songs that do pop in but thankfully, they don’t threaten to break the proceedings or overstay their welcome.

What is most welcome though is the court room proceedings because this is where the three male leads (well yes, I would say that Arshad, Boman and Saurabh are all leads here) make the film their own. Arshad’s vulnerability, Boman’s (well placed) arrogance and Saurabh’s practical approach is what brings three different dimensions to the film that make it a jolly good affair. In fact these three actors are truly brilliant in their respective parts that they look and behave truly as the characters and break the kind of image they have built over the years.

The man who brings it all together is Subhash Kapoor who makes sure that each and every scene in the film is well placed, justified and doesn’t bring any slack in the narrative. Whether it is the first ever scuffle between Arshad and Boman to Saurabh reprimanding them both in his own characteristic manner to the introduction of some new evidences to the fiery pre-climax and the climax that is a true blue taali-maar stuff, you root for the film all through it’s play. Oh yes, in the middle of this all, there is also this delightful cameo by Sanjay Mishra that also takes on the police department!

Meanwhile Amrita Rao can well consider her part in the film to be akin to a special appearance and to her credit, she does well in the limited screen time that she gets. Ditto for Harsh Chhaya, Mohan Agashe and Mohan Kapoor who leave a mark. Also, don’t miss an important part played by the old cop who is given an assignment to provide security to Arshad. He is the same guy from 3 Idiots who was escorted to a hospital by Aamir Khan on a scooter. Featuring in an important scene here, he makes an impression.

What makes the biggest impressin though are the dialogues that are real life, hard hitting and still not preachy. Moreover, they are laced with humour at most junctures, hence ensuring that aam junta can nod in approval while carrying a smile on the face. Of course on the flip side some may say that the win of the underdog was a little too easy at the end of the day. Also, a few may argue that the turn of events cannot be as simplistic as shown in the film. However one also has to say that more than reflecting on the intricacies of a court case per se, the film is about making a statement on the judicial statement, it’s many loopholes and how at the end of the day even those who are a part of this very statement are trapped.

In that context and relevance, Subhash Kapoor and his trio of actors score a big win, and how! A must watch.

Rating: ★★★★☆



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